[Suggestion] Revamp railjack?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by LaughingDead, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. The Walrus Whisperer

    I like the railjacks current animation because it feels unique relative to all the other snipers.
  2. LaughingDead

    Since devs are looking at a new pts, I felt like it was an alright bump to this topic. Phasehift and trap did get it's changes in a previous pts sure but hey, might be the time of the railjack.
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  3. Leckermatz

    I think its fine where it is, you can even put a supressor on it and be comfortable killing enemies without much readjustment
  4. Problem Officer

    Nailing enemy pixels on their uppermost pixel has never been so easy with that bullet arc.
  5. TheSunlikeOne

    Putting supressor on RailJack isn't the wise idea. You'll lose the only strenths of this weapon - fast bullet velocity and low bullet drop.
  6. DemonicTreerat

    The core problem I've found with the Railjack isn't the damage. Its that situations where its advantages (highest damage at maximum range) are few and far between. Simply put, an extra 100m of lethal distance does no good if the targets I'm interested in shooting only render at 300m no matter what optics I use. And even when the situation does let them render in, a x12 scope produces such a small target that the crosshairs alone obscure most of the details.

    Now how to fix that?
    One option would be to have the Railjack come with its own scope(s) with two key features. One being greatly improved magnification - say x20 to x100 times, possibly even adjustable. Second these scopes force the area around the aim point to render no matter the distance. Personally I would prefer this as it plays directly to the Railjacks strengths (high damage at extreme range) without too many balance issues.
    A second option would be to fabricate some other strength for it. In this case I would say a straight up boost in damage such that at even a body shot (but not legs/ arms) is also a one-hit until the sort of distances where other rifles see a severe drop in damage. In this fashion the Railjack becomes the .50 Barret of PS2 sniping rifles. Not my favorite, but probably the easiest to implement.
  7. Scroffel5

    Honestly, yeah. Give back the shotgun alt firemode. It was removed by people who complain about NC having shotguns. Lets have it back.

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