Racial bias in the characther creation screen

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by csvfr, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. x360pc

    nobility bows to monarchs.hardly a winner there.winners tell god what to do instead of rolling a dice for someone else.
  2. heyturnkey

    Yeah... and the racist bourgeoisie man-splaining white privilege capitalist patriarchy microaggression climate change supremacists institutional sexist bigoted homophobic xenophobe straight male intersectionality **** democratic solcialism!
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  3. MichaelMoen

    Does it even matter that my character ended up being caucasian even when 100% of his body is covered by clothing, armor, and a full face helmet? This game doesn't even highlight the infantry character. Your view is 1st person, and all the enemy player really sees in the moment are blobs of blue, purple, or red to pull the trigger at.
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  4. SilentSueRia

    When this game first launched, there was no such thing as race or skin color, because ALL THE HELMETS COVERED THE ENTIRE FACE!!! As a result, you didn't even have a race/skin color option to select. I don't remember what year after launch they presented the ability to actually see an uncovered face. Even then, I think it took them a little more time to even have an option to change the skin color. All of that happen before the SJW hammer started getting smashed down on race and gender issues.

    In all likelihood, there was no thought placed into the issues of racism or sexism at the time the open helmet/no helmet options and then the character color customization where added.

    About the only potential racial issue you might be able to truthfully suggest as being remotely possible, is benign white privilege neglect, or in other words, the staff is mostly white and in not used to suffering certain hardships, takes what they have and can get so easily, for granted. That is about the closest remote possibility you can actually infer. Simply didn't think about it, cause they don't (didn't) face hardship over racism, until this past couple of years.
  5. csvfr

    This is simply not true. At least according to this old footage from the Beta (2012), the racial orders were the same back then.

    Here at 8:20 - 8:40 one can see a partially uncovered face in the class selection
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  6. FlyingBurrito

    blah blah blah..white privilige neglect...so next time they should put an Asian face first..but which one? One of the Indian persuation or Chinese??? Too complicated, pick Black..but, but, what about the Hispanic? Maybe they should be first!! This is so stupid. There's plenty of real world issues and this is not one of them..
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  7. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Doesn't matter since they're all nanites anyways. Your skin color may as well be your car's paint job in Forza for all the difference it makes.
    The sad irony is that by diluting the air with a load of false positives people like this are being actively counter-productive to the cause they purportedly support.
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  8. BamaRage

    Warning, PS2 has an SJW Infection, lets just hope its not contagious.
  9. Kentucky Windage

    OMG. You didn't mention LGBTQ. I don't see an LGBTQ character I can select. The game is discriminatory now? Is that what you are saying OP? You found this little quirk with character selection and now the game is obviously ran by racist bigot homophobes oppressing darker pigmented players and those with differing sexual orientations because the default skin color is white or there are no selections for sexual orientation. Just wanted to be as inclusive as possible. And here I thought the game had other issues that needed addressed not knowing that this singular issue with default skin color was so vastly more important that the DEVS should stop what they are doing and correct this glaring oversight. It's just a game OP. I think maybe you should treat it as such. Most of us play a game to take a break from real life. These days I need all of the breaks I can get.
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  10. Twarion

    So you're saying you want more PoCs getting shot?