Rocket Rifle?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zica96, May 8, 2015.

  1. Zica96

  2. omfgweeee

    0 info about it. We know as much as you do.
  3. Pikachu

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  4. Mezinov

    In Planetside 1 the Rocklet Rifle served as a general purpose, close-to-medium range, line-of-sight weapon. At close range its killing potential could maximized with a magdump feature, that would fire all the remaining rocklets - at the cost of instantly setting the Cone of Fire to its maximum.

    Doing a magdump from about 5-10m, at the legs and feet of a Reinforced Exosuit user (essentially PS1s Heavy Assault), would usually result in a kill from Full Health, Full Armor - unless the user had a shield implant or popped a medkit at the right time.

    It could kill a max in 2-3 mag dumps.

    It did moderate damage to all targets (infantry, vehicles), and later in the game it got an alternate ammo type that allowed it to shoot flak. A combination of low magazine size, and a large ammo box (PS1 had an inventory system), made it a situational weapon which was usually out-classed in most dedicated scenarios and that had limited "staying" power.

    The splash on the rockets, and the close range required to use it effectively, meant that the operator often left themselves critically injured after a single attack.

    All of that said, it was by far one of my favorite weapons in Planetside 1. It could be fired single-shot reliably at any range, once you got used to the slow projectile, and did a good amount of damage for hits and near misses. It was also incredibly satisfying to run up to somebody, magdump them into ash, then sprint away giggling.

    For its role in Planetside 2, nobody knows for certain but the devs. It will likely be limited to Heavy Assault or Engineer as an alternative to their rocket launcher or turret, though it may make an appearance as a Light Assault tool. I imagine it will primarily be balanced as an Anti-Max weapon, or function in an NS Lasher-esque manner.

    In fact, if I had to put my money anywhere, it would be on its mechanics and play-style representing an NS Lasher.
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  5. Goldmonk

  6. FateJH

    The original Rocklet Rifle was a mixed weapon. One cylinder killed the strongest armor Infantry (unless they used a Medkit or Personal Shield implant), drained the impressive armor of a MAX (but didn't kill it), had some Anti-Armor capability (did sub-Lancer-like damage, I guess), and could be equipped with ammo that served that weak AA flak.

    Unless you used the magazine dumping secondary fire, though, it was slow to semi-auto; and, the secondary fire was shotgun-like in spread.
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  7. Zica96

    If it was an LA weapon i f**king approve! But i doubt it, plus they'd nerf if to oblivion if it was.
  8. TheRunDown

    We all know this wont be a Spam weapon right?
    It's PlanetSide 2.. it's just going to be a noisy gun that probably fires the same ammo as the Crossbow explosive rounds, all show and no damage.. and we all know how miserable the Crossbow is vs a MAX.. the TTKs in this game are too high for anything fun..

    The Striker is basically a Rocklet Rifle.. and look how that turned out.. Forums aren't kind to good things..
  9. Zica96

    Well if it were like the crossbow i'd be very dissapointed, it probably wont be though because i think i heard them mention on Reddit or something that they wanted to add an "anti-max" weapon, so idk. Yeah the Striker is a rocket rifle but a lousy one, this maybe wont be because now you have other factions wanting to buff it instead of just TR.
  10. 00000000000000000000

    I would like to see it be an NS equivalent to the lancer/ravens (an extreme range rocket launcher) and put into the HA launcher slot.
  11. Grumblefern

    I hope it's an engi weapon, but if I had to guess I'd bet on HA.

    Don't really think HA needs more class-exclusive toys though.

    Also I'm slightly worried what this could mean for vehicle gameplay, which hasn't gotten addressed since they nerfed vehicle damage with plans to also buff vehicle durability ...that never happened.
  12. Zica96

    Well HA only got like the ES RL and ES guns because they're "front line troops hard hitting infantry", and come to think of it i wouldn't trade my AV Mana turret for this because you can control the projectile and you surely wont be able to control it on this gun.
  13. Anonynonymous

    One of my favorite weapon from Planetside 1. And yeah, this will be perfect for the engineer class. Man portable flak cannon + ammo pack!
  14. Gemenai

    To put it short, something to get your testicles hyped for new content, only to disappoint you in the depths of you heart.
    Something that was announced and most likely skipped/delayed into eternity.
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  15. Hammerlock

    looks more like a cross-breed between raven and burster
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  16. Revel

    Rocket launchers aren't enough? C4? Two heavies with LMGs at 30m taking it down in 5 seconds from sustained fire?
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  17. Scr1nRusher

    It will be a perfect HA weapon as a alternative to RL's.
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  18. Zica96

    Yeah i totally agree, and i'm not hyped AT ALL about this i just think it's interesting. I know SOE pardon, DGC for some time now and know not to get hyped about anything until they release it.
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  19. Zica96

    Don't know man, i just know i read it somewhere before.
  20. Littleman

    I can see thing being either yet another launcher for the already overplayed HA, or a secondary weapon for all non-infil classes. No way in hell would it see use as a primary weapon unless those rockets move unbelievably fast or we get some decent automatic secondaries that don't drop off into ineffectiveness at 3m.

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