RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 15

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Luperza Community Manager

    This week on Friday Night Ops:
    • Outfit spotlight: Vanquished on Ceres
    • Observer mode + commentary: Let the Brit Drop Vs. The VA [Vanu Alliance] on Waterson
    • Twitter Dev Q&A
    Part One: Vanquished

    Part Two: Let the Brit Drop Vs. The Vanu Alliance and Twitter Dev Q&A

    Don't forget to use our hashtag #ps2fno and follow us on Twitter @Planetside2, @PurrfectStorm and @Jimmywhis
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  2. Gladio

    May I join like obs ?
  3. WNxPlatinum

    Oh Yeah, Warrior Nation is down with the VA and will be part of this on Friday... Thanks for the coverage Luperza
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  4. Nepau

    I'm looking to make a char to join my VA brothers on Friday. Too bad it's not on Connery where Raging Primates (another member outfit of VA) and my main character is :(
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  5. Obscura

    Woo! It's the big league now boys!
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  6. ({x})Kyoji

    Sounds good. Should be a lot of fun.
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  7. Sythe

    XOO & VS Alliance up in thisssss
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  8. Gavyne

    Very much looking forward to this, should be very fun. Took a few days off from Planetside 2, but having the withdraws again. I've always enjoyed playing the game on Friday nights while watching FNO.
  9. Puppy

    Hopefully I'll be there :p
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  10. Whisenhunt

    102 Fever, co-hosting from home... See you guys there!
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  11. FakeIRishman

    Cannot wait to show everyone what Vanquished are made of.
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  12. KiddParK


    should be good times!
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  13. Stadulator

  14. HeIIsing

    Tanks and Libs spawncamping the f**k out of infantry
    ''Oh look how sweet, so many tanks and a great airforce''

    Gamers at the live chat are asking for more infantry fights...the forum is full of posts ''more infantry PLEASE''
    and stuff like ''new base design please''
    The night ops Team: ''no thats just ok, nobody needs that''

    Are you reading the forum posts?
    Do you care about what we think?

    Have you ever tryed to get down a Scythe or a 800 foot high Lib 1on1 with a Skyguard? Give it a try !
    Have you ever tryed to desperately get out of a spawnroom, when 4 Zephyr Libs are flying above you?
    Have you ever been in a dogfight Reaver vs. Scythe ?

    WHY don't you just take a poll, and you will clearly see whats best?

    Please...just don't make the same mistakes every other ruined game has made

    Just join a small Plantoon, and don't tell them you are developers..and than force yourself to play for a week straight...
    Play as NC and try to get out alive of dogfights with your flying brick...
    Play as infantry when the sky is full of enemy Libs, and your Reavers get blown to bits.
    Do this over and over and over again....
    You will vomit blood
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  15. Nariquo


    3,) HACKS

    NOTHING but you know what you answered? do the sunderer get a booster....
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  16. Neurotoxin

    Aaaaaand VS WINS!!!
  17. RayDrazon

    I'm glad that Character Server Transfers will be made available. That should fix some population problems... hopefully.
  18. ({x})Kyoji

    Was a good fight. The TR outnumbered us vastly on every continent by 10%+ so I hope the developers come up with something to work on population balance in the future. Other than that the fight on Amerish was great.

    We got the finale signal from TotalBiscuit that they were heading off being largely composed of EU players. I know XoO had 2 platoons running during the event and we all had a fun time. By the time Biscuit logged we managed to push TR to their warpgate while for some reason NC decided to push and take some of our less important and action oriented territory.

    Watching DVS and IR's air armadas were pretty cool, especially IR's as they suicides a bunch of gals into the tech plant which was awesome.

    From my understanding there will be more events like this and TotalBiscuit was cool enough to ask for a round 2 so we will see what happens.
  19. Revanmug

    With a world pop around 45%, it's only natural if TR have a higher pop everywhere. Good thing it doesn't matter on Amerish as it was cap by every faction pretty much. It was 33/33/33 for a long period.

    I'm not sure why you are saying that. The entire DVS outfit was on indar awaiting confirmation of the position of the Grand Battle. When we realise the quick change of continent to Amerish, the only territory we had were all 3 biolab (proof it's not always DVS fault when NC hold biolab at all cost).

    We had to push to get somewhere if we want to be part of the battle. We can't just stream constant liberator and reaver waves after waves. Us making a massive tank push to get to Heyoka tech plant, and participate to the battle there, should be proof we were willing to fight at all cost. At some points, we had a platoon blocking the TR zerg from getting to Heyoka while the others platoons were attacking Heyoka.

    I agree. Good event and considering it actually filled one of the continent to its maximum pop (And since Amerish is really the best continent), it was good having more balance fight pop wise.
  20. ({x})Kyoji

    Originally we were set to fight somewhere else and for a single location. But then communications broke down and the **** hit the fan and by the time I realized it people were everyone in Amerish. Heck some TR decided it would be cool to try for Indar at some point since when the event started TR already owned Amerish and Esamir. With VA centralized on Amerish TR probably felt like they would try for Indar. The pugs held the invasion off last I checked, but I am offline now so not sure what is going on atm.

    The only reason I said unimportant as it seemed as though instead of pushing down to TR you were pushing into VS. Seeing as how were were pushing to their warpgate it would have been faster to go straight down in between VS and TR than the weird locations NC decided to take, but perhaps it made more sense if I was aware of what NC was trying to do.

    Indar is my favorite because Esamir has too few obstacles and vehicles and aircraft are too popular. Amerish has far too many mountains which makes any lad assault a waste of time. Indar has some balance to it that can't be beat IMO.

    Was a good fight altogether. I honestly don't think anyone could call a winner with the continent being pretty well divided until there very end when VS pushed to the TR warpgate - but like I said the Brit had already lost a lot of steam by then. Sadly the TR zerg wasn't organized well - if they were they could have really dominated, especially with their numbers.