RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 15

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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    Ah, you're talking about on my personal stream. Yeah, it was pretty humorous. :) I had fun though.
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  2. Rockit

    Where's Smed? Dont get me wrong I enjoy talking with Cycles but he can only take it so far.
  3. Haterade

    True story, although I'm just a recruit and haven't met you yet. ;)
  4. Revanmug

    Delrith did stream around an hour an half. Sadly, I think he had problem with the stream so won't see from the moment NC went to Basin. So you got 2 libs bombing run with none of them really been dropping like flies. I guess you are talking about the basin lib run which I wasn't there. I wouldn't be surprise if it was sent to actually deal with the IR tank platoon but sadly, it was already completly destroy. All they had was VS infantry and a few mag/lightning. Sad.

    Many VS keep saying this but have any of you really thought about the actual impact? If was surely not for ressource because at best, you deny the TR 3 ticks of ressource which is probably around 150. Nothing in other words.

    I heard the "draw TR back" reason. I can see the strat working... When the opponent is actually too strong on the main front. Vanu didn't had any problem with TR, you were CRUSHING them almost everywhere. Almost every single battle ended up in VS favor. TR never had a choice, they had to regroup somewhere safe every single time and the Warpgate is usually a simple and good place for it.

    Seriously, warpgating the TR was a mistake. All it did was just removing platoon of worthy people that could have been place to simply stop DVS or just breeze over TR territory or even better... maintaining a bit more than the 7 territory you had all that time.
  5. TheAirbornePosterior

    You can't really blame them for wanting to show off the DVS Bombing or 100+ Tank column. From the sounds of it, this event looked like it was going to be the TR and VS having a huge concentrated slugfest for FNO to watch. But the VS were super spread out over 6 or 7 fronts with small fights. These maps are pretty big to traverse, even with the observer vehicle, so its hard to keep track of any large pushes or breakthroughs as well as get there in time to witness it before its already over. NC gave them what they wanted to see, regardless of how effective it was in the end.

    The Devs need some sort of Custom RTS minimap that keeps track of everyone on the continent and well as letting them teleport to that area just by clicking on the map.
  6. ({x})Kyoji

    I think he was referring to that video. In other videos perhaps they are more discrete about their faction preferences but in that video even I have to agree that the commentary was like people wishing for a massive battle than calling on the tactical prowess of any faction for that matter. I think a few times she mentioned a few things but, most of the time it was wishful zerg thinking.

    TBH I just think they were looking for more massive battles. Perhaps next time we can get better organized with the developers ahead of time so they know what is going on.

    The developers knew TotalBiscuit going in. They didn't even know any of the VS leaders. Granted we may not have a fancy group of followers on twitter or youtube, but it is hard to take time away to invite someone mid-combat. We were outnumbered the entire time and still pushed to their warpgate. Next time I suggested to Amish that he PMs the Friday Night Ops people about this as we had no idea they would be doing this. We knew they would stream but we didn't know they wanted to join up with respective factions.

    I think he means the developers had no idea what they were talking about. They seemed confused as to why the VS were doing what they were doing. I imagine the TR guys can say somewhat similar things. The warpgate and sticking at that area with a smaller force forces the TR zerg to deal with it. It draws away the enemy and with that we managed to hold Heyoka (which they were not filming at the time). Things like that have meaning, its not a random zerg holding a pointless territory - it had meaning.

    Pretty much this. I think the developers were looking for more of a zerg battle to show off how awesome PS2 is (it is awesome, but anyways). I'll make sure next time we do something more grandiose, even if for a moment - I mean after all we don't have the luxury of numbers to allow us to send several platoons of us to a single point - waste of resources.

    Overall it was a really fun event and it is impossible for the developers to know what is going on without direct reasoning so I wouldn't say it is the developers fault. It was just put together too hastily at the end and when we should have been grouped up at the start with the developers we were trying to meet up mid stream. Also, the person that was supposed to cover VS was sick and offline for half the video. Things happen sometimes. =P
  7. Haterade

    Like I said earlier, it took about ten minutes from the time Amish was contacted to get a squad invite. That's not their fault. Even when in the squad, clearly Amish wasn't giving them information about what was happening because they were left amiss as to what was happening.

    Which wouldn't be immediately clear to someone outside of the group because the game is so large and fluid (saying nothing of whether or not that's a good tactic). The developers know more about this game than we do; to say they have no idea what they are talking about is nonsense. If VS had some super-duper tactic they want spotlighted, they have the means to get that word out.
    FNO was supposed to be about BRIT against Vanu Alliance. Vanu Alliance dropped the ball; no amount of yelling about the developers being attracted to zergs is going to change that.
  8. ({x})Kyoji

    Your logic is outstanding! Oh wait...

    Not sure why you feel my post is threatening to you or you have a secret love affair I am unaware of that makes you sensitive? I think I will just ignore you now. Everything I wanted to say has already been said, but I will add in one last bit so it doesn't seem like I am anti-FNO.

    Let me say great work getting all of this setup on short notice. The interactivity between developer and player hasn't been seen in ages. I do miss the old days of developers teleporting in as a giant death reaper killing people they were going to ban or making themselves a giant monster which takes a server combined effort to down or even getting involved in arena matches with live broadcasting and streaming. I think I speak for everyone when I say keep it up - that is the right direction. :)

    Also we need server forums for the 1000th time.