Scout Rifle.. or wait for SMG's?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by bogroll, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. bogroll

    Only pertinent **IF** we're getting SMG's.

    For all of us that have yet to get a close/med combat weapon for actually infiltrating, then should we wait to see if the SMG's are good (I'm sure they'll be brilliant for in your face fighting) or like me want to splash out now and get a Scout Rifle?
  2. Dr. Euthanasia

    First question: have you done a trial for both of your faction's scout rifles yet?

    Second question: how quickly do you make certs, on average?

    Those ought to help you decide for yourself.
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  3. Plague Rat

    It depends.

    If you have SC lying around, and can get one now and buy the other with certs later, do that. Or if you have enough to get both, then go for it.

    If you don't, or are just buying everything with certs. Then I'd say wait and see.

    For myself, I just see the scout rifles as probably being more versitile with SMGs likely to have more of a focus on close range with low damage, high RoF and probably with some above average recoil to make it more specialized for close range, so if I didn't already have my scout rifles, I'd probably prioritize getting one of them first. But then that's my impression of SMGs, not necessarily with SoE will do with them.
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  4. altonyc

    I think it would be wise to wait. It's only a week and a half or so, and I think that while we can make reasonable guesses about their implementation, we haven't really been given any other information besides a name. I don't think you'll lose anything by waiting (unless a scout rifle is on sale before then or something), so I'd just wait and trial the scout rifles in the mean time.

    I'm saving up 1000 certs so I can be sure to afford an SMG when they're released, so I can buy one if it ends up being any good. If I trial it and it isn't, I'll just get the Artemis (I have the Nyx, but my framerates are variable enough that it excels in smaller engagements, but if there are too many people I can't hit anything).
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  5. Daimond

    I would bet on Maxes getting an SMG before us.
    I know alot of people seem to be on the basis " well who els will use them but us" band wagon. But All I seen posted was " New weapon type for all empires: SMG " They are usaly pritty vocal when they do, do something for us to stop us whining for a while. But we are not liked at all by the Derv's, and there afrade of another Shotgun infil episode as well. So make sure not to hold your breath, but if you do hope all that happens is you pass out.
  6. Wardy

    Though I play TR, I did dabble on my skanky VS alt and tested the Auto rifle for infils. seriously FMA that thing is a beast. The TR version pales in comparison!

    recommend getting both myself to alternate play styles.
  7. Flag

    You liked the Artemis? Heh, glad to hear, but do note that it's a gimped carbine.
    Less ammo, harder recoil.
    So if you like the Artemis, you should try your own faction's carbines(LA/Engi).

    Then come back with a sad look on your face, knowing just how unremarkable -all- the scout rifles are. :(

    Everyone is getting SMG's, aside from MAX's.
  9. Flag

    Do you have a source for this statement?
  10. Mustarde

    The SOAS-20 (TR full auto rifle) leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, if you spray enough bullets at people you will get kills, but you rarely will win an actual duel with someone who sees you and isn't getting pelted by your teammates. Which, is very important to note since you are an infiltrator in close quarters, presumably in hostile territory trying to hack and drop a sundy behind lines. I would wait to see what the SMG ends up being like, because as it is, you will be disappointed (at least with the TR rifle).

    The semi-auto scout (HSR-1 for TR) is actually very enjoyable, but better suited for mid range fights. I like it with a laser sight because it has bailed me out of close quarter fights more than a few times. Also there is no scope sway so you can pop headshots in rapid succession. But it does not fill the role of a close quarter weapon. Your pistol remains better.

    Bottom line, I'd save your SC/certs and see what comes out.
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  11. Daimond

    No one has a source but for this statment "New weapon type for all empires: SMG" from Higby.
    Most betting on SOE makes another move like they have done 3x sofar, and thats instead of fixing our class or giving us real certs, they give us more weapons in compentation, like they tried to do with shotguns and failed, the more Bolt action rifles, and then with the CQC weapons.
    I am not even betting on this though.
  12. RobotNinja

    Yeah...but then here's the other we get the SMGs...or wait for the UZIs? Do we get the UZIs...or wait for the katanas? Do we get the katanas or wait for the Hadouken? And do we get Hadouken...or hold out for Tiger Uppercut?
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  13. Skadi

    SMG's... they had a infiltrator in the ops today using them, so i think we can hold out... and they look promising so far.

    Also RobtoNinja UZI's are SMG's :p
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    Was said in tonights FNO #17 by Luperza and rage[ad] (Margaret Krohn and Jimmy Whisenhunt)
    SMG's and the new spawn rooms are discussed at length. And the TR and NC SMG's are displayed, as the VS one isn't finished yet. Watch at least the first 10 minutes.
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  15. BigIronRanger

    I highly doubt infiltrators will get SMG's and even if they do either ze ammo will eat up like rice in africa or the guns will do little to no damage. and if they do get ready for some Infil hate.

    Infiltrator+fully automatic weapon = OP.
  16. RobotNinja

    Well...some are referred to as "machine pistols" depending on the size. I suppose it's not a huge difference though.

    See the FNO link I posted. Every class is getting them aside from MAX's.
    Also, infiltrators already have access to automatic weapons.
  18. BigIronRanger

    Not automatic just semi , just remember a good infil will always use a sniper or scout rifle and only an idiot would choose an infil over a light assault or heavy just so they can use a fully automatic weapon for CQC.

    and this is coming from a BR 40 infil
  19. Ronin Oni

    no... there is an auto scout rifle in each empire's infil class now.

    and really, it's not that big a deal... bloody HA shields are more useful for CQB than cloak any day... jump packs 10x more so

    And I'm BR60. But that's beside the point.
    Artemis, Stalker, and SOAS-20 would like to say hi. They are all automatic.