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Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by SoliderRusH, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. SoliderRusH

    Still not completly ready with redoing the recruitment. But Divisions have been added + some awesome logos from our Designer (HuIsYourDaddy).

  2. TheFramptonator

    Nice logos, i see the second one you guys got inspiration from World of Tanks, but looks better with the Red Impact style. I wanna see more :D
  3. Ponx

    Second one is the logo for our WOT Clan :)
  4. Ponx

  5. SoliderRusH

    push 4 TR on Cobalt!
  6. SoliderRusH

    header img fixed.
  7. SoliderRusH

    new forum

    ( will be linking to the new website also very soon)
  8. F0RCE

  9. SoliderRusH

    just apply through the ingame recruitment

    and about the bumps 90% of the posts in this forum are bumps ^^
  10. Iridar51

    Nice pics :) Epic even.
  11. Samersetredram

    This is concerning recruitment.
    I am lvl 15+ and main Light Assault, I have applied on both your website and to your Planetside 2 Outfit as well as here. All of which I go by the name of Samersetredram. On your main website I have expressed an interest in both Star Citizen and Planetside 2.
    Is there a chance I can be accepted into your outfit?
  12. SoliderRusH

    Long time no see :)

    I am back in PS2, even tho RiMG never stoped playing here we did got a bit less active and smaller in numbers.
    We are stepping our game back up and are recruiting a bit of freshblood again. Minimum Requirments have been updated, as well as main Platoondays.

    Currently we run no longer official Air & tank division to our main platoon, but we still do utilize Aircrafts and tanks with squads and platoons and depending on recruitment and interesst we consider brining them back to live.

    See you ingame ~SR
  13. SoliderRusH

  14. qQSG

    You guys still recruiting? I played NC AGES ago but, just got back on to the game. Looking for a good Outfit :) Ping me a message in game :)
  15. SoliderRusH

    We are again. We had pretty much pulled out of PS2 for nearly a year. Since 2017 Sniper was doing some squads again for sometime and than it was again more or less nothing for 2 months, but now we are building up again.

    I would msg you, if I know your ingame name. or is your tr char called like here on the forum?
  16. SoliderRusH

    push for the hundreds of people still using this sub forum!

  17. Inzababa

    hi, I'm interested, what is the best way of getting in touch? (just checking cause it's been 4 years since you started this thread)
  18. SoliderRusH

    All links are uptodate and you can still find us in the outfit browser. IGN search there for Red Impact or sort for "competitive" and look for us this way.
    Also on Monday & Friday we run our Squads around 20:30-22:30 CEST if there arent full they should be listed during these times.
  19. Inzababa

    thanks (btw it was a bump :p) I'll contact you or your outfit tomorrow!
  20. SoliderRusH


    Getting stronger every week.