Say no to Firework Guns

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by VanuZuma, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. VanuZuma

    Am I the only one who is getting completely annoyed with the stupid flare/firework guns they added for the 4th? It seems every major battle I go into people start spamming them to either cause a distraction or in an attempt to lag the game due to having to calculate lighting and particles for each shot. Hopefully people will grow bored with them and quit using it, but for now it really sucks.
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  2. Oreo202

    Nope. Say yes to firework guns! Trial one and you will have immense amounts of fun.
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  3. Eclipson

    Say yest to firework guns! They are the best thing I have bought in this game. It something to do when you get bored camping a base, or just won an alert. And you can do cool stuff like this:
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  4. THOR1659

    Ill probably buy one just so i can get 50 kills and the "pyro" title :)
  5. Eclipson

    You have 20 minutes left to buy one! :eek: (At least in EST)
  6. Rift23

    Meta-game! :eek:
  7. HadesR

    Only the noise .. I don't mind he flashy lights and **** but the sound effects need toning down a tonne
  8. Pikachu

    I spent 1000 certs on buy NC flare gun. :rolleyes:
  9. DarkInnocence

    I personally hate the firework gun as it is EXTREMELY annoying. While I do have fun with it, whenever you have a big fight there is always that incessant WHEEE BOOMMMMM from those idiots who keep spamming them. My rig is good enough that I do not suffer from lag but it is just so annoying. I wish there was a way to remove fireworks for yourself and only show the damage if it hits you while not showing explosions.
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  10. St0mpy

    im trying to be tolerant since a lot of people seem to be enjoying them however im quite fed up having to spend ANY time in a warpgate right now
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  11. ArcKnight

    spending certs on that?!?!?!? of all things
  12. NC_agent00kevin

    Most. Annoying. Thing. Ever.

    Hoping SOE makes them actual flare guns after the holiday.
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  13. Nocturnal7x

    I didn't even know it was a gun, wtf. SOE sucks at advertising...
  14. Stealth1

    Its the worst and stupidest thing they have put in the game.
  15. notyourbuddy

    See boys and girls. This is why the vehicle horns had to cost 7$ rather than simply being made unlockable with certs or given away for free.

    Because it prevents the annoying kiddie spam.
  16. lainiwaku

    i just have an old gtx 560 and that not bug the game at all !
    i loove flare gun , it make the game alive
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  17. RottenGroinArea

    Anyone that bought those trash flare guns is a fool.

    I logged in for the first time in ages to try them and they are nothing but ****.

    The fireworks look dumb, the sound is super annoying, the price is beyond stupid...

    SOE's weak sauce at it's finest, a $7.00 garbage gun that does nothing but annoy the
    **** out of everyone who isn't a mental midget.

    4th O' July Fail Sale.
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  18. RottenGroinArea

    A perfect example...
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  19. ZephyrBurst

    Flare guns are great. They'll die down within a few weeks. For whatever reason, it feels like they bring out the mmo side of Planetside.
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  20. Necrothus

    Can't. Die. Soon. Enough.

    Drops my frames from 45 FPS at medium settings to 25 FPS at low settings in any battle with more than 20 vs. 20 (since at least 15 of those people begin popping stupid fireworks at some point), which is f'ing unacceptable in a poorly optimized game like this one. What were they thinking? Wait, I know:

    Money money money money! MONEY!

    Seriously, I get monetizing a free game through microtransactions...but I'd rather your Pay-to-Win than you Pay-to-Lag, personally.
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