[Suggestion] Remove Warpgates - you have to fly to another continent (And new vehicle)

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  1. Weterman

    The warpgates shouldn't be removed, but don't let people warp to them from another continent. When you start the game, you can choose what continent to spawn at. Then, if you for some reason need to get to another continent, you need to fly over the sea to get there. Or, if you have a magrider, you can hover across the ocean.

    So if you want to get to Indar from Esamir, you get an esf, and you fly towards it. You set a way point. (You could switch from the continent map to the world map.) When you're half way there, you get a loading screen. (So your pc won't have to process everything happening on all continents at the same time, unless there is a better way to do this) After the loading screen, you continue flying. So now you are closer to Esamir. If you go to your continent map, it will say you are in Esamir. You keep going for another 7 - 8 minutes (making the whole trip 15 minutes long) then you're there.

    Why have this feature?

    It will allow for a fun way to lock continents.

    How will this work?

    A faction will be locked out of a continent when its warpgate is captured. I will talk about how the warpgate is captured later. (If I leave it out, I just forgot, so remind me) Once 2 factions are locked out of a continent, the remaining faction will own it, and it will be locked. Once locked, all turrets shoot enemies automatically, and a wall goes up around the whole continent. This wall will also have auto turrets. There will be a large dome covering the whole continent. There will be a few gates along the wall that will open once damaged enough. The gates will have 50,000 - 100,000 health, and will auto repair itself 20 seconds after it takes damage. These gates will be inside the walls a bit though.

    Here's a picture to explain what I mean:

    This is just to give a defensive advantage, so it would be harder to c4 the gate and do allot of damage.

    Once a faction gets inside the locked continent, there will be a base that the gate belongs to. So once the gate is opened, the base will be captured relatively easily. This base will be the warpgate. So there will be 3 gates on the locked continent, each attached to a warpgate. Once the warpgate is taken, the continent will still have the wall up, but the dome will be down. The third faction will have to capture any of the warpgates to unlock the continent fully. So only if 3 factions are on a continent, the wall will be down. (It might be a better idea to just have the wall up all the time)

    So the reason for all these defenses is to stop a small squad from going in and unlocking the continent so easily.


    The warpgate will have a similar structure as the locked continent. It will have a wall, and turrets along the wall. They will be auto turrets.

    It will be captured as described above. When you try to lock out a faction, you will just be attacking it from the other side.

    New Vehicle
    The new vehicle is like a floating aircraft carrier. It might look something like this:
    (The big black thing)
    Or it could look completely different.

    You will need a cert to be able to deploy this. The cert will cost 1500 certs. You can only deploy from the warpgate. I suggest we increase the max rescources to 1200, and this costs 1000 to deploy. You can only deploy it once every 30 minutes or so. You can upgrade it with as much customizablility as the other vehicles in the game.

    It will move slow. Max speed will be 50km per hour, (31miles) it will be able to hover without you pressing any buttons. You can deploy it, (like a sundy) and when you do, it will stay very still (it might shake if damaged or if it is hit by another plane, it may tip, but it will stabalize automatically. (Maybe stabalization will be an upgrade)
    Once deployed, infantry can spawn there. It will have a big platform that you can walk on. There will be galaxy and aircraft terminals, also land vehicle terminals. There will be lots of room for vehicles to drive around, and there will be a cert for an elevator. The elevator can take a few vehicles down to the ground. It will be controlled by the players, not the pilot of the whole ship. Or, instead of the elevator, we bring back the load star from planetside 1, (The loadstar can transport ground vehicles) And you can get expirience for transporting a vehicle. I can imagine a few loadstars going back and forth from the carrier putting magriders on the water)

    Also, the aircraft terminals will be inside the ship (There will be rooms inside to get equipment and all that) And there will be tunnels that aircraft can fly through. They will have to fly through these tunnels to get out. (They will spawn in the tunnel) The tunnels will be big, so there's allot of room to fly around and not hit anyone. If anyone ever played 'Rebel Raiders", my idea is inspired by that. (Also where I got the picture from above).

    There will be multiple tunnels within the carrier. One tunnel would lead straight out, but there would be a turn off before you get out, and you would get ammo there. And more tunnels like that, with intersections and all. (Maybe add stop signs to prevent collisions? lol)

    There will be one tunnel, possible to access through a few other tunnels, that would lead to a "weak point". The carrier will have allot of health. It will be a big target, and it will make the game more exciting if it has lots of health, so 200,000. Remember, it would constantly be under fire, and we want the carrier to last long.
    At the end of this tunnel, there will be a hollow sphere to fly around in, and at the center there will be a ball. if you hit this ball, the carrier will take allot more damage. Maybe it has armour resistance, like the tanks, and the resistance on the ball is only 30%. There will be turrets in this sphere area to shoot at enemy esf trying to hit the sphere.

    The outside of the carrier would have allot of turrets. Depending on the size of the ship, the number would change. And you could upgrade to get the turrets you want. You will be able to pick each different turret. I think 20 - 50 turrets would do, remember all the turrets in the sphere, there may be some in the tunnels, and allot outside.

    This would make for some pretty intense gameplay.

    So the point in all of this is to make the game more fun. The main point is to allow continents to be locked in a fun way. The carrier is just a vehicle that would be required to take over a continent. It may also help in taking certain bases.

    Too long, didn't read:

    -Continents cannot be warped to. You have to fly to other continents
    -Continents can now only be unlocked by capturing a warpgate, which can be done at any time, but is pretty hard
    -This is made easier by adding a flying aircraft carrier **They have a weak point! How cool is that?**

    The aircraft carrier battles would be amazing. Imagine all those planes flying through tunnels, trying to get to the weak point and destroy it, and the other team defending it.

    I think everything I said is possible in the game. The thing people may think would be tricky is the carrier. But I think not. Watch the beggining of this video:

    If a max can stay on top of the tiny mosquito when it's moving up, I think many infantry could stay ontop of a giant carrier without falling off or glitching out. And if vehicles can't, then so be it. But vehilces don't need to be on there. (aircraft would be fine, as they are not touching the aircraft.)

    But I have seen videos of a magrider riding on top of a galaxy, so it should be possible.
  2. Lucidius134

    Figured I would post these for you:

    A concept was drawn up for a fleet carrier already.

    As for the OP its self, I don't really agree with this? And how would these carriers affect already contested continents? Would they just be flying ground pounders like TItans?
  3. MouthFulofCrabs

    no... just no... why the heck would i want to go from a completely terrible match, to waste another 15 minutes flying to go to a equally terrible match? are you stupid? leave as is...
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  4. The Rogue Wolf

    And the flight can take three hours, and all you get is a can of warm soda and a tiny bag of chips that spills all over the place when you open it, and if you want to watch the in-flight movie you have to pay SC!

    I'll agree that PS2 needs an endgame, but why do some people think that "endgame" means "make the losing side(s) not want to play anymore"?
  5. MouthFulofCrabs

    Truly is a war ever over...? look at the Korean war, still wanting to kill each other, the second world war, still some crazy ****'s out there, so truly is a war ever over? bring me to the statement above, this game is meant as a civil war (in my mind) and its battling it out trying to capture the land... so noone will ever win which is the way it should stay
  6. Weterman

    Everything can be tweaked. The point is, 15 minutes isn't long, compared to how long you are going to be playing in one battle. If 15 minutes is too long, we could just make it so that you can only warp every 20 minutes or so, so then you could just warp quickly. (You wouldn't be switching continents every 20 minutes though, would you?
  7. JudgeNu

    You lost me right there.
    TOS refrains me from further comment.
    Have a nice day! :)
  8. Weterman

    I don't know what you mean by contested continients, I assume you mean continents with 3 factions? Well everything in my idea can be changed. Only anti air guns allowed on the belly would prevent the carrier from being an op liberator. And if that's not enough, then don't allow them inside continents.
  9. Weterman

    All posts made after this have seen the full post- just you know

    And everything can be changed slightly if something wouldn't work. I just threw numbers out there, so they are probably not balanced. Feel free to correct me.
  10. Weterman

    Magriders would go on water in planetside 1. They can hover. The magrider does have a disadvantage over all the other tanks, so the ability to drive on water wouldn't make it op, but would give the magrider a small advantage. Remember, they can't take cover on the water, or get out and repair.
  11. Lucidius134

    What I meant was exactly as you said. What was keeping it from being a giant **** off lib or a giant **** off galaxy (mobile air spawn point that LA's can spawn from and foll down dropping ****.

    It doesn't seem to have much of a role in the whole air vs. ground area with how the game currently works. Restricting them outside of continents seems like much? IDk.
  12. JudgeNu

    Still, VS would find a way to abuse it.
    It would be an terrible thing to ONLY allow Magriders to go across the water.
    It should be a toxic type of water that destroys Auraxium type metals.
    End. of. Story.
  13. Lucidius134

  14. Wizdomtooth

    I'm not here to insult your idea, but I would prefer the option of boating to another continent if possible.
  15. AxiomInsanity87

    Looks like an amazing idea.

    Make it 20k certs though and something that can be deployed for 750 resources and has a 3 hour wait time if destroyed. Loads of turrets (20?) and an aircraft terminal with the ability if certed to hot drop troops. A capacity of 50 troops in the 'seat's and they have the ability to man the turrets or enter the aircraft spawning bay.

    So 20k certs to obtain. Then loads more for upgrades and turrets + upgrades for them. Looking at roughly 50k ish certs for a fully beasty battle ready one. Make it fly very slow and have ALOT of health and it can't land but can fly in any direction and hover.

    The cons.

    Well it's a crazy amount of certs alone and a lot more to upgrade. It's 750 resources to spawn plus a 3 hour wait time for a new one if destroyed. It's also huge so will take fire from loads of stuff and from a long way away. It's also big and slow and can't land so it would rely soley on it's repair nanite repair system.

    The pros.

    A mobile base that larger outfits can utilise and would just be really great to have in the game and add some of the stuff we don't see or get that's in the games intro video.

    Let's have nice a new stuff.
  16. MouthFulofCrabs

    the outfit i play with we switch from place to place every minute (PG) and so this would really eff us over, either way i like it the way it is and so do many other people
  17. LodeTria

    Hmm won't this mess up the balance of alert continents since they could no longer be even if everyone could just fly there.
  18. qiray12

    Id rathet see that when a warpgate doesnt have any bases connected it should be another base that you can cap once you lost the warpgate you basicly cant enter the continent anymore.

    Maybe with some adjustments this would be pretty neat imo.
  19. Weterman

    I don't see how the vanu could abuse it. Every tank has special abilities.

    Prowler: Fast and can shoot 2 shots rapidly, and can deploy itself to shoot even faster

    Vanguard: Heavy damage, heavy armour, and can use a shield to make itself invincible until the shield takes 2000 damage. So it basically adds 2000 health whenever it needs it.

    Magrider: can move sideways, and can use magburner. The strafing isn't much of an advantage. The magburner acts as a way to dodge. The way the magrider floats is a disadvantage. It must be pointing at its target to shoot it. A lightning can go right under it and shoot it from behind, and basically stay out of the mag's line of sight. So, give the magrider an advantage by being able to hover over water. This isn't even much of an advantage. Light assults can't c4 it, and lightnings can't ride right under it. It can still be shot at. It can just go where no other tanks can go.

    The only real advantage I see, is when a continent is locked, vanu would be able to pull a bunch of magriders onto the water, to shoot at the gate. But, if we bring back the loadstar, the only way the mags could get on the water is one by one, so it would be hard to get a whole outfit on the water.

    But that's all I can think of. In what other ways could this be overpowered?
  20. Weterman

    Every minute your outfit switches continents? Surely you are exagerating, as you can't do anything useful in only a minute with a whole outfit.

    The idea would still work if we allow warping to other continents. But the only way to unlock a continent would be to fly there. So alerts would be gone.