[Suggestion] removing ramming damage

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by strikearrow, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. strikearrow

    It is not a combat mechanic and it is abused by way too many people. I am so sick of people flying into the back of my ESF and blowing us both up. It's a no skill last ditch effort by even high BR pilots. If I run full tilt into an enemy infantry - do I knock him down or hurt him at all? No. The same mechanic should be used for vehicles.
  2. Campagne

    Well to be fair infantry can't sprint at the speeds at which an ESF can fly. Not to mention the differences in mass and force generated upon impact...

    It's a cheap and cheesey kill but one can seldom expect anything less in PS2.
  3. iller

    Run Drifter L/A and bail out before they hit you if it's such a huge injustice against your precious K/D
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  4. adamts01

    I wouldn't be opposed to removing it. Ramming is pretty cancerous on Connery. What makes it especially frustrating is how a vehicle can miss you by 20 meters on your screen but you die anyway thanks to server side collisions and the massive lag we have here. You really have to stay in a reverse maneuver and AB when they joust you, as I'd guess 50% of ESF are going for the ram when you interrupt their ground farming.
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  5. Jbeasty

    Can't agree with this one, ramming is far too much fun.

    Many a harrasser has been flattened by my ANT. Typically, only unaware players driving far too close fall victim to that though, it is so easily avoided, idc how much lag you claim there is.

    Besides that, it would feel quite cheesy if there was no collision and I just can't get behind that. I am especially non sympathetic if the reason is just because of angry ESF pilots that only accept one way of playing. Some of you really need a separate server for ESFs only where you literally can air duel all day without any interruptions. And im not being hostile in saying that, I actually think that would be great for you guys, given how passionate about it you seem to be.

    But yea, collision needs to stay imo.
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  6. adamts01

    You really won't understand it until you fly. Think of getting road kills with a Harasser. You can't ram the infantry guy based on where he is on his screen, but you have to guess where he is on the server. Now multiply the speed by 100. Aircraft can be 20 meters away from where they appear on your client, and you can reverse maneuver around a rammer, and dodge by a good 20 meters, and still get killed. The same exact thing is noticed when dodging Chinese Ants in a Vulcan Harasser. You need to get crazy close to get the kill, and that's well within the margin for error for models to collide, despite perfect driving. The faster two objects are, the worse this collision problem becomes. If it weren't so glitchy, I wouldn't have that much of a problem with it, but it's glitchy as ****, especially in the air.
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  7. Demigan

    I use ramming when I need space. If some skyknight attacks me and I cant shake him I give him a choice: avoid my ram and give me a tiny chance to get away or turn the tables on him, or keep stroking their Epeen and realize too late whats happening which is fine by me when I had little chance to beat them or escape them otherwise. Its a valid tactic, and unless you are too greedy for the kill its easy enough to avoid a ram. Yes, even counting the fact that both clientsides can detect a collision and that you have to react before the other guy hits you its still easy as long as you dont assume everyone will play by your idea of "fair".

    All I would do with ESF is reduce the ram damage you receive per km/h you move. Preferably if you move at 210km/h and ram something (not necessarily another aircraft) straight on you are set on fire. That would allow newbies a much more friendly early air-game as they have more leeway accidentally hitting stuff or doing a rough emergency landing. It would also help you if you are about to be rammed and you can reduce the speed difference with which he hits you or only receive a grazing hit.
  8. strikearrow

    You lose the engy auto repair for your ESF and saving the k/d isn't the point. L/A pilots are just k/d obsessed - and I love following them to the ground and killing them when they land :).
  9. strikearrow

    That's different - somewhat. My problem is they run stealth or lag switch and my engagement radar doesn't detect them until they are close and then they after-burn into me from behind. What really annoys me is when the radar detects them at 500m or so and then they disappear only to reappear at 150m - that is a lag switch - then boom we collide.

    Then there are the ground farmers running a2g noseguns and coyotes who fly at me - fire their coyotes - afterburn around and come back while I rotate and keep firing at them - when they realize they will lose then they afterburn right into me.

    If you dodge a ram against a decent player, then you surrender your belly or roof so you have little choice except to try and reverse away and that is not always possible depending on how the fight started.

    As for the grazing hit, that is already possible sometimes, but glitches make that very difficult to predict. Sometimes a ram at 20km/h will blow you up.
  10. strikearrow

    Infantry can right through other infantry with no impact mechanic at all.
  11. adamts01

    I've got to disagree with you here. That rammer has to either run or do a 180 once he passes you, and either maneuver makes him a sitting duck. That jousting style will only get someone so far, as the person who dodges can nose down and afterburn, and keep the jouster in his crosshairs the entire time.

    I really don't mind rammers aside from laggy and unpredictable collisions. They're much less cheesy than airlocks and coyotes.
  12. Campagne

    Only through friendlies with the exception of serverside shenanigans. One can often stumble across stalkers by bumping into them.
  13. DeadlyOmen

    The game is too soft as it is.

  14. strikearrow

    I agree ttk is too long in this game, but ramming has very little to do with ttk. It just a suicide mechanic for poor or beaten ESF pilots. I can somewhat see it being a valid tactic for Gals, but even then it's a bit cheesy.
  15. Demigan

    So your problem is more with lagswitchers than actual ramming? Shouldn't the lagswitching be solved then instead?

    I still think my idea would help you. It would increase the chances of a collision being non-fatal especially when an enemy afterburns into you from a stationary close position. If you are stationary (at least in the direction of your opponent) then ramming might at best set you on fire (if you weren't damaged before).

    Longer TTK soft? I understand where you are coming from but I came from the game Renegade and a longer TTK was what made it harder for lesser skilled players. Longer TTK means you have more time to let your skill do the talking and at least in Renegade the incredibly hard to hit targets made it extremely tough to use them (for reference of the TTK: The strongest standard gun dealt 7 damage per shot at 600RPM while the lowest health unit had 200hp). It can potentially also make it harder for a skilled player to solo multiple dudes as 'simply' killing them won't be in the cards even if you are good at scoring headshots.

    This is actually what we run into in the PS2 airgame: For lower level players it's far harder to hit the enemy consistently and win due to RM and hover fighting making it harder for them rather than softer. If the game was softer, it would mean a newbie could spray and kill a more skilled player with luck or simply getting the first hits in, IE shorter TTK=softer.
    I also fail to see how ramming isn't a viable option. It's not exactly rocket science to spot or prevent unless you assume they won't be doing it and if you do react to it, it creates a slightly more interesting air-game as it's ever so slightly less dominated by RM and Hover fighting. By making ramming less of a sudden death mechanic you can help it become a much more interesting maneuver as you can deliberately use it to weaken and disorient enemies or make a high-octane turn by letting a wing clip the scenery.
  16. LodeTria

    Only wreckage needs it toned it down. It's particularly bad on turret'd vehicles should wreckage come close to you.
  17. Exileant

    o_O If you run full tilt into infantry, they die. I have a few old videos of me Sky Skewering flying light assaults in mid hover. :) Scyths have a reason to suicide ram you, we have no choice, we cannot outrun the other plains. So why not? May as well try for the ram. And even if they DO ram you, just let it happen. :D You get points for a kill and a Vehicle destruction. It is the easiest farm out there. Personally when people try to ram me, I do not even bother trying to dodge. I welcome the 2 certs with open arms into my pockets, and pray I find them again. Turn on a few boosters and you can gain certs all day. o_O Test me on that. I swear I will even do a barrel roll to make it look cool. Hahaha! Mutual certification all around. Die with the knowledge you made them ram you and do a little dance. :p Keep Calm And Re-spawn.
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  18. PlanetBound

    Generally this type of game modification idea is sparked by a counter to the originator's actions on the field of battle.
    Instead of cursing the rain, carry an umbrella. Do what you can to avoid getting rammed.
  19. ZaphodBeeblebrox

    It is a combat mechanic and I use it all the time. In my sundy anyway - very satisfying to head on a harasser and watch it boom.
  20. VeryCoolMiller

    ... pick your heavy, equip rocket launcher, kill the vehicle... ramming damage is fine.... change class.

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