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  1. Good_Kitty

    Shotguns or Knives, whichever comes first.
  2. blzbug

    The scout rifles are bunk. I just had to quit for the night after yet another session of cqc inf frustration.
    I come around a corner where an NC HA has been fighting a TR, so I know the HA is at least weakened. Or maybe needs to reload.
    I have my semi-auto junkshooter hipfiring right into his side. 10 rounds. You can guess the outcome... Pointless. With the shotgun, I would have taken him down. With the scout rifle, I might as well be farting in his general direction.
    Sure, with the scout I was able to take down some medium range targets. Big whoop. That's just sniping with a lower powered scope. I like to sneak around and get up close. Useless now.
    $7 pissed away on a crappy gun. Worst part is, I knew it was crappy when I bought it. But crappy scout rifle is better than dog-turd sniper rifle for up close work. So I held my nose and spent the money anyway. The more fool I...
  3. deusex2

    Infiltrators were using shotguns not because it was OP, but because it was the only CQC weapon available. Now we have scout rifles, that are basically nerfed assault rifle/smg/scopeless semi-auto sniper and every medic/engineer inf runs into basically wipes the floor with inf.

    You'd be surprised if I tell you Crysis2 actually had some objective based combat, besides the point was about the mechanics, not the objective mechanics.

    As for playing LA-I AM DAMN IT! Because jet pack is much more stealthy than the cloak and assault rifle rocks on all ranges. SOE might as well just give LA an ability to hack and be done with it. And for for crying out loud! Don't talk about invisibility, infiltrator has none. You can literally see them stealthed even at max range, weather they move or not.