Server Downtime for DB Maintenance February 11, 2014 6 AM PT (3 PM CET)

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. ncDieseL

    Thanks Luperza, just seen the patch notes :)
  2. Nowan123

    I agree that SOE just needs to be more talkative about what issues they're having (even something technical would be fine). I was referring mostly to the whiny kids who complained very close to the time boundary.
  3. Crowbar Sr

    Good troll SOE.
  4. dirtYbird

    I had no issues with logging in delay after this patch.
    Hopefully that continues when the servers are busier.
    How about some 2x XP time to give it a good test run ;)
  5. Longshotrider

    Just a little issue I want to report, I had about 770 points and i got them upgraded to 1,999 but i didn't get a LVL 2 reward. Just making sure everything is accounted for, Thanks!
  6. dirtYbird

    And although I had no issue logging in I have two outfit members who have been trying to log into Briggs for the last 25mins.
  7. pet3r

    lol and what have US players done to earn that respect? the same as EU players - we pay, we test, we give feedback but it's us who can't use their prime time to play.

    it's daytime but not a primetime. see the difference or should I explain further? if it's so inconvenient for SOE to give us our primetime play opportunity because of their work hours, why bother? limit the access to US only - problem solved. but no, EU is $$$ too...
  8. Camlost

    Not to be negative, just reporting here, whatever you guys did, it has unfortunately made it worse. couple of minutes loging in yesterday, can't log in at all today. :(
    Ceres server.
  9. PlatoonLeaderG

  10. PlatoonLeaderG

    I want an answer why you Team killed us you ******* noob!
  11. dirtYbird

    Back to the same old long login times again.
    Briggs :rolleyes:

    It is at its longest wait after a CTD which is about every two hours or so.