Scout Rifle.. or wait for SMG's?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by bogroll, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. RachelGomez

    Again. So?

    No one cares about your epeen. We care about whether you have something legitimate to add to the conversation. You just basically said "Infiltrators should be this way, you're right, I'm wrong, and I'm right cause I have a high score lololol".

    You're a fine sniper, but we're not talking about snipers, we're talking about actual infiltration, something this class is horribly under-equipped to do right now. The developers adding more CQC abilities to the ilfiltrator class will not in any way affect your personal playstyle, so there's no point to your threadjack.
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  2. JesNC

    100 less health is easily mitigated by getting the first shot, which should be a no-brainer tbh.

    You may be one of the better snipers, maybe, but you don't seem to know a lot about infiltration.
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  3. Wobberjockey

    ooooh you can head shot people.


    anyway, there are times when an infiltrator needs CQB ability, like when you are working with a squad in a close in area or attempting to hold a point.

    just because YOU feel that an infiltrator's role is off in the hills does not mean that is so...and if you continue to feel that way i strongly suggest you go look up the meaning of the word infiltrate
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  4. icesail

    I will gladly trade my new SMG ability for a better cloak, or one that is the same but has not time limit for CQC and a drifter jetpack that maxes at level 1 for my sniper.... getting tired of killing myself getting down from my perches....
  5. Zhypher

    Tbh: Snipers are ussaly the most worthless class in any Teambased shooters, especcaly in a game like PS2 with such a short respawn time, where kills ussaly count for close to nothing, capping and holding points is what wins this game, not sitting on a rock a few hundred meters away plinking away with your sniper rifle.

    imho what infiltrators need is a better CQB cloak, some sabotage equipment (Deployables; EMP, C4, Mines, etc) and some support equipment, make infiltrators able to carry the squads Spawn Beacon instead of the Squad leader for example, infiltrators could also become the anti infiltrator class, let em get scanners, cloak disruptors, mine sweepers. let is become a game of cat and mouse between the Saboteur infiltrator and the anti infiltration infiltrator x)

    the most fun i have as a Infiltrator is getting to the top of a air tower, hacking its AA guns and waiting for hostile Aircraft coming in for repairs and rearm, try to do this on The Crown for added Difficulty ^^
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  6. Lucidius134

    We have EMP and mines. The CQB cloak is pretty ****e though. I think the current CQB cloak should just be another cloak that takes the tool slot. That way you have both visibility cloak and emergency 3 second armor cloak. They would both use the same cloak 'fuel'.
  7. BigIronRanger

    LOL its funny how people say i dont care or your opinion doesn't matter when in fact your contradicting yourself.
    because frankly i dont care.
  8. VVereVVulf

    I'd definitely wait before investing any cert or SC into a scout rifle.
    I have high hopes for the smg's and I'm pretty sure they'll deliver.

    Edit: Also, link your current weapon's accuracy if you want to brag with stats.
  9. Flag

    The point he's making is that while some may be happy to snipe, others(myself included) want to sneak into a base/behind enemy lines, do things there, and if we're caught, we want a fair chance at fighting back, which we currently don't have.

    Someone*cough* entering this thread, boasting their stats in one of the areas of expertise while also denouncing the other style of play is frankly insulting.

    You have fun sniping? Good on you. Does that mean we aren't allowed to discuss close range infiltration? No of course not. It would be the same as saying, for example a NC MAX won't be allowed to use bursters, because there's this one guy who likes the CQC guns it has/that role for the MAX.
    See my(our) point?
  10. Aalbatross

    OP: Yes, wait for SMGs. They look far better than the auto scout rifle. NC SMG has 25 bullets per clip, for example (going by the Friday Night Ops vid), and they have fast ADS and good hipfire.

    Basically they seem better in every way.
  11. Daimond

    Its to bad that most people when reading anything about change or addons to infil, think this is to much for a sniper rifle. Although they read right over, time and time again, asking for somthing other then the sniper rifle/drop it for other tools. I am all for sniping and love doing, have since early PS1, but I also love infulrtation, till I came to this game, and seen that what its put to gether any class is better at this role then the accual infil is.

    The SMG is still a patch job to our class, they dont intend to accualy fix us so take what you can before the nerf. We all know its coming, cuase anything that helps us and has "Cloak" along side it is not well liked change, this will probly go way of the shotgun or nerfed heavy.

    PS guys like one above some where, that come here braging that hes better then all in what ever class, and tries to brag about headshots and what now I just glance over. Just some dumb kid with no life and an inferority complex that tries to show his balls that dont have hair yet.

    Also head shot counts can come from all weapons not just Sniper so does not realy mean much. I got a headshot kill from a rocket other night that added to that kill count, does that mean Im uber to your HA skills? lol get a life.
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  12. MeltingCPU

  13. icesail

    Get scout.

    SMG will not replace the role of a scout rifle.

    Semi scout - medium/long range
    Auto scout - short/medium range
    SMG - very short/short range

    If you run with an outfit, you will be more useful to them with a scout, since they already have 11 other peeps in your squad rocking far superior CQC weapons.
    For lone wolf base infiltrating, you will probably love the new SMG, as long as they can use silencers.

    My view is that SMG are not going to replace the Scouts, specially the semi-scouts.

    Of course, it really all comes down to one thing. Can you equip a silencer on them. If they decide to "balance" the SMGs by not allowing us to use silencers (like shotguns), them they we would be better off using what we have now (scouts, pistols and knife).
  14. Iscariott

    I know the prevailing opinion is that the auto scout rifle is bad, but I have come to really like the NC Stalker. The 20 round clip is unforgiving, and it certainly is a "not as good as" gun when compared to carbines. I have been starting to have a lot of success with it though now that I have some attachments and some familiarity with the gun. The 25 round clip on the proposed SMG doesn't really excite me much considering the SMG will likely have lower damage per bullet than the Stalker.

    As it is now as long as I am on my game I am confident I can win 1v1 gunfights head to head as long as the other guy isn't a HA. The extra health(through resist shields, shields, ect) is problematic for a gun with limited ammo. Even more so when that gun is on a class with 100 less health. Against anyone else I feel capable of winning a 1v1 straight up, or a 2v1 if I get the drop on people. The only issue I have with the gun right now is an inability to decide on my barrel attachment. The Silencer is an obvious choice due to role, and I purchased it first. Unfortunately the lowering in damage and bullet speed is pretty dangerous for a gun with so few rounds. As I've become more comfortable with the Stalker I've become more likely to engage at close-medium ranges where the silencer really takes a chunk out of your STK/TTK. I'm fairly certain that I could manage most of what I want to do equally well with a flash suppressor instead and will likely cert into that soon.

    TL:DR version

    If what you really wanted was a SMG, that is to say a gun that excels at close range maybe you should wait. If what you wanted was a fully automatic carbine, and are worried about the clip size and the general feeling about the gun then I can tell you that the Stalker at least has some very solid capabilities in that role, and that the clip size can be worked around with aiming. Once you have it kitted out theres no excuse for not aiming for at least 1-2 headshots during your burst.
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