Scheduled Maintenance February 28th, 2014

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  1. Shipsrat-GB

    looks like they're starting to come back up now.
  2. Astealoth

    lol gpu particles have been this dev team's waterloo
  3. 1800XRay

    RadarX does not reply to players like Luperza did :mad::(
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  4. Maldain

    This discussion of the delay on the RailJack is a little odd. It's a rail gun there is a charge up time for the magnets as one thing technology can't really change is the laws of physics if you want the game to remain playable.
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  5. Mightgocrazy

    Praise Zues someone that understands its not supposed to be a traditional BAS
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  6. ZZYZX

    Actually...I think these two commands should be on different keys all together.

    ALL the time, I'm trying to spot enemies, and friendlies run into the LOF so the friendly menu pops up and it's super annoying.
  7. ObsidianSoul

    Tell me about it. They seem to believe Vanu love charge up weapons (which is basically YOUR delay x3). When they're the most useless things ever. Nobody uses Lancers or Vortexes. And I bet nobody will use these new snipers too.
  8. 1800XRay

    What are you talking about Luperza text me and said they would be down 14 HOURS.
  9. Killjoy97

    anyone know long do we have to suffer (how long will the servers be "LOCKED")
  10. Kuklakot

    I need ammo. I need ammo. No, I don't really need ammo, I just pressed q on a guy that had no dorito over his head and he happened to be a friendly engineer. I need ammo. That's my problem with the "new" callout system. I need to catch a ride. I need ammo. Dammit.
  11. 1800XRay

    Are these people are complaining but are going to jump right in game when the servers come up :eek:
  12. walawizard

    1. I'd sure like to see the light assaults be able to aim their guns again while they are jetting around. All factions have light assaults so what is the point of nerfing this option? It was already balanced. It makes light assaults pretty useless if they have to touch the ground in order to aim. By the time you hit the ground and before you have a chance to pull your gun up to aim, the element of surprise is lost and your dead. At least let us hip fire with accuracy. You might as well play medic or engineer. I don't know of any game where the players arms are tied behind their back so they can't raise them to hip fire or aim. What is the point? Whether you originally wanted it to be intentional or not, nobody was complaining because it was balanced the way it was.

    2. Can we get a red dot instead of a white dot for the av turret site? It is very hard to see, especially on Esamir or maybe give us the option of changing the color for different environments.

    3. Can you fix the IR scopes being to bright on Esamir? Hard to see anything no matter if you are inside or out.

    4. Still haven't heard anything about fixing the pop imbalance on Connery or other servers. I keep seeing complaints and suggestions but haven't heard anything from SOE, at least not that I've seen.

    5. Make the vehicle spawn areas open so when you spawn a vehicle you don't run into a wall or other obstacle. Multiple vehicle spawn create quite a mess when the first vehicle has to back up in order to correct his path before getting hit from behind by another spawning vehicle. Either that or let us take control of the vehicle sooner so we can steer clear.

    6. By the way, Amerish looks great now if we could only do something with Esamir. People seem to like tunnels and caves like the Accent on Amerish. I noticed not many players go to Esamir unless there is an alert. Personally I used to love Esamir before you put all the walls up around everything. Takes for ever to find a way in or out and makes armor useless at a lot of the bases. At least make it so defenders can scale the walls easily to get out and actually defend. Instead they are cut off at choke points with only a few ways out. Maybe steps that go up one side but not the other. Kinda like steps over a cattle fence for all you farm boys and girls.

    7. Finally, can you please label the teleporters somehow. At some bases we have multiple teleporters and players get mixed up on which one takes you where. Same with the jump pads from some bio labs. They don't take you where you think they are going to take you unless you know the map well. Not sure how you would do this but your smart. You'll figure something out for us I'm sure. This would make it much nicer for newer players.

    Thank you,
  13. 1800XRay

  14. Mr H

    haha, so true
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  15. Creeperface

    I got around 100 kills last night with it, you can get kills with the railjack. You can get kills with the longshot and still be able to take out enemy snipers in a duel. the shot delay cripples you against snipers. In a duel if we both have a shot lined up, and we both click at the same time, the person with the railjack will be dead before the round actually leaves their gun. If they shot the instant the round leaves the railjack they will be dead first, but the person with the railjack will also be dead, because they cannot dodge the bullet.

    lets say it has no delay, railjack versus rams. The tr will be dead first but again the nc do not have lightning fast reflexes and cannot dodge the rams.
  16. bighat

    damn only just signed up and it's all down
  17. Creeperface

    lag is a issue for snipers as well. nothing more irritating than lining up a shot, firing then they warp around.
  18. 1800XRay

    duhhhhhhhh :eek:
  19. walawizard

    I'd like to see more callout options, "I need a gunner" and "Stop running around, I'll repair you or heal you"
  20. Pondera

    Don't be a butt, dude. He said he JUST signed up for planetside. How could he possibly know about the weekly maintainence?