Say no to Firework Guns

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by VanuZuma, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Roadwarrior82

    I HATE them. ******' loud sound. Tone it down a lot. Or make sounds and visuals appear only for shooter himself...
  2. Roarboar

    WHen you are cert capped it really doesnt matter.
    Anyway, its the best purchase ive made so far with certs, i spam it every fight im in! I'm quite serious I do. Usually while waiting for my infantry resources for my max, which can sometimes take over an hour.
  3. Rodinvac

    I love my Flare Gun: killing enemy players with it is so rewarding. :cool:
  4. 5ou1

    Haha people love complaining
  5. OldMaster80

    Those fancy weapons are actually crap to me. In PS2 every specific Holiday item like santa's hats etc was just cosmetic, never weapons. And it could be deactivated on the option panels: you don't like to see every Esamir tree turned into a Xmas tree? Unflag the option and they're normal again.
  6. pa1n

    I can feel the amount of skill you gain each time.

    No seriously, after a week, most of you (I didn't bought it) will not use this gun.
  7. PS2Freak

    First i was strictly against flare gun, but now i started to love it.. It is fun to watch, and also the Light effects at night, as earth go purple or deep dark green.. it have something.

    i say yes to fireworks, and maybe buy me one. ( seems flare gun only avail. today and since monday not more)
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  8. Dingus148

    >Find a group of friendly infiltrators (snipers) "contributing"
    >Pop flares on their position
    >Heal them with medgun when they cloak
    >Laugh as they switch class and stop stat-padding
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  9. SgtBreastroker

    It is obnoxious but I get no performance issues from it.
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  10. IamDH

    No harm no gain
  11. Vanudrax

    I pulled mine out yesterday for the first time. Went engineer, dropped an ammo pack and just spammed the snot out of them towards the TR. I swear they spent more time typing complaints into chat than they did fighting. Pretty sure I wasn't the only VS doing it. Enjoyable time was had by us, and we won the battle.Fireworks FTW.
  12. WaiZen

    Spent 1000 Certs on the NS one and finally got my Pyro title today xD. It's hilarious killing people with it.
  13. Phrygen

    Needs an ammo nerf
  14. daicon

    I love the item, but I hate that they made them costs 1k certs.

    On one end I'm glad we actually CAN purchase them with certs but that's abit money grubbing considering it's only available for a limited time. Were the limited time Camo and hood ornaments not enough for you this weekend SOE?
  15. commandoFi

    Bought it with certs. So I said No/yes to flare guns. They are cool and fun, but no way am I paying money for them!
  16. Bhoot

    Think the gun is great for celebrating after winning an alert, etc but it can get rather annoying during a fight in some situations it made It quite hard to see and define enemy players especially when these things were going of continually. Hopefully that will become less of a problem once people get bored with them.
  17. iWarsaw

    I play a tactical play style to me this sounds dumb...

    "We're going to assault this base. Everyone move up. I'm placing smoke. Now cover out sound with fireworks."

    You don't have to use them no, but I really don't like them. Maybe if they we're a limited time thing and we're free that would of been cool. However I don't want to be running around then hearing fireworks. It's stupid.

    AND if people are jsut going to get bored with them why not add something to game that people will contionue to use? It's a complete waste of resourcees unless its just a cheap content release that could possible damage the playability for some when you could of spent it on making something fun for everyone! or at least adds something to the gameplay dynamics.

    Using fireworks to cover your movements is just dumb, besides that it adds nothing to the game besides being fireworks.

    What else will they add to the game that really is just a bad marketing idea. It just detracts from the integrity of the game.
  18. MasonSTL

    You are all a bunch of drama queens lol
  19. iWarsaw

    You might think it's a little thing, but as long as poeple keep going "okay release it, it's fine" they wont bother to improve the quality of the items they are releasing which is really... quite crap. It's bugged, looks generic, and in case of the fireworks, release mainly for people to buy them to make money. How is that not a serious problem? How many more items will be added like that? I would like to playing planetside for years to come. That's not going to happen if the game becomes watered down with cheesy gameplay items. If I wanted that I'd go play Tf2. I'm not really sure what SOE wants from Ps2 or what there demographic is. It's so confusing.
  20. exLupo

    It'll take care of itself, just let folks get it out of their systems.