Remove k/d stat and deaths from the viewable public

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  1. JDS999

    very simple this game has nothing to do with k/d. it only produces the mindset for people not to die..... if your a recursion farmer im sure u can keep track on a note pad and brag to all your friends later. i think it would improve overall play imo.
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  2. Kristan

    Score per minute is much better value to brag about. It really shows the value of ones actions, including heals and revives, repairs, kill assists, AMS support, AV and AA duty that's not that good in terms of giving kills.
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  3. Skraggz

    Base score per minute, before boosters/subs just to be more fair with that number, but yes.
  4. Twin Suns

    No Friendly Fire.

    No KDR.

    Next things to go?

    SPM, Stats, Comms and Names?

    Everyone's a winner FPS. :)
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  5. AlcyoneSerene

    Agreed that K/D doesn't mean a whole lot given all the problems and limitations of a F2P game of this scale, and for objectives, but would rather have that stay than be made into something one can hide like other games have done because this game is unique and does not need to follow what others are doing.

    When I team up with others or add them to my friends list, I don't go out of my way to check their profile. I just play with them, and see how things go. K/D remains a stat in game, influencing my choice of game play. Don't force some 3rd party program (recursion) on me just to see it either.

    As the poster above said, what else should we hide? BR? In game titles?
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  6. Hegeteus

    I don't think it hurts to see it and people always will(through some end), but I'd definitely replace KDR to KPM as the focus stat when killing is concerned. It drives people to be more active, rather than being more passive with good KDR.
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  7. HippoCryties

    NO. I wanna see my stats. But yeah I think by default it should be deactivated and turned on in settings if you want it
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  8. MonnyMoony

    Support type actions, especially ones that can have a significant effect on the course of a battle should be more heavily rewarded. How can you get a couple of hundred XP for simply knocking somebody back to the spawn point for about 5 seconds - yet only get 30 xp for taking out a spawn beacon which could win or lose the base.
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  9. JDS999

    MY main point is it provides newer players to stop playing and promotes timidness out of them. im usally a front line fighter i always got to the head of the battle and lead the way... im not that good usually die a lot. but u dont know how many people i see daily staying in rooms and behind rocks or what not. its like many players are scared to die in this game but i digress.
  10. Rydenan

    The problem with SPM is that it's affected by boosts, membership, etc. and it punishes players for taking 'breaks' from the action (maybe to drive a support vehicle, or to sneak around a bit as an infiltrator, or just to goof off a little) or for playing Construction. And it rewards constant, aggressive redeploysiding to get to all the biggest fights as fast as possible.
    None of which is fun.
    It also rewards kills disproportionately. A medic who skips on giving revives/heals and just focuses on getting kills will easily achieve a higher SPM than a medic who does, but will arguably be far less of an asset to the team. When capturing a base, running around outside to get kills rewards far more xp than the measly "point guard" xp ticks given for actually staying on the point. In an armor column, driving a HESH tank nets far more SPM than driving an ammo or repair sundy. Etc, etc.
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  11. MonnyMoony

    KD is meaningless in PS2 - especially since it was changed so that being revived negated the death from your KD.

    You could have two people with the same KD, one who killed 10 times without dying - and one who killed 10 times, died 10 times and was revived 10 times. If anything the KD stat can reflect more on the actions of the medics around you than on your own gameplay.

    Also - how useful is a KD stat in a game where you can't actually kill people or die? All you do is knock them back to the nearest spawn point.

    In an arena death match type game - the overall number of kills and deaths usually counts towards the win condition so KD is a true measure of performance. In PS2, it's gaining objectives that trigger the win condition and as such the number of kills and deaths is irrelevant. You can 'kill' millions - but if you don't take the objective - you are still going to lose.
  12. OldMaster80

    The stats system should be expanded and extended, while kdr should only remain for external sites and recursion: it's stupid, distracting, it drives away from objectives gameplay, it encourages farming, cheesy tactics, it's detrimental to players retention.

    As far as I am concerned I simply unbound the stats panel key on my keyboard. I don't even want to know how well I am performing.
  13. Kristan

    Another problem with K/D is that is creates spawnroom warriors.

    Many times I've seen that a lot of people are sitting in the biolab teleporter room or techkplant spawnroom, looking outside the windows and looking for potential kills. They just sit and contribute to nothing. While I have rushed out alone, just to find out that enemy defenses are insignificant, enough to stop the reckless dude like me, or lack of any defenses at all! If those spawnroom wankers would rush out they'd crush such defenses and move towards the objective.
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  14. Twin Suns

    Why can't the Debbie downers, white knights and highfalutins go play their mass produced, flooding the market (no friendly fire, no KDR, no public comms, linear mapped) bubble gum shooters?

    Let the hardcore gamer's and people with thicker skin have this one.

  15. Skraggz

    Think you failed to understand why the op suggests this. Actually I'm 100% certain you did with your weak character attacks. He didn't ask because he has "thin skin" he asked because K/D promotes terrible game play in a team/objective driven game. Think what you are looking for based on your statement is CoD.

    No one is crying because it's too "hardcore". OP's title even suggested leaving k/d but making it not viewable so people like you can go rub one out when you look it up.
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  16. Twin Suns

    No, I understand completely.

    "Give them an inch, and they take a mile."

    What's next, killer?

    Names, BR, or the screen shot when you've been killed????

    No, honorable sir. I understand completely what's at stake.

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  17. Twin Suns

    Spawn room warriors...gotta be grinding for something? KDR?

    Nope, more like Certs.

    Changing the game to influence in-game behavior?

    Ironically, in said game it's all about grinding for those certs Brah!!!!

    We need to remove Certs now!!!! ----***sarcasm***
  18. Kristan


    Return when you will grow up and stop talking like a Fortnite brat.
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  19. MonnyMoony

    I doubt they are grinding for certs. There are far quicker ways of earning certs than waiting to ping the odd person who sticks their head out too far.
  20. Sazukata
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