Scheduled Maintenance February 28th, 2014

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. ManOfTheDawn

    Hey :D It totally looks like the've learned not to ginve any information how long the servers will be locked! So nobody will be disappointed, if it's not true. Good job! :)
  2. bighat

    Like literally minutes ago. At least I checked the forums to find out if there were issues before spamming their facebook or support email with 'it doesn't work!!' messages.
  3. 1800XRay

    Sorry I Have Uncontrollable Trolling Habits ;)
  4. Finware

    Server is back online
  5. Bowl

    Gunner call-outs are already in the Q menu when driving a vehicle with spare seats. Very useful, in addition to honking of course.
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  6. mersk

    Yeah, NOBODY uses Lancers! Except, a lot of people. Every time the TR bring their armor zerg (which is kinda often), you'll see people pulling Lancers to take them out.
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  7. ObsidianSoul

    LOL. That's basically the only time they're useful anyway. When a lot of people use them. And that is true for ALL the other launchers. You'd have a faster time of flattening an armor zerg with Strikers and Phoenixes with half the number of people. So what were you saying again?
  8. Serafine

    Lancer is one of my highest scoring weapons. By far. It is perfect for getting the killing shot on burning vehicles. On a note, it gets a lot of better with munitions pouch.
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  9. mersk

    That people use them. You know, the opposite of what you were falsely claiming.
  10. Merakov

    You do realize thats the point of the sniper having extremely fast projectile that brings instant death to the target
    Heavy Rocket lunchers and base anti-vehicle turrets also can one shot players with a direct hit but have very slow projectiles which makes them easy to dodge at long range imagine the sniper bullet to travel with the same speed as a rocket from a heavy...
    and since you brought science in to the picture you should know that an object that travels at high speed has less exposure to gravity (bullet drop) this means less vertical compensation needed from the player
    Velocity (Bullet travel time) also affects the "Leading" or horizontal compensation.Faster bullets need less time to get from Point A(your gun) to Point B (your target)
  11. WiredTexan

    My lost camos are still lost. So diappointed and unhappy. So why should we spend SC again?
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  12. JibbaJabba

    I was suspect of this when I read the patch notes but withheld forum ranting like others until I could see for myself. I have found it to be unobtrusive and quite useful in the game.
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  13. NekoBear

    Seriously, weren't lost camos supposed to be restored during this last patch, or have i missed out on something important?
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  14. RobW

    Still missing my camos!
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  15. chrisarn94

    The muzzle velocity isn't about how much time your target has to react, it's about how far you need to lead your shots. A higher velocity rifle makes it easier to land rounds on target; less leading and less chance that the target will change course by the time the round arrives. So yes, that .11s/100m does make a difference. There's a whole science behind this kind of thing. It's called balistics
  16. Mahariel

    Fantastic patch, spawn points are still as useless as ever and I'm still missing £16 of camo. It's disgraceful really, I very much doubt we'll be compensated either. No respect for their customers...
  17. d_carey Developer

    We're looking into the lost camos. No one will lose them permanently. Thanks for your patience guys, it's a complicated operation.
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  18. dogzila

    Nice job SOE!
    Is it really clever to make useless updates every thursday?
    And an update on FRIDAYS to fix all the broken things from the day before.
    These intempestive updates do not fix the existing real problems!
    All they do is new bugs, new expensive and useless things to pay for
    like ridiculous voices packs or Barbie style red & pink hearted camos...
    Do we really need new expensive weapons every week?
    Or is it you needing more money?

    what a joke! Is this a WAR game?
    or a Sims like!!!!!!!!
    (I want mickey mouse socks, a Billabong swiming suit and piercings all over^^)

    Why don't you fix real problems like for instance the fact we need to advance too close
    to see if guys are red, blue or purple from an aircraft as we spam tag them?
    Or the LAG problem?
    Or the ridiculous vehicles spawns?
    Or etc...?

    I quited this game a year ago when the major problem
    was your every week different distance rendering...
    If this continues to go on so, i'll quit this expensive free to play game!

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  19. JibbaJabba

    There is no real upside to the railjack. At sniping distances it still has bullet drop so the player must still compensate (if it didn't THEN we could talk about it being great). I actually find it easier to compensate with the traditional bolt-actions. The crosshairs on the railjack are set at about 150m which seems to differ from the bolt-actions...not a big deal but altogether it means your drop-compensating skills must be thrown out and relearned.

    A fast bullet velocity should mean leading a moving target is very easy right? In this case there is a delay from when you pull the trigger to when the bullet fires so leading a target is MUCH much harder.

    The bolt actions available to both TR and NC can one kill with a headshot just like the railjack. again, no upside to the weapon really at all.

    The downside: You must remain exposed longer during firing, and firing at stationary targets is also compromised. The target at a standstill when you pull the trigger moves before the bullet fires. (As a sniper you know it's rare for people to stand for extended periods...they know just as you that they are prime targets)

    I don't mean any of this to say that the new TR and VS weapons are any better. I just wanted to try my best to explain why the railjack is a worse choice than the existing NC sniper rifles.
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  20. Ravenorth

    And after the hotfix Phantom is still having the old slow iron sight transition time... which was never made any faster like yesterdays patch notes were claiming, leaving it to be the only close-mid range semi-auto sniper with slow iron sight transition time.

    Sooo... how long for the fix? Week? month? year? Oh I know!