Receiving no points for revives

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by thehaireola, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. thehaireola

    After reviving some people I don't get a visual queue that I received experience for doing so. Am I suppose to receive experience after ever revive? The same thing happens when I use the Medical Applicator, sometimes I receive experience and sometimes I don't. I don't remember it being this way in the beta.
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  2. PremiereBoris

    You don't get XP if it was a team kill, I think. Happens to me quite often too.
  3. Dornez

    I thought if there was any form of friendly fire the revive xp is negated. So If I shoot my friend once, and then an enemy grenade kills him, I get nothing for reviving him.
  4. -Fenix

    Another thing is that sometimes other medics will go behind you and revive them again, just after you, while the friendly is still on the ground, and then they get the points.
  5. ReptilePete

    Its not about the points, its about the warm glowy feeling you get inside. Angels will reward you.
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  6. Ign0rance

    +1 to this post.
    I too experienced this in beta and yesterday on live day. And i think ive got the bug figured out.

    ***No experience reward conditions*** - If you revive a player, ( wait for the radial to fill. ) and then release the revive, the fallen player will do the wake up animation and look toward the sky. If they click yes they will then revive and no points will be rewarded to the medic.

    ***Experience is rewarded conditions.*** If you revive a player and ( wait for the radial to fill and continue holding as the other player hits yes while the revive beam is still active ) all points for revive is rewarded. I can duplicate this over and over again using these two diferent conditions.

    The problem is, once you know your patient is ready to revive by the on screen radial being full, you release the button and move to he next patient. The faster you are able to do this, the less likely you will be rewarded. The slower you do it, the rewards are every time. Why the patient can revive without a reward being given to the doctor on call is anyones guess. But the server seems to have an easier tme figuring out who that doctor is or ideally "was" if the beam is still active when the patient clicks accept. While this is an undesirable work around and not a solution, it will get you your points.
    I too am a very fast medic, and can revive half a dozen people without wasting a second. After not getting a reward for a single one, i started experimenting with my heal gun and discovered this defective condition. Patients reviving with amnesia most of the time, how unfortunate. I do hope they patch this one as i have given up on reviving infiltrators entirely as they are better organ donors than they are team mates.
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  7. Mastamind

    Not always true, i usually move on to the next guy or stop reviving and wait for the person to get up once the radial fills up and i'll still get the revive xp 10-15 seconds later or whenever they finally choose to accept the revive.
  8. Maderas

    I'm pretty sure it's diminishing returns. I stop getting XP after reviving the same guy a couple times. Problem is these diminishing returns seem to be attached to the player who died rather than the medic who revived him, so you won't get XP if he's been revived a lot by other medics.
  9. Vibe

    I'm getting this a lot as well. I also believe it's diminishing returns. There's no other pattern I have figured out.
  10. Zippoo

    +1 and i was heading towards the conclusion of diminishing returns as well.
  11. iEatGlue

    95% of the time it is due to a TK. 4% of the time it's due to another medic getting your xp.

    There may be diminishing returns but I have yet to experience this conclusively. I defended a corner of a tech plant for almost 20 minutes straight, reviving the same 3 people and only missed xp once (because of a ***** grenade). Getting a low average of 13k score/hour as medic, I have not had an issue with diminishing returns.
  12. qazqazqaz

    It's definitely diminishing returns, in big battles I stop getting xp pretty fast.
  13. Talamond

    Built up the 500 Certification Points for the level 6 applicator, now I miss getting experience 99% of the time, not due to TKs, not due to diminishing returns, I almost never get experience for reviving anymore. This seems like a bug...
  14. thehaireola

    I have to agree with Talamond. This has to be a bug, it would make much more sense to lower the experience gained by revives if it were diminishing returns. I've revived people that were not previously revived by me in an area, and received no points for it. Ign0rance is the closest, I think, to the root of this issue.
  15. centurionvi

    I'm reasonably certain the player you are reviving had to have earned XP before they died in order to gain XP from reviving them.
  16. Talamond

    Seems like the issue i ran into was intermittent, next time i logged on i didn't have any issues. *shrug*
  17. Vreki

    Yes, I practically never hang around after the dial is full, and I get plenty of XP tickling in afterwards.
    Of course that also means that I might not notice if the reward goes missing once in a while.
  18. EWarren

    same thing for vehicle repairs as well. Colliding with friendly in the air means no repair points.
  19. Chewbaca Defense

    i have done a lot of reviving and healing, and the conditions for exp are as follows due to the developers not wanting you to get exp loops forever:
    1. the damage that you heal cannot have been done by a friendly or themselves,
    2. the cannot have suicided or get team killed.
    if they die from an enemy, or damage from an enemy, you get exp (99% of the time)

    also, if you try to revive someone, and they get "revived" by someone else before they click accept from your revive, the exp goes to the last person to try to revive them.
  20. KodiakX

    The friendly fire seems to be the biggest culprit IMO. I was completely unimpressed with ress grenades for XP after getting them because I chucked one onto a pile of bodies at a Biolab entrance and got 1 tick out of 6 guys that I watched die to 1 grenade. To best of my knowledge none of them had really been ressed recently so the only explanation was they had some sort of friendly fire (which happens at a camped entrance).

    Personally I've stopped worrying about it. Even at 50:50 XP or no XP ratios I make a stupid amount of certs per hour as a Medic and not going to really complain about it at this time.

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