[Suggestion] Revamp railjack?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by LaughingDead, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. LaughingDead

    Don't get me wrong, ES snipers are cool, but that's the thing. The railjack doesn't bring anything good to the table over the longshot. It's a good, long range sniper, but we already have a good longrange sniper, in fact the one shot range isn't even increased that much by scaling to the railjack.

    So what should it be? Well, TRAP is a neat sort of scout/semi sniper with burst fire modes for different situations. Paralax is a charge rifle that can go into semi mode to pick off a fleeing enemy. How bout the railjack has a sort of force cannon alt fire for close range? Like a....shotgun!
  2. Frightning89

    Railjack can OHK an enemy Infiltrator with a headshot at any range, thanks to the 450 min damage. That alone is a major advantage over the EM4 Longshot and any other bolt action sniper for those matters. It's muzzle velocity is also way higher than other bolts (even w/ 0.2 sec fire delay, that still means less variance in delay from hitting trigger to hitting the target over varying ranges, AND you can adjust the aim after hitting the trigger if they suddenly start moving when you go to shoot at them).

    Shotguns are like the antonym of sniper rifles in form and function.
  3. Dualice

    Can see what you mean, the Railjack doesn't do much different to the Longshot.

    That being said, I think the TRAP was pretty poorly implemented. Specifically its recoil profile really lets it down; it's a cool idea, but you'd probably have better luck just using a scout rifle in most situations.

    And I believe you mean the Phaseshift - Parallax is the Longshot equivalant. It is a fun weapon but rather fiddly to get the hang of. On top of that it is very easy to overheat if you start spamming semi-auto mode, and the muzzle velocity is less than ideal.

    Guess what I'm saying is, those ES perks come at a price. :)
  4. Campagne

    It'd definitely be nice to see the Railjack get revamped, but not as a suedo shotgun. An an NC I've had more than enough shotguns lazily thrown into the mix.

    Besides, the Railjack was initially supposed to be a shotgun/sniper combo before, but the idea was fortunately dropped after a very negative response to it.
  5. TheSunlikeOne

    If RailJack would be revamped, then every ESSR should be revamped (or buffed) as well. I've got some ideas, but they may need some balancing (not to mention, that they probably will never be implemented :D)
    - New attachment: APFSDS-T ammo. Can now be used against heavy vehicles, but:
    • Mag size is decreased to 1. Ammo pool - 20.
    • Cannot cloak, while holding RailJack itself. As the result - reloading it too.
    • AV Damage is less, than fully charged Lancer, but more than non-charged (maybe the same as 1st or 2nd charge level.)
    • AI damage is similar to the current one.
    • Kills Max in 3 HS (maybe 4. Needs some balancing with numbers)
    - Allow to use low magnification scopes (3.4x, 4x)
    - New attachment: enhanced capacitor. Removes charging from the weapon (always shoots with max charge), but instantly overheats the weapon.

    Revamp to double-barreled BASR.
    - Able to do 2 shots, before rechambering
    - 334 dmg and X3.5 headshot multiplier
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  6. Campagne

    Sure, let's make the Railjack completely useless, and the TRAP a direct upgrade when within its unperposed effective range. The Phaseshift is OK, but would probably still be worse than it is now.

    I think that they should all be revamped, but not in these ways. :eek:
  7. TheSunlikeOne

    Read my post again. It's an attachment - optional thing for specific situation. Without it, RailJack would be as it is right now. Currently, NC is the only faction without VERY long range AV weapons.

    Currently, TRAP is more like scout rifle, but the game counts it as sniper rifle. The idea behind my suggestion was that it would be usefull SR, while not being able to kill with bodyshots in one chambering cycle. Of course long range effectiveness and mag size should be reajusted too (maybe even restict access to short range sights, but I'm not sure about it though).

    Again - that's an attachment. Completely optional.
  8. Campagne

    I thoroughly read your post, contemplated it in solitude, and came to the medically-sound conclusion that it was to make an already "meh" weapon into a dog**** one.

    With the attachment, the Railjack would become just entirely useless in almost every regard. With out the attachment, it's still just meh. It would not serve well as an AV weapon.

    The TRAP would have to have only 2 shots, otherwise it would become a straight upgrade. If it had long range, it would become a better Rams .50. If it were short range, it would become a huge upgrade to the TSAR. A CQC sniper's wet dream.

    The Phaseshift is in the same boat as the Railjack, whereas both are meh, and would only be nerfed by your suggested additions, while the TRAP would become hugely powerful. Not very fair or fun to be a VS or NC sniper.
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  9. TheSunlikeOne

    The problem with SRs is that any innovation will make them either OP, or outshadowed by existing SRs.

    Depends on numbers, since you could cloack with pistol in hands.
    Anyways, I had another "probably balanced" idea - make it's projectiles to pierce through several oponents. But again, wouldn't be that useful on RJ.

    It can be an equivalent in Bullet velocity and drop to Tier 1 BASR (M77B I believe) with high zoom optics (X6 and higher) and 4 round mag.
    CQC SR with 2 shot could work as well. Like an over-under rifle.

    OK, have any suggestions of your own, or you just like to criticize?
  10. Campagne

    That is a fair point. There's not much one could really do with sniper rifles, except for expanding into different niches.

    Eh, I don't think it would be good. It would have very poor DPS, be very situational, and would effectively paint the word "victim" all over a player's face if they used one. They'd have to stop to fire accurately, after all.

    This I actually rather like. In it's effective range it's largely an upgrade to the M-77B, but only in it's niche. Plus, it would be an actual sniper rifle. I think I would be rather happy to see this instead of the current TRAP.

    Haha, OK, fair enough. Here's what I would do, if I was the one calling the shots:

    Railjack -- Based off of something I think I read somewhere else;
    • mag size reduced to one
    • reload time changed to 2-3 seconds
    • firing delay removed
    • No re-chamber time
    This way it would become a sniper rifle with training wheels, whereas it would have the highest velocity, lowest drop for a non-Phaseshift bolt-action, and highest damage per shot, but would have the lowest kill potential of any sniper rifle to compensate. The heavy punishment for missed shots would hopefully encourage players to be more precise with their shots.

    It would not replace a Longshot for general use, but would be easier to use while still retaining its current niche of extreme range sharpshooting. Additionally, it would fit the NC "slow and heavy" theme quite well, and would be, in my opinion, a much more pleasurable weapon to use with the delay.

    TRAP -- Initially I had sort of thought of keeping it similar to what it currently is now, but I actually like your idea much more. So I'd actually go with what you suggested.

    • given access to the 1x-4x sights in addition to the current 6x-12x scopes
    • given access to the upcoming ballistics computer
    Versatility is the name of the game for the Phaseshift, in my opinion. Simply having the ability to chose what range one wants to use the rifle in would really help it, I believe.
  11. Problem Officer

    That makes re-chamber and reload the same action!
    • Fires HV slug rounds
    • Option for HV high caliber buckshot
    • True NC weapon
  12. Campagne

    The bullet could just magicly teleport into place from the magazine, like a NS weapon. :p

    Haha, nah. NC are railguns, not shotguns! The NC need moar railguns and less shotguns! Also a HV high caliber buckshot would probably be a bit OP/UP, and would very likely reduce the effective range of the weapon which would go against its current design.
  13. Problem Officer

    Railbuckshot: Tight spread, 600 total damage with no range dropoff.
    Lowers the effective range 1v1, instead giving the benefit of being able to damage multiple targets per shot and increases chance of damaging snipers that move often.
    Fits the NC by implying improvised design?
    Unique too, only seen it once before, there was a rifle in Defiance that's basically Phaseshift with buckshot.
  14. Campagne

    It would be cool, but it could be very over/under-powered based on its spread at range, and would likely be eclipsed by a standard Longshot with its higher one-hit-kill potential anyway.

    I suppose I wouldn't mind seeing it as an ammo slot attachment. The Railjack could become a gauss-shotgun, which would be cool. :D
  15. Helaton

    I liked the railjack quite a bit but its no comparison to the longshot or bolt driver. Just open up the gun to lots of options that work with its interesting mechanic. A lot of these wouldn't pan out but still fun to think about.

    1. APFSDS Round
    Sabot Round: Keep everything the same. It is a railgun, give it the option of an APFSDS shell that is effective against maxes/light armor. (Akin to Archer for Engineers.)

    2. EMP Round
    Vehicles: If there is hit detection available on turrets (otherwise scrap) Can disable any turret for 2s (Vehicle Turret/Aircraft turret). Does not count towards primaries. Can't knock out a vehicle/aircraft.
    Infantry: Knocks out shields/energy/hud for 2s using existing EMP animation (only applies to hit target, not surroundings)

    3. Standard Slug Round
    Same as what we have currently.

    1. Extended Capacitor
    Increased charging time in exchange for faster round velocity & range. (0.2 > 0.3s shot charge, with 25% more range & bullet velocity). More for sniping at extreme distances (this combined with APFSDS vs emplacements/turrets for example)

    2. Power Converter
    Uses your shield generator to instantly charge Railjack shots. When you fire it with this attachment and have full shields, it drains your shields and insta-charges the Railjack shot. Would have a good synergy with armor selection for Advance Shield Generator. Good benefit, but also big downside (no stealth, wait for shield regen, vulnerable). If you want to fire another instant shot, your shields have to be fully charged (can't fire on partial shields). If you fire with partial or no shields, it fires a regularly delayed shot. Could activate/deactivate with X like you would flashlight/laser.

    3. Stabilizer Gyro
    Attachment that increases breath control (stabilization of the weapon's scope), by 25%. (Its a high tech weapon!)
  16. BurntMyWater

    I just think it would be cool if the Railjack had a tubular magazine that ran under its long barrel. Then the reload animation would be the same as Pump Action shotguns. Because NC.
  17. Diggsano

    U ******?

    First, the Weapon is called PHASESHIFT
    Phase-Shift Phaseshift Phase Shift
    P H A S E S H I F T

    Second, it is Parallax ( two L)
    Third, the Parallax ist the same as Rams.50 and Longshot.

    4th, The Phaseshift can't switch between semi and boltaction, you controll it by the charge itself.

    5th, The Railjack is the Bolt Action with the fastest bullet velocity and constantest DMG per Meter loss.

    Phaseshift and Trap are just for short range (Phaseshift ca 20m-180m / Trap 1m-100m) Railjack is for far ranges and in some disciplines better than Auraxium Sniper...
  18. LaughingDead

    Woops, not familiar with too many VS snipers, also it was like 2 am when I posted that.

    Anyhow, railjack also has the slowest rechamber, a delay and is only for such extreme ranges that its just not practical in many base fights. In fact I prefered semi snipers to it when it came down to dealing with multiple players, railjack is pretty much a niche weapon that just doesn't find use because the ranges that it's most effective are impractical and the delay screws a lot of split second shoot him before he gets into cover shots.
  19. strikebrch

    Just take out the fire delay
  20. The Walrus Whisperer

    Honestly I love the railjack. I wouldn't object to buffing it though. Also the Parrallax is a longshot clone, the phase shift is the semi-auto/bolt action hybrid

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