Proximity radar changes

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  1. Phrygen

    So here are the changes

    we were told they were buffing it. Seems like they nerfed it. The increases are irrelevant because you need rank 4 anyway for it to be good. The 1/2 second update is cool, but will change little. I'm glad they did it, but there are has probably been only a handful of times in 350 hours of prox radar tanking that i could have realy used it.

    Detecting clocked infiltrators is sorta mheh, because they are the one class that can't threaten a tank or sunderer at all, and we could just wait out there cloaking timer anyway.

    Only detecting moving players = big nerf.

    It was stated that the dev team wanted to make it easier for us to use proximity radar to protect ourselves.. but if we can see non moving players in exchange for faster updates... well that is not a good deal. This change weakens prox radar. Also..was expecting 75m max radius. Disappointed. Overall, it was nerfed.
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  2. Phrygen

    and yea... I know i'm like the only guy on the forum who cares about this :(
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  3. Dingus148

    Meh, I think it's a buff. If it's aimed at C4 users, then it's a buff.
  4. Caserion

    Proximity radar is a C4 shield, getting flanked by someone is impossible with that thing... and guess what? C4 users MUST move. Now there is only a 1/2 second delay, we can react even faster.
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  5. Phrygen

    it was more than just that. It let us pull our tanks next to buildings and scout out enemies for example, it let us find LAs NOT MOVING in trees, waiting for tanks to pass under. It let us catch out infiltrators that were sitting still sniping.

    A lot of that is gone now. The 1/2 second delay should have been in the game from the get go. There didn't need to be a nerf to go with it.
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  6. DFDelta

    Aye I did use it for that on a regular basis. Bumping my Magrider against a building or fence and telling my squad "3 guys inside, all at C".
    Not possible any more, except if the guys are walking around instead of camping.

    Also true with the trees. Nothing that happens regularly but I've been saved from at least a dozen of those ambushes since launch thank to the radar.

    The 2 second ticks were only a problem if you had rank 1, because 20m is a distance your enemy could cross between ticks. With the now larger radius of 30m at rank 1 the faster ticks are not even needed any more.
  7. Eclipson

    The worst change, is that for scout radar to work, you have to be in the vehicle. So no more hiding flashes to use as a radar. Why would you even put Scout Radar on a flash anymore?
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  8. Phrygen

    go to the scout radar thread. It has nothing to do with this thread, and it was a good change.
  9. Vortok

    I think not spotting stationary targets is more likely to cause you to take a rocket up the tailpipe from a HA hiding in a rock than it will make you easier to C4. The radar pinging four times faster should alert you in time once the C4/tank mine fanatic starts making their move. It is a slight nerf when it comes to checking if the surrounding area is clear, but I guess we'll just have to check trees with Thermal now or something.

    Nobody (but Infs) cares about detecting cloaked Infs with Proxy Radar because they can't do squat to vehicles while on foot anyway, lul.

    Also means a couple less kills on the afk guys standing still in a random corner. I'm sure I'll lose sleep over that one.
  10. Thrustin

    I was expecting a bigger range as well, something like 75max.
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  11. Phrygen

    point is the stated buffs were coming, not tweaks and nerfs.
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  12. kmike

    The "detect only moving enemies" change was uncalled for.
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  13. Haterade

    Proximity Radar is still utter trash that won't ever have a spot on my Sunderer. It's simply not worth it until they make it useful for people outside of your vehicle. Maybe when they have gun ports or other things, which will allow more than two people to attack from it. Maybe.

    But, within the context of what it is (i.e., not scout radar), it was buffed substantially. Changing the radar from 2 seconds to 1/2 is really, really good. Same with the range buffs. The "move on detect" restriction isn't really bad; most things, which will threaten your Sunderer are moving. Enemies rooted in place are ineffective, and they'll show up on the minimap either way when they fire.
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  14. RealityWarrior

    I think this change that worries you isn't a big deal in the least. Almost every one moves slightly, if only to see around branches or bushes or rocks...

    MUCH smaller change than the scout radar one (and that one sucks!)
  15. Phrygen

    of course you would never put it on a sunderer... its for lightings and MBTS... excluding the vanguard.

    The fact that you assumed it was about sunderers just speaks to how little experience you have with prox.
  16. DFDelta

    You're making the mistake of considering the proximity radar as a purely defensive utility.
    It does have good uses in the offensive as well.
    It can be used to check if enemies are inside a building defending the point. There is a huge difference between the old "we know its empty, so one guy goes in to cap while the others secure the perimeter" and " we know there are x enemies inside so the whole squad goes in to kill them" and the new "seems to be empty but I have no idea because maybe they just aren't moving".
    It was also possible to circle a formerly enemy-infested rock formation to see if there are any medics/squad leaders hiding inside, waiting for a chance to ress their squad or call them down again in drop pods. Again now you have to check every rock in a painfully time consuming manner with infantry.

    I run proximity radar on every Lightning, Magrider and Vanguard (except for the one tank vs tank setup that runs a shield instead) I spawn, and I do consider these changes to be a significant nerf in radar usefulness.
  17. raw

    1/2 update will change a lot. Also, you can now spot infiltrators.
  18. Phrygen

    this. its not like everyone was using prox radar to begin with... it didn't need any nerfs.
  19. Phrygen

    we could spot infiltrators before. We would see them, they would turn on cloak, then we would wait them out and find them again when it turned off. It was a hassle but at least the infil had a chance. Also, infiltrators are the one class that cant destroy armor... so why prox radar is protecting us against them is beyond me.

    Yes the 1/2 is good. It didn't require a nerf to go with it. Infils won't like this, and prox radar users won't like it.
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  20. raw

    The only case I see this being a reality is when a squad keeps still on purpose, in which case teamplay trumps applies.