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  1. Jawarisin

    The default nosegun actually has a noticeable advantage for certain situations over the rotary. Whereas the high capacity one has strictly none except against a galaxy.
  2. adamts01

    And against Libs, tanks, sundies, structures and turrets. It has the worst dps, but has by far the best sustained damage, especially against targets at range. Not to mention it carries the most ammunition out of the bunch. While the worst for dogfighting, it works much better against targets of opportunity. Because of the mag size you can actually kill a Lib faster with a long range gun than within max damage range of the stock gun. You mentioned earlier having to get close to kill a lib, and that's just not the case. Call it cancerous if you want, but plinking them till they have to land and rep, then sniping the pilot is incredibly effective. Even if you can't kill all of them, you're taking 2 or 3 players out of the fight at the expanse of a single ESF. And the high capacity gun does that the best. The stock gun still works well, but the rotary just doesn't have the ammunition for it.
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  3. Jawarisin

    Sadly, not against libs. And as far as any ground vehicle aside from the harasser/flash is concerned, hornets/lolpods do it better, and you shouldn't use a nosegun for it.

    Sadly, unless you want to be a sitting duck, you're gonna have to move to avoid' getting daltoned. Where normally you'd reload, now you just don't, or do, regardless. Point being, you have the necessity to break LoS anyways, so the higher capacity doesnt really help against libs.

    Also, if you plink at me, you'd be removed form the fight plinking at me. I can very well go around my lib buisness without too much trouble from your plinking. You'd actually be removing yourself from the battle, and annoying me, but not removing me. Unless you have a couple of friends doing it, you'll not only not kill me, but you won't prevent me from doing anything. The only difference is you won't fight. And if you want to bring 5 friends to completely remove me by plinking away, it'll still be 1/2 players for 5; and even then. Odds are we'd kill you guys, and that would be it.

    It's cancerous because it's annoying, not because it's dangerous.

    As far as ammunition is concerned, a rotary can kill probably over 3+ (I think something like 4-5) libs without ressuplying. I don't know when that would ever happen that you go in a 1v3 libs, but in the off-chance it does, you're well equipped.
  4. adamts01

    Of course A2G missiles work better than a nosegun against ground, but if you're running racer/extended pods to keep away from gank squads full of lock-ons, then the high cap gun is a great option to support your ground forces. It has the damage to peg vehicles while staying out of Decimator range, gives you more ammo than the other guns to linger, and has higher sustained damage to actually do some damage to targets it wasn't intended to shoot.

    Sitting still while shooting a Lib is the last thing you should do. I would have expected the greatest Lib pilot from the most elite Lib outfit to know that. The best thing to do is stay in a constant reverse maneuver, always shooting and always moving. Stopping to shoot anything is getting you a Dalton or AP shell to the cockpit.

    That's if you get close, and if you get close to a decent Lib you're dead.
  5. Jawarisin

    Racer/extended pods will be useless against a better pilot. You'll 95% of the time trying to go away. Might as well just get the missiles or get good.

    You're being useless trying to nosegun the ground vehicles. The only good thing with the nosegun would be to kill infantry. But if you can't beat other esfs, you won't be able to kill infantry well either.
    I find that your lack of reading comprehension here is saddening. Re read it for a second.
    Not really. A really good ESF can make himself a nightmare to hit even from up close. In fact, I'd say they can make themselves harder to hit up close than people who just stay a few hundreds meters away plinking.
  6. adamts01

    If it's a better pilot I'd lose anyway. What racer and pods let me do is get in, get a kill, and get out before the gank squad ganks me. Rotary is obviously the gun of choice of ganking planes, but the hi cap gun works wonders at baiting people out from the group and after using all the different options against ground targets, it's simply the best.

    If two tanks meet in a field, and one the tank with a friendly ESF nosegun wins, pretty simple. If I were going tank hunting, I'd bring Hornets, but if I'm flying around shooting whatever presents itself, while maintaining speed to escape gank squads, then Racer, fuel pods and the hi cap gun work great. Keep on thinking it's useless, but it dishes out more sustained firepower than any other nose gun, and against anything bigger and more armored than an ESF it just works.

    You said: "Sadly, unless you want to be a sitting duck, you're gonna have to move to avoid' getting daltoned. Where normally you'd reload, now you just don't, or do, regardless. Point being, you have the necessity to break LoS anyways, so the higher capacity doesnt really help against libs."

    It sounds like you think ESFs have to sit still to shoot and only move while reloading. Moving while shooting a Lib is rule #1.

    You're just taking crazy at this point. You talk and talk about the wondrous gunners you know that can reliably kill ESFs at 500m, but I've never seen a single one come close. But get within 100m of a decent Lib and you're free certs. Fact is they can roll faster than you can reverse around them, at least if you intend on doing any shooting and not just avoiding the entire time. Add Hyenas in to the mix and you're done if you get within 200m. How a Lib pilot thinks ESF stand a better chance up close is beyond me.
  7. SoljVS

    I willsay however that hyenas and coyotes need a nerf. They are too much EZ noob mode atm.

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  8. Jawarisin

    With a mentality like thta, you're always gonna lose. And the really bad plebs probably think racer is a good idea to catch up people who flee, and it's gonna lead you nowhere. Racer is useless for bad players imo.
    Yes, but the one with the gunner wins even more. Or the one with the ESF with hornets.

    Maybe in your mind it makes sense, but reality is that if you're going to hit ground mainly, getting AI nosegun for infantry, or rockets for armor is the best way to go.
    Alright, try re-reading it with the parts I've colored specifically. Those are the two key parts.
    That's because the only esf pilots you've ever been with are too terrible to be called anything but free certs when flying. That sounds like an *** thing to say, but it's true. And the reason I can say something like this is BECAUSE I'm a lib pilot. You have literally no idea what you're talking about here, you're not a lib pilot. You've got very very limited experience and a lot of hear-say from somebody who heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody...

    Things aren't the same between low and high skill.
  9. adamts01

    They don't need their damage modified, they need an entirely new mechanic, and ESF weapons need to be selected to reload.

    What it lets me do is pick my fights. I know who I can beat, who will be a challenge, who I can't beat, and it lets me avoid groups of 12 with lock-ons. It's not about chasing people down, it's about choosing when and where to engage. Of course hover is better for dogfighting, but the reality of my server is you're getting jumped 6:1 with Tomcats twenty times for every good fight you get in to if you're not able to choose when to fight.

    That's why I called armor a target of opportunity, I've already agreed that Hornets are far superior. I've never once said or implied a nosegun is the ideal way to go.

    Again, you're living in a different world, going back to your high school glory days. You've even said all the good pilots are gone, so any argument about them is absolutely irrelevant.

    "Sadly, unless you want to be a sitting duck, you're gonna have to move to avoid' getting daltoned. Where normally you'd reload, now you just don't, or do, regardless. Point being, you have the necessity to break LoS anyways, so the higher capacity doesnt really help against libs."
    You're acting like movement is hindered by the nosegun or something. I move when shooting the stock gun just as much as I move when shooting the long range gun. I'm moving regardless, I can just put out more damage on larger targets with the long range gun. Now a rotary vs an ESF is an entirely different story. With all the evading in between shooting, burst damage weapons while reloading during maneuvering is important.
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    jesus this explains a lot of weird stuff. thx both though