RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 9

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Luperza Community Manager

    On this Friday Night Ops:
    - We discuss various aspects of the game
    - Lots of observer camera action
    - Shotguns
    - Dev Q&A with Twitch/Twitter followers

    <3 x 9001,
  2. Policenaut


    While you guys was having fun streaming friday night ops we decided to do a Max Marathon to the NC Warp Gate....and took a group picture infront of Stronghold just because its a Success! our Outfit is called HELL FROM ABOVE, we also had The Imperial Guards as well some guys from The United Front to make this Happen. Enjoy
    Do expected another Max Rush on Amerish!
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  4. TurkeyChili

    They erased BuzzcutPsycho's stats.

    So instead of having the Leader of the biggest Outfit in the game (and the most popular twitch stream) in the #1 spot, we now have some random shotgun spammer named "St8dumpin".
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  5. Policenaut

    I'm gonna give SOE the benefit of the doubt and assume they wouldn't do something silly like that and hopefully someone will set the record straight.
  6. Stadulator

    I wouldn't give it much more than a chuckle at this time dude. And knowing Buzz, he's not too miffed about it either, unless he's reverted to being 14 :p

    Beta, who cares abt stats? And the fact is, he'll go back up at release (when that stuff is permenant, YO!)

    Great job btw Prrrrfect Storm!
  7. ArmaGetItOn

    We're all laughing about what happened in the above video, that was embarrassing enough on FNO's part :) The "uh oh" was priceless. I doubt they would purposely reset Buzz's stats, then reset 100s of other player's stats to make it look like an accident/bug. That would be unprofessional!
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  8. Stadulator

    Or accidentally triggered a loop lol. I tried to open a program with i.e. once and it put my rig into a permenant loop where it tried to open everything with it lolz. took me a full 8 hours to fix.

    Definately lolz worthy tho.. love the way dude zoomed in on bcp's name haha
  9. Natir

    At about 0:33:0s, The Enclave was featured until about 47min taking 3 bases. When they asked who were these guys, you should have seen the chat lighting up with "It is The Enclave" and yet they could not mention us for some reason. We are the outfit which shall not be named!

    At the 2:10:13s mark is where they showed the leaderboard stuff. I still love how he said "uh oh" and you guys fumbling around...
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  10. Havoc11

    We had a great laugh with this... I really like the Dev's but i wish they would stop acting like one of the best (if not The best) outfits doesn't exist
  11. Whisenhunt

    Multiple people (including Delrith) had their stats reset, no ill will intended.
  12. Jakes

    Ego too big, sounds like you're mad bro.
  13. Natir

    Hey Whisenhunt, why did you say "uh oh" about the leaderboard?
  14. Deezy

    Stop prodding, Natir. You know d4mn well why. Let's give this horse a rest.
  15. Highguard

    Guys I lold
  16. WarPig420

  17. khai

    Are we going to get access to the observer cams?
  18. Luperza Community Manager

    Not at launch, but we have discussed finding a good way to incorporate an observer mode for players post launch.
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  19. AuntLou42

    That's pretty funny, first place is missing. Holy conspiracy batman! They didn't mention our top VS outfit member either. You guys wanna pony up on a lawyer together or something? ;)
  20. ItchySox

    It'll be interesting to see how tactics won't be compromised.

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