Racial bias in the characther creation screen

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by csvfr, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. Demigan

    oh no, as much as csvr is wrong here we should not entirely stop with talking about it. Ignoring it won't make it go away, which America is experiencing right now with how the same tragedies are playing for more than a century with the same recommendations afterwards to prevent it and the same inaction because they rarely talk about it.

    We need a very narrow, but aimed discussion about racism. Not "what is racism and how to recognize it/forbid it" as is done when people do talk about it, but "how do we make sure children aren't taught racism for later life, and how do we teach racists not to be racist anymore".
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  2. NotziMad

    That said, most of racial bias works unconsciously. What I mean is, most of racial bias is done "without thinking".
  3. AlcyoneSerene

    OP probably a troll post, but still serves as a prime example of everything wrong with that kind of SJW or whatever one can call it mentality. They will always find something to cry foul over and feel victimized about, and if the bait is taken it leads down the inevitable-by design- road of mutual destruction under the banner of some trendy cause or another without actually doing a thing against social problems like prejudice, discrimination, etc.

    This is a socially engineered trojan horse designed to divide and conquer by projecting blame onto everyone for everything possible, by riding on real social problems but in extreme and convoluted forms, upheld by cognitive dissonance as a way to herd the crowds lacking critical thinking, followed by social, political, and now 'scientific' (also an infiltrated establishment) coercion.

    Nothing will replace thinking for yourself, learning to know yourself, and real life first-hand experience. Those that claim they can do this for you or make it easier are scammers of the worst kind.
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  4. The Shady Engineer


    But just in case some dipsht decides to use this thread to write about how racist the Planetside community is or some nonsense like that, on Auraxis it does not matter if you are black, white, brown or Asian. Hell, the vast majority of helmets in the game, I'd say at least 95% of them cover the whole face so you can't tell the skin color anyway.

    The only colors that matter on Auraxis are Red, Blue and Purple.
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  5. Vordrakis

    Did you know they are actually ethnic origins or phenotypes and are not races ?

    As there is only one single Human race (**** Sapiens) among the only Human species existent (****). There were other Human races over 100,000 years ago. I don't care if anyone is left/right-wing or what not: just don't claim races actually exist. Racism does exist though, usually combined with cultural biases and nationalist exaggerations.

    For the topic : they had to have one first appear. I imagine there are solutions, but the very fact they included many ethnic appearances is already good to start with. Mind you, they could have made all "Homo_Auraxis" blue skinned or anything else to avoid the whole thing. Not like I ever see faces in the game really.

    nb : No, folks left-wing nor right-wing are not saying this here is a real issue. Don't respond to one extreme with another extreme.
  6. Ssidistik

    I don't know why it is the way it is.

    Why don't you ask the original ART DIRECTOR why he is racist and approved the racial order I am sure he will appreciate your questions this is Him https://twitter.com/PS_TRay.
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  7. Pelojian

    the very fact you have a choice speaks loudly about how it isn't racist, in any selection system there is always a default. games make the default skin color white in western countries for convenience, it wouldn't surprise me if games when released in other countries use the predominate skin color of that country as a default.

    this reminds me of some ******** with a zombie game a while back, for most of this particular series (i can't recall the name there are plenty of zombie games out there) the predominate zombie enemies were white people, then they release a game where the ratio to shifts to another ethnicity and suddenly the keyboard warriors cry racism, cuz it's perfectly alright to kill white zombies enmass but it's suddenly a no-no for a white person to fight back against zombies of other ethnicity.

    claiming racism where it doesn't exist will always create an even larger rift between groups.

    the way things are going keyboard warriors will start claiming bogus racism when they buy a game and you can't customize the character and the character commits immoral or criminal acts at ether player action of cutscenes.

    racism is an intentional act, look at britain, they want to stop using a song merely because it was written by a former slave supposedly because of the blacklivesmatter movemnt.

    even food brands have relabeling their stuff under pressure.

    erasing history and anything that can be remotely linked even vaguely to racism won't stop racism, denying the existence of racism won't make it go away and will only make it fester and corrupt more people.

    the kind of people that want to erase history only perpetuate the problem.
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  8. Demigan

    Wasnt there a zombie/survival game that auto-generated a character for you and tied it to your Steam account? This meant people might have to play as another ethnicity than they are comfortable with.
    When I read it they also said that players were experiencing racism towards them inside the game, which tipped me off that the story was largely piggybacking on an event to drive the "dont be racist" message home as I've been playing black women or other minorities and never experienced any vitriol directed at my character choice/roleplay choice specifically. I've never even had a sexist remark ever, which is supposed to be a never-ending well of hurt in games. Ofcourse anyone who hears me on a voice comms would know but I dont speak a lot.

    They are removing a song from a slave to reduce racism? Thats backwards. You dont want to showcase racist/slaver ideals in a positive light but the plight of the slaves shouldnt be ignored. Like you say, erasing the history does not erase the racism.
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  9. csvfr

    The character creation screen was “… updated with a fresh new look.” in the same patch as NS Operatives were introduced, April last year. I don’t know if the ordering was the same before that.
  10. RabidIBM

    This reminds me of the rule book for D&D having a black female as their picture of a human on the human race page. A handful of people thought it was sooooooo progressive, most of us shrugged and kept playing D&D. My point is, people who are discriminated against care about funding for the schools their kids go to, how they will be treated by state officials and whether promotions at work might be less available to them for no good reason. Nobody cares what the face of their Planetside 2 character looks like.
  11. TripSin

    I'm pretty sure OP is just one of those people who constantly complain about "SJWs" and wrote this just to bait, or give an excuse for, others like him to complain about SJWs. It's sad how well and easily it worked. It must be exhausting to constantly be scapegoating SJWs for everything and letting them reside in your heads rent free 24/7. Just chill and let live guys. Stop sweating trivial stuff.
  12. netBattler

    I think OP is overthinking this a little...
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  13. Scatterblak

    At least, it was unconscious until the last few months. We're all conscious of it now; nothing like setting race relations back 100 years to make a point. o_O
  14. karlooo

    Basically I guess more whites or Caucasians play Planetside 2 than blacks, that is why the order is like it is, ok?
    Stop continuing this ******** thread lol.
  15. Johannes Kaiser

    Yeah, maybe I'm odd, but I wonder why it is apparently too damn hard to simply treat everyone with respect without thinking of it until they personally show you they don't want that or aren't worth it by their words and actions. Judge indivuduals based on their deeds. Can it be that hard? World says yes, for some reason. Some people like to forget that we ALL are just that: people. No matter the differences.
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  16. InexoraVC

    this forum: white font on black background ... :)
  17. Campagne

    And yet it's only the white parts that matter.

    DBG confirmed racist.
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  18. NotziMad

    you're partially right.

    I mean, it doesn't really matter, but I used to say what you say, and after thinking about it, I realised it was wrong.

    It doesn't matter because when someone says something, what counts the most is what he intends to say and what most people will understand he is saying. The actual dictionary definition of the word really isn't that important.

    I remember this used to drive my Grandfather absolutely crazy, every time, for whatever word, he would point and say "that's not the proper use".

    And of course, he'd be right, just like you are.

    There are lots of words that illustrate what I'm trying to say and I guess it would be easier to just provide you with one of them.

    The word "gay" for example, means happy, carefree. If you saw me hopping down the street whistling and smiling, you could say I am as gay as could be.

    You surely know what the word "gay" means today.

    So just to point out, that whether it's the root of the word (for example what it means in latin) or what the word initially meant, what really matters is what people mean when they say this today.

    And if the word race is "technically" mis used by everyone who uses it, at the end of the day, in teh same way as when you use the word "gay", everyone knows what you mean and that's what counts.

    (well, just one point of view)
  19. csvfr

    I do notice several have questioned my motives, but no, I was not making the post to "bait". In fact it is a mere observation from my side on an aspect I'm sure many others have seen. Whilst not being more than subtly racist IMO, as the "appearance" cards don't have labels to them, it is pretty naive not to suspect the unwritten reference and simultaneously deny the presence of bias in the character creation screen.
  20. Twin Suns

    Richard Pryor wouldn't be able to do "stand up comedy" in today's world. To many soft sheeple.