Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

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  1. Daikar

    I didn't play during beta so can't speak for how the performance was back then, but the "PS4 nerfs" was done to the 32bit client and I'm sure most of the limitations will be lifted once we have 64bit and DX11 clients.

    Also I live in Sweden and not the US so this downtime is during my primetime to.
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  2. GalXEEEEE

    I cant wait either! I want to shoot Smurfs with new stuff so bad!
  3. Daikar

    The ammo pack :) get the turret out and press B and it changes to an ammo pack.
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  4. Bl00dZeus

    Beefing up the DB server, or all their servers is generally going to help us :) surpised they have not done it before :>

    Agree boosts need to be paused, no idea if they are not, only ever used a couple
  5. NightmareSR

    What should that be? A joke?
    Seriously...If you really lived here in Europe and had a shi**y connection, I dont think you dare to mock how you're doing right now...even if just joking...
  6. xPropane

    Call the ambulance!
  7. ARIES666

    I miss Auraxis:(
  8. imfabiohello

    **** men how long this fk schit will take
  9. HighHammer

    I have the most respect for this game and its Dev's. Ive played many games in my life but for me there's not any game as awesome as this one and also, so Respectful and Responsible toward its players. The maintenance time is a bummer for us EU gamers and the new update might go wrong But what makes me feel ok is that whatever happens they will fix it asap so yea not worried at all here, keep up the good work PS2.
  10. imfabiohello

    oh yea go make some wds points today:D

    -_- oke leav it
  11. TPC8000

    Oh come on. Does it really take this long to apply a premade patch? :(
  12. Luperza Community Manager

    Do note the downtime ETA in the original post is 5 hours. We'll continue to update this if anything changes.

    Thanks for your patience everyone. :)
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  13. Rayden78

    No its Datenbank :)
  14. pulse

    Don't worry, it's just EU prime time. :/

    <3 pulse
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  15. TNSxMichael

    Can you give us abit more information about whats going on , or what exatcly youre doing or we are wating for ? :)
  16. imfabiohello

    -----------_____________------------ kiding
  17. Mordegar

    Smells like a double exp weekend is coming this week...
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  18. Salojin

    That time zone converter you posted made me have pop-up ridden flashbacks of early 2000's internet. I'm holding you accountable for the dail up PTSD now running rampant in my fragile little mind.

    I'm also trying to figure out why a patch takes 5 hours. Most life saving surgeries do not take that span of time, let alone implementing something that should already have been prefabricated and augmented onto already active servers.

    Never mind this was timed to coincide with WDS.
    Never mind the issues regarding the 4th Faction have been wittled down to a "1% issue".
    Never mind that this sort of issue has been a topic of ire for months.
    Never mind the player base. It's only a matter of time.
  19. Ixidron

    Not surprising at all.
  20. imfabiohello

    soe why dont give 1 free camo for liberator ? :cool: