Scythe is OP

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  1. Jawarisin

    Well it might just so turns out that one of my gunners is the best/second best shredder gunner. If you actually want to see what a very good shredder gunner can do, I can probably arrange that. Once you see the power of the shredder in the hands of a good player, you'll shake in your pants.

    You know some people are gonna flip their **** if they read what you just wrote about the liberator getting a buff :3

    That aside, there's a few lib gunners who will reliably hit at 500m ranges. The one in the video is one of those for instance. There's a few others out there though not many. Here's the best dalton gunner in the game:
    He still plays, although he doesn't post any more videos sadly. They are all very dated and he is WAY better now.

    But yeah, I'd just re-iterate what I said before. If you learned to use the liberator competently, you'd realise that it's a really strong vehicle, it just has an insanely high skill ceiling/floor. It's kind of like trying to judge ESFs without ever using one. I think you're starting to get a better picture now, but it's not the whole picture just yet :3

  2. Kimpossiblee

    Bump for justice among EFS !
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  3. adamts01

    Haha. I don't really even think it's that big a deal, skill is the overwhelming factor in air battles, but Scythe benefits are worth acknowledging. Really, if the weapon velocity was put in between the Reaver and Mossy, the Hornets actually worked right on the real men's ESFs, and the vertical velocity was lowered slightly, I'd be happy. The one area the Scythe does get boned is the PPA, that thing blows balls against air compared to the other two faction's AI guns, but **** Vanu, I don't feel sorry for their kind.
  4. adamts01

    It doesn't really matter. Air isn't much worth playing, definitely not on Connery. If even a quarter of the pilots on this server could find their balls there could be some fun fights, but I don't see that happening. Anyone who didn't bail to Emerald or just quit the game is so soaked in estrogen they won't fight unless they have 4:1 odds. It's all just pathetic, the complete lack of desire for competition honestly makes me worry about the future of the world. Whatever, more ***** for me because they sure as hell can't be getting any.

    They can suck a dick. The Lib needs a ton of thought and finesse to get in and out of a large battle intact. It wrecks like nothing else in smaller fights, but it really needs air superiority to do so. It's so big and slow, and all of it's guns require it so slow it's fat *** down when going after armor, anyone who feels it's OP really needs to spend some time in one.
  5. AllRoundGoodGuy

    but I like youtube montages........
  6. Jawarisin

    Alright. But yeah man, you underestimate the liberator. A well played liberator is insanely deadly. For one, anything you tankbust should die. For second, the shredder takes less than half a clip to kill an ESF. A decent gunner will be able to kill 2 ESF in 1 clip at close range, It reloads hella fast too.

    The lib does take finesse, but even in a big fight. You haven't yet seen a whole platoon's armor column get annihilated within a minute. A lib can wreck those galaxy trains of 2-3 galaxies going somewhere, or those hovering galaxies above bases. It has as much destructive power in big fights as in small fights, it's just considerably harder to pull off. But with a little bit of map knowledge and a lot of skills, you can make it in/out of large fights.

    But yeah, there's not much air to do on connery. But that happens everywhere with a good lib, it's kind of like a circle: Air gets wrecked -> wreck ground -> ground gets pissed and pulls air -> wreck the pulled air -> repeat. you can kill a 100 player zerg's sundies one after the other, and completely stop over a hundred players in a matter of a minute. And move to different fights, repeating the process. It's hard to convey the possibilities with the firepower of a lib.

    I'll just say though that, although air is probably not worth playing much, especially on connery. But, this game is not worth playing much, and if anything is worth playing in this game, it's the air; or at least, that's my opinion.

    While I agree with your assessment that anybody who think it's op should spend time in one, I think that anybody who thinks it needs a buff needs to see what a good liberator can do.
  7. Jawarisin

    If you remove the post/member/name from a quote, the person won't get an alert by the way.
  8. adamts01

    I feel the same way about the game. Lagging infils run through masses with knives, tanks hide behind rep sundies just to get 1-hit by an invisible C4 flash or C4 fairy, Heavies line up to spam rockets at spawnrooms, most fights are 12:1, and kills don't matter because everyone instantly respawns...... It's just crap. Maybe some company will take Planetside 3 seriously. And fair enough about the lib. Which airframe do you use by the way? I'm torn between Bomber for the air brake for tankbusting and Racer for getting the **** out once I get a kill and for closing on ESFs. High seems like the only way for solo-libs, but with my ping seat switching takes too long. As for the other slots I almost always run stealth and AB, as when I'm ****** I'm ******, and NAR doesn't have time to do much work.
  9. SoljVS

    IIRC the scythe got its nosegun brought down to match the mossie and reaver speeds in the last air revamp.

    That being said it still has a distinct edge over the other 2 ESFs in a 1v1 fight. That frame is very unforgiving even when its simple ascend/descend. They could fix this easily I think by just making it thicker in the midsection or on the wings. But then again they really don't care for air so good luck in this ever being noticed.
  10. Jawarisin

    High G for life. For solo, high G is the way, but even with 2 players, you can switch to the tail to allow some funky maneuvers/add an extra gun. Though even with 3 players without switching, high G is invaluable for it's pitching speed, better brake, and vertical thrust.

    Seat switching is ALWAYS long, regardless of your ping. There's a speed cap on it, and if you try too fast, it'll make it even longer. That's why when you solo, it's not just about speed, but it's about giving yourself the right momentum/spins for the liberator to keep moving correctly while you're in the gun for the next 1-3 shots. It's something that takes a little time to get used to and be able to use correctly. But once you get it, in about 0.2 second, I can move my mouse and press the right keys so that I can switch in the dalton, and the liberator will turn, show the belly towards the back, and keep turning while keeping the dalton pointed in the good direction. To finally stabilise with the tankbuster pointing exactly 180 degree from my initial position, ready to tankbust whoever was in my back if I didn't kill them with 2 daltons.

    As far as slots, I used AB ALL THE TIME. The other one depends on you I guess, I personally used NAR. The only exception is on hossin, I can use Comp Armor, but it's rare.

    And yeah, better air brakes is high g.
  11. Tankalishious

    esf balance is fine, libs are fine and the esf/lib balance is fine.
    If you want to experience the best air game in PS2, come to cobalt. You'll see the most insane stuff and quickly find out if the air game is for you.
    ESF trade life and armor for high speed, high manoeuvrability and high firepower and are meant to hunt libs for ex. Libs are gunships for ground hunting and tail gun for defence purposes. There's nothing in the daltons description nor design where the devs hint to it being used against air. Neither is shredder. Good gunners and pilots found ways to adapt them by being good at their trade. The dalton is a high damage alpha with HUGE penalty for missed shots. The shredder is simply AMAZING a2a when used right.
    The walker is perfecly fine as it is for being the deterrent gun or finisher depending on esf pilot.

    The reason people find them hard to use is because they struggle to manage and calculate vertical thrust of ESF, lib and drop off + lib and esf flying angles. Stop crying and git guud. Stick in there and you will eventually figure it out like the rest of us have.
  12. adamts01

    The only thing I'm really crying about is the attitude of this incoming generation of vaginas, how will getting good help that? And what makes you think I'm not taking every step I can to "get guud"? Other than that, great feedback. I just made a TR Cobalt account, and I'm able to get about 250 ping there, so not too bad. Can you hook me up with someone to fly with?

    Edit: Nevermind, I thought Cobalt was Australia, I get 250 ping there, EU is a no go. I'm stuck with these hacking Asians.
  13. ShinyAfrox

    Any time a faction owns indar, i find a lot of the time if i am on said faction the air gank ball seems to stalk me all over the place if i can find enough enemies to kill.
    Especially when a new continent flips and we all have airballs. I for example smash a 3v1 and somehow the friendly gank ball sees this from 500km warpgate they max speed super sonic after burn over to me and follow me around.

    I think gankballs just realize they are **** so they follow anyone who seems average or better in an ESF so they can learn something which won't help because ganking is not a learning environment.
  14. adamts01

    First of all, I don't blame people for grouping up. I choose to 1v1 pilots that I know will beat me for the sake of learning, but when it comes time to win a continent, I can't be feeding them kills all night, I'll find a wingman and kill them. What I have a problem with is these better pilots flying under the cover of a gank squad instead of manning up and switching to their alt to do some serious fighting. It's like everyone decided "if you can't beat'em join'em", now the deck is ridiculously stacked. I'm a Marine, I know war is war, this is a game, it's supposed to be competitive and fun, completely different worlds. I just wish more people would leave their comfort zone and take it upon themselves to make the community a more challenging and fun environment. Tanks and infantry are one thing, they're everywhere no matter what, but air is a very small community, and shrinking, and all it would take is a handful of pilots to make it more approachable and much less toxic. Instead of leading the gank squad, who will win no matter what, how about switching to the other faction and helping some new players get in the air and form a counter-group?
  15. Jawarisin

    What about coming to Emerald instead :3

    Connery air was killed a long time ago by DonAlfrego. There's no coming back from the ****fest he did on your server. Afaik, on Emerald, all pilots have alts on all factions; myself included.
  16. ShinyAfrox

    Hey man, not like i can control who follows me around.
    If anything when i notice there's a friendly gankball following me ill find other gankballs.
    I personally prefer flying around solo and winning 2-3v1's. Or finding a decent pilot to 1v1.
    Usually when i do well solo the gankballs seem to gravitate around me trying to either learn, steal kills or not die.
    I have the option to swap factions, but why bother? If i joined NC to A2A in a reaver, why can't i?
    I obviously don't want to play TR (They are usually 40-60% pop on my server 90% of the time anyhow, hence i swapped to NC) and i absolutely hate Vanu (Literally all the guns look the same, wot. Also no good outfits/squads at all...)
    That said i do play both TR and NC regularly, with the occasional VS when some of my VS friends ask me to come ride the mags with them.

    Also out of my comfort zone? You don't even know me. The only reason i got somewhat decent was 1v1ing one of the best pilots on my server till i could at least take him down every 6-10 tries. I will still fight better pilots then myself in a 1v1.
  17. ShinyAfrox

    Who is DonAlfrego?
    I also have alts on all factions, on my server. I just don't use my vanu one b/c vanu on my server are all antisocials.
  18. Jawarisin

    Don Alfrego is a guy who organised massive VS ganksquads in which EVERYBODY used lock-ons.
    Until recently, they were the most overpowered weapon, and shunned by all pilots for it. Don Alfrego managed to get a big enough group of players to do this on Connery - which didn't have great pilots to begin with - and shut down any hope of any good player emerging.

    The few decent ones connery had moved to emerald, and that was the end of it. Connery has been a server barren of any pilots ever since.


    Pilots in general are such a tiny community, everybody knows everybody in all factions. So switching from one faction to another has little importance to most players.
  19. adamts01

    My ping can't handle it. I already get 220 to Connery, I'd be sitting close to 300 on Emerald.

    You're server is different, so most of what I've been saying doesn't apply to you. Right now VS has overwhelming pop during my days and TR has overwhelming pop, but VS has 24/7 Scythe gank squads that ram and spam lock-ons at the first chance just to troll. Not only do I not have any respect for those guys, I lost all respect for any decent pilots flying under their protection as well. There's no denying that this community is dying, and these guys are making things worse. Sure, a lot of stuff is the devs' fault, but when you're stuck with lemons make lemonade. I just want to see the small community of pilots do what they can do make this game drag out just a little longer, at least till Star Citizen is further along, then we can all bail and just remember PS2 as a bad memory.
  20. Jawarisin

    Ah yeah, if emerald's not a possibility.... rip. Connery's not going to get anywhere. You need to cultivate a mentality for that, which is what happened on emerald but was killed on connery by donalfrego. There's no real pilot left on the server, and those that aren't terrible which still play on connery don't have the mentality to play for everybody's enjoyment. No bushido code sadly.