RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 9

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. exLupo

    Something like LoL's intelligent..ish spectator mode. Here I imagine it'd find the action (tracked like hotspots) and then follow an individual for a few deaths then jump to a random team there or elsewhere.

    I used to watch the FFXI stream that did the same thing, worked out pretty well. Would just need to make sure the views were 1) full of action and 2) random to prevent spies. I could handle having a 24/7 random cam to watch late at work. Tho, with built-in Twitch support, it may not even be necessary. Unless they wanted to put the feed in low bw mode on the front page.

    That'd be pretty hot.
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  2. zgunner

    Why do you guys even care about stats? My stats seem to get wiped every time I log out. Also our characters will be wiped in 6 days. Worry about stats when the game is out.
  3. ItchySox

    I'm hoping the API stuff will have some streaming, we'll see soon I guess.

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