SC unlocks not account-based?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by disky00, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. xpsyclosarinx

    Yes because the expectation that having account bound items is somehow foreign..........

    It's common sense that if you pay real world money for something in a game that you get it permanently. For example ALL camos in Blacklight retribution are permanent camos. You pay REAL money for something permanent.
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  2. Ligeia

  3. RobotNinja

    And in Blacklight you pay REAL money to RENT weapons. Lol.
  4. xpsyclosarinx

    ...yeah and buying them outright costs about the same as Planetside.. what's your point?

    I'm talking about cosmetics because it's a more direct comparison.
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  5. Sancus

    WTF. This needs to change to account based. There is no damn way you should ever lose access to weapons you paid real money for, that's ridiculous.
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  6. Storbein

    Sorry ,Ligeia, I was busy being blinded by ads in a game I already payed 39.99$ for, my bad, yes.
    Again, I apologise.
  7. Emperor

    What? If you buy a class-specific hat in TF2 it's no different than buying a character-specific cosmetic item in PS2. The only reason you could use it on any server in TF2, again, is because it's an apples-to-oranges comparison of the way servers work in either game. But the underlying purchase is still the same. Why is this hard for people to get?

    So, first off, given that there's NO CERT LIMIT why on earth would you want to make a new character in PS2, unless, again, you were going to a different server or different faction? It makes zero sense. Zero. As in, none at all. If you stay on the server you're on with the character you have, you get that for the life of your character--and as you can only have characters of a single faction on the same server, and THERE IS NO CERT LIMIT WHICH MEANS STARTING OVER IS MOOT, you essentially have spent $5 on a cosmetic item FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR PLAYTIME ON THAT SERVER, PERIOD.

    Secondly, if someone got ahold of your account details, well first off you should've been more careful; two, if they delete your characters you could contact customer support; and three, I don't know if you're still working off the TF2 thing but if your account got hacked on that you wouldn't have your hats there either.

    Fact: most people who spend $20-$30 on F2P games aren't even the target market. It's guys like me who spend $350 on this game. Whales carry free players and minimal purchase players, so...I really don't know why you brought that up, or what to tell you. You can be mad about having to pay $5 per character, I guess, even though I just illustrated for the third time in this thread that it doesn't matter.
  8. xpsyclosarinx

    Not going to bother entering a debate with someone like yourself, you've made it clear you're not looking for a discussion.
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  9. RyanMDanks

    Lame, SOE.

    I just had a blast buying all of these cool icons and skins for my vehicles, as well as my armor and was planning on a few more of those icons. Then I find that the server is so over-saturated that it is unplayable and try to switch servers, only to find that the $45 of SC I paid for is wasted if I do.

    Beta was just fine without these perks, and they really are unnecessary, so I'll be holding onto my hard-earned cash now.
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  10. disky00

    It's not apples to oranges. If you decide to play on another server (and there are many reasons for why you would do this, several have already been stated), you should have access to the things that you paid to use in the game. It's the same game, so why should one server be different from another? I fail to see the difference. Persistence of a server has no bearing on the fact that you paid for something that you cannot use, and now have to buy again.

    I used to play DDO, and they had me pretty good with their F2P system. One of the reasons I was so into purchasing things was that they were not ephemeral. When you bought a piece of content, it was there, forever, for every character you created, no matter the server. I don't think PS2 should do the same with their world content, but I definitely feel like the products they do offer should be available in the same way. It provides a much greater sense of ownership.

    Again, playing on other servers is a thing people do. You may not do it, you may not understand it, but it happens, and regardless of whether you think it doesn't matter, it does matter to many of us. People don't like buying the same exact thing over again, especially if it's something so simultaneously expensive and insignificant as a texture application. I completely understand that Sony needs to make money on this game, and I absolutely want to support them. I have a lot of SC to spend on PS2, which is why I already made several impulse purchases before I knew of this unfortunate policy.

    If the things Sony offers are cool enough and affordable enough, people will buy them. They don't need to rely on "whales" if the paywall isn't so high that someone who doesn't normally make RMTs sees the value in purchasing things.

    Bottom line: Sony should either allow unlocks to be account-wide (faction/class specific), or they should lower the prices on the individual products so that it doesn't hurt so much to re-buy everything again. Or both. But paying five damn dollars to texture armor (and armor alone) with one particular camo pattern on one character on one server is totally effing ridiculous.
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  11. Booticus

    It is a pretty standard thing in F2P games for items to be character bound....
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  12. Ripshaft

    Planetside is about a persistant world, you don't get that if you switch worlds constantly. You're meant to invest in a character, in a world, where you'll run into the same people, develop rivalries and casual friendships, see or become a local celebrity, make a noticeable difference in a specific world through your actions. This is not a game where servers are just different places to play the same game, the servers ARE the game here.
  13. RyanMDanks

    At this point, it's either spend money or wait to play, because my server is too full and switching would cost me money.

    I knew this game would be a time sink, I didn't think it'd be so much of a funds sink as well. $55 already down the drain. To start a character on a playable server would cost me the same amount of money as buying all the Battlefield game expansions and playing that. And that's just the first week!
  14. disky00

    Please read the thread. There are plenty of examples of this not being the case anymore. And as for the games in which it is still the case, they are generally the ones that the PS2 team has made an effort to avoid emulating.

    I think you have this game confused with Ultima Online. This is not a sandbox MMO. This is a game where people kill each other very quickly and move on. Yes, people get attached to outfits and stay with a server for a long time. That is great for those people. But why should the people who have reason to play on multiple servers be forced to buy something twice just to play the game the same way on both servers? Achievement and time spent are one thing. You can't just have two copies of the same character on both servers. But if you paid a real, significant amount of money for something and it is not considered a consumable item, you deserve to only have to buy it once.
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  15. RyanMDanks

    Brought this issue to the PS2 Twitter feed and was ignored. I guess it's going to be an ongoing policy... :(
  16. kijuro

    Bare minimum change needs to have Camo/Decal account wide, with exception for faction specific colors/symbols obviously need to be faction limited.
    This has little effect on game play except to make me a slightly more/less obvious target.
    I have already spent over $20 on stuff. If I make another character I would like my 'look' to be at least partly the same, and spending on a faction specific difference would feel acceptable.

    I don't think guns should be account wide, character specific is fine with me.
    Buying guns gives you a time advantage over the free player and should be more restrictive. It takes a significant amount of time in game to buy a gun with certs. Each character has to spend the same amount of time to get that gun, so each character should have to spend the same amount of certs or money to get that gun.

    Guns are already a pay to discount time investment with an advantage. account wide would feel like pay for quick advantage, witch IMO is like stepping even closer to Pay2Win.
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  17. KrowAmes

    Not entirely sure what MMOs or F2P games you're referencing. I've already stated that Guild Wars has account binding. Someone else said DDO did/does it.

    Just wait until you want a new name, or want to switch servers. All that **** you just bought and paid real money for is gone. Just like that. All stuck on one character. I seem to remember getting a lot of things on all my characters in Age of Conan. I'm not too sure that character-bound cash bought items are standard.

    And if you don't have a problem with the way it is, you won't have a problem with the way we want it to be. So you're not even relevant in this thread.
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  18. Codek

    +1. I too expected SC unlocks to be account wide. Serious oversight if you ask me. This is real money after all. Cert unlocks are fine being character specific, but if i cough up cash to unlock a nanite systems turret on a nanite systems vehicle, it better be available on my TR and VS alts! As it is it isn't even available on the secondary NC alt i made on the same server specifically to test this!

    At the very least i'd want an official statement from SOE on this. They have been avoiding this issue so far.
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  19. Tharkis

    I too am extremely disappointed. I have been playing other SOE games whre purchases like this ARE account based, and thus thought that they would be, just like buying style packs and the like in DCUO are... that you'd be able to claim/use them on each char on the account... finding out that I cant ... well that really makes me not want to buy anything ....
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  20. Khorneholio

    Honestly... I never would have even considered that an item could be "account wide" until it was mentioned here. The natural assumption to me is that if I buy an item for this character, I can use it on THIS CHARACTER. *shrug*

    I could maybe see a bit of sense in this if you could have the same character on multiple servers, but I can only be Khorneholio on 1 server; only one copy of the character, only one of each item I purchase for him.
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