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  1. SoliderRusH

    Red Impact Gaming [RiMG]

    About us:
    Red Impact is an international TR Outfit. We exist since August 2013 and run daily Platoons for over a year.
    Peaking in size at around 500 Members and running multiple Platoons. In the majority we were running with 40-60 Members during OPs.

    As of now our Team is mainly veterans, which have played PS2 since at least 1 year.
    We have done and participated in virtually everything there is to do in the game. But after our long break from OPs, we want to give PS2 a try again and rebuild.
    Old, new and former Members are welcome to join us on this, we promise to do our best to experience PS2 again as it should, epic and on large battles, doing what ever it takes, steamrolling and stoping zergs, winning alerts and locking maps.

    Current (2018):
    We are decently active with still our 2 OPs Days a week on Monday & Friday ranging from 1-3 Squads.
    Also always 5-12 players active on any other day outside of OP Days. We join events like Community Smash, Serversmash and Faction smash when they come up.

    We are recruiting new as well as old players, tho the more experience you have the better to keep up during OP Platoons. Best way to get in touch with us is currently our discord, link below.

    //Beside PS2
    Our Members are active in lot of different games, from Overwatch, Players Unknown and CSGO to name a few. You can certainly find people to play games with outside of PS2 if you look for it. Also we are still planning to go full force into Star Citizen, once the MMO is complete.

    Weekly Outfit OPs
    20:30 CEST
    Casual/Recruitment Platoon
    evening hours

    Requirements to join RiMG:
    • BR20+
    • Teamspeak. You are NOT required to have a microphone, but we are doing among others TS-only Platoons, therefor you need to be able to join TS³ when we call everybody onto it.
    • Teamplay. When you are in one of our platoons we expect that you stay with our squad and support them.
    • During Ops follow the orders and listen to your SL and PL, casual derping can be done outside of this time and squads.
    • Join the website with your ingame name
    You can join us by writing a small post in our "Join Us" category in our forum or contact us by joining one of our Platoons and ask for an invite.


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  2. SoliderRusH

    I made a few changes and added the link to our new website.
  3. Nenarch

    Should we start getting worried in the VS side, seems to be so many TR outfits lately who are actually running platoons...
  4. SoliderRusH

    maby ^^
    But we still have days every week were TR has only 2 ppl on comchat with more than 1 squad.
    But on good days TR is running ~ 4-5 platoons (these 2 zergplatoons which we often have on indar are not included)
  5. SoliderRusH

  6. Spaceburster

    Hi guys i was searching for a good outfit on Cobalt. I got a TR charachter with BR 32 and i got microphnoe (yeah i know it's an optional ) i hope you will accept me in your outfit. See you soon in the battlefield! oh yeah i forgot to say my ingame name i'm Spaceburster
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  8. SoliderRusH

  9. dymm

    It was really nice to play with your people. 0/
    A little strange that the public platoon suddenly dissolving once came alert...
    If you have other plans, do not hesitate to write "thank you guys, we finished to play" or "thanks all, we go to outfit operation"
  10. SoliderRusH

    As writen in the 1 post we run our Platoon(s) between 19:00-22:00 CET (GMT+1) and this is the time were we have enough leaders on to run the squads. Here and there a couple of outfit members are doing some After-Ops-squads on teamspeak, but when it is not the weekend we keep it that these 3 hours Operation. Alerts trigger randomly and an alert which starts at the end of our Ops it just to exhausting to keep up an effective platoon for 2 more hours.
  11. dymm

    Actually, I googled what is 22 CET :)
    I mean, some words in the platoon chat would be nice.
  12. SoliderRusH

    "We are ending our Platoon now, if you want to join the outfit send me a tell or visit the website. GG and gn8" these are pretty much the last words of every our public platoons.

    Maby you just missed it or Ingame voice was buged again.
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  14. SoliderRusH

    Few Red Impact Pictures
    (TR Event)
    (Teamphoto after breaking a 3+ hours VS camp at Rashnu BL in 2m 55s (pop difference 5% | both sides far over 48+)
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  15. SoliderRusH

  16. SoliderRusH

    We mostly use infantry...but smt we like to do a tank roll out. To stop an enemy zerg :)

    Screenshot is from a "Salut" for Lendorias stream..than we moved out to kill an VS Zerg which was moving on to NS Material..we ended up with pushing them back and caping Mao...screen is a bit old be we still do tank assaults, when the is the the time to do that.
  17. Terrorbird

    That's a fine logo you got there RIMG-job! Still too much red for my taste though. ;)
  18. SoliderRusH

    blue looks not to bad
    purple is a bit . . . to purple
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  19. SoliderRusH

    post got updated a bit
  20. SoliderRusH

    If you want to check us out. Join us on our OPs on Sunday!