Possible new Bolt Actions

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Astraka, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Rigsta

    When I asked on twitter they said the new rifles would make sense as part of the overall update.

    I have no idea what that means, but there it is.

    Also, Shade. Badass name is badass.

    Their stats are currently unknown and in all likelihood aren't even finalized internally yet. What you said is what we fear will happen but nothing is confirmed yet. Gotta wait til September probably :)
  2. soeguud

    For vanu's sake no more gun variant **** please.
  3. felfox

    Because ideas are fun! (and stat variants aren't as fun as ES specials!)

    All ES specials are considered heavy anti material snipers (because OP started it!) they must be mounted (using the old Battlefield style principles of 'when you right click to aim next to a proper sized ledge, the weapon becomes 'mounted' if you use the directional keys your character will unlock from the position) These weapons are meant to kill tanks or MAXs or even infantry but are meant to be sluggish and makes the sniper very vulnerable to cqc and even medium range.

    The TR Vindicator. This semi automatic burst fire rifle fires special uranium tipped explosive rounds, able to stop even the toughest armoured vehicle in it's tracks. Due to the force of the vindicator's kick back being known to shatter the user's arm, the weapon is outfited with a safty mechanism that prevents fire without first being set up. The sniper can be changed from single shot to burst shot with each round having a special damage amplifier for armour and decent damage against infantry. The weapon causes shake damage on the tank and the very slight aoe can harm infantry on near misses. Overall the magazine for the gun is about 6-9 but can fire rapidly.

    The NC R.O.C (named for the mythical bird and for Rail Operated Cannon) the Roc is a single operator maned railgun. While standard NC issue is gauss tech, the roc was designed for taking out armoured targets. The Roc is incredibly heavy and requires a mount for stability as firing it without has been known to cause death to their opperators. The weapon starts primed and requires recharge after every shot. Using reverse charge mechanics, the weapon gains velocity and less drop the more you let it self charge. Damage remains the same however. The weapon is considered a bolt action with an energy gage that self fills up. Leaves behind a tracer when fully charged and has been known to cause a slight emp effect on max charge.

    The VS X1 Regulus is actually a small condensed prototype partical cannon. The battery uses a special matrix that has been known to fluxuate gravity upon firing, making it very dangerous around users. The Regulus comes with a mount to help remove the weight from the user's body. The battery has a max energy gauge as well as an energy depletion gage. The depletion gage is how long you can keep the continuous beam up (2-3 seconds max) and the max gage is how much 'shot time' is in a batter (10 seconds worth for example) the weapon is a hitscan but requires continous application to build up the weapon's peak damage. As soon as the energy depletes, it begins to refill from the max guage so its possible to refire right away but you may only end up with hlf a second of damage/juice. The weapon was design to melt through armour and advancing troups at long range.

    So there's the ideas! Probably totaly op but whatever... I'd like to see tripods added to snipers anyway (less recoil on semi autos and less sway on bolts) and figured ES weird super weapons would fill both the anti armour need and be balanced by only able to be fired while rooted. Tripods on the field could be activated simply by being in a crouched state and right clicking as you would to aim. Animation would just be character shifts legs a bit and energy poles form into the ground from the gun? Could make it take a second or two to mount/unmount while out in the open to balance it.
  4. Adamar09

    M77-B, all of 100 certs?
  5. IIXianderII

    Snipers are not mad because they have nothing to deal with nanoweave, we are mad because sniper rifles are balanced around the idea that if someone is headshotted with one its an instant kill. When someone has nanoweave it negates the balance of the entire weapon class, so just adding a new rifle would not fix the problem for the other rifles. with nanoweave in its current state, ALL sniper rifles are underpowered, and we would like a fix for ALL the rifles.
  6. Takoita

    AV rifles sound like something a MAX would have as a long(er)-range option.

    I'm vary of new sniper rifles, the previous batch were ballsy enough to force people to purchase more of the same.

    I'm not even gonna mention that r e t a r t e d crossbow concept that was floating around awhile back.
  7. lilleAllan

    I don't have much to add, but if the NC one is called "Gauss"-something, then I'm probably getting it.
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  8. Dramonicous

    BASRs should simply have their damage drop off removed, or moved up to about 500m (which is basicly the same)
    that would be the quickest solution to nanoweave, although i would prefer to see a nano nerf since its the thing everyone is using.
  9. EViLMinD

    Of the four bolt actions for my NC, the default Bolt-driver is the only one I don't use. I haven't bothered with it since beta. The other three just seem to be upgrades. Each has its ideal range and situation, though.

    If more bolt actions are released, they'll need to be quite different:

    armor piercing rnds?
    smaller mag size - more damage?
    larger mag size - less damage?

    Still.. More semi-auto rifles would be better, I think. I'd like one with a burst fire option. That would help against moving targets. The Gauss Burst Rifle is quite good for that. Give me a 15 rnd mag with the option to select single shot or a two or three burst.
  10. PWGuy93

    I'll say this again, it's not nanoweave preventing OHK's, it's the range.
    Up close bolt action still does the job, but comes with risk of being extremely close and enables a playstyle for vet infiltrators.

    Nanoweave works as intended and enables a very specific playstyle.
  11. vanu123

    We are the no bullet drop faction and it is pretty BS because WE STILL HAVE DROP. Not complaining though, it is just a fallacy of the whole "Shut up you have no bullet drop what else do you want".
  12. vanu123

    No, it still OHK, but at a shorter range. Not to mention it is so annoying having lvl 5 NC snipers kill you just because of the OHK.
  13. Rudmed

    You are aware that nanoweave decreases the effective range of BASR right? And tell me, what is the point of using a BASR in a range where just about any other gun would work better? You say that is brings out a specific playstyle, which can be fine...unless you get forced into that playstyle in order to be effective.

    You want to snipe, get cozy at a nice 30m with your silenced sniper, and pray they don't spot you. Or if you would rather sit out at 50-75m without a silenced sniper and pray that your blip remains unnoticed.
  14. Curse_Gamerkin

    Solution to nanoweave? simple, give the rifles we have already, and spent money on more damage, or dont let nanoweave give resistance to headshots. Why should we let SOE nerf our rifles we spent money/certs on just so they can release new ones that we have to buy or have useless rifles.
  15. Curse_Gamerkin

    No faction specific snipers, it will ruin the faction balance. TR alrdy start with a S*** semi auto, why would we want another one. And NC of course want the best Bolt action in the game once again, like starting with a bolt and Desert eagle isnt enough. If there is going to be any new snipers, it better be an equivalent and NS weapon.
  16. Erendil


    Nano is working as intended, but it's working a little too well. There needs to be a middle ground, a compromise that'll give both BASR snipers and Nano users a little of what they want while still giving SASRs a role to play as well. Making BASRs OHK out to ~125-150m is about as good of a compromise as I can think of.

    As for the new rifles, I think releasing another money grab/varient that would be required to counter existing Nano would piss people off to no end. Hopefully SOE isn't that stupid and they'll be either ES rifles with unique empire twists, or AV/Anti-MAX rifles designed specifically to damage armoured opponents but slightly less effective at AI.
  17. Astraka

    And to think, you guys actually have it pretty good when it comes to Infiltrator weapons - none of ours have any faction specific flavor at all. I really wish they would simply redo some of the weapons in our respective arsenals so a VS Infiltrator feels sufficiently different from a TR or NC. It wouldn't even be that hard to do.
  18. vanu123

    You get a default 1 shot headshot. TR had a higher ROF default sniper, then the VS get the semi auto no bullet drop.
  19. m44v

    I hope they do rebalance the other bolt actions so they really are true side grades of each other, instead of having tier 3 boltactions outclassing the rest.
  20. Astraka

    All of those weapons are identical to something else in the other factions' arsenals aside from the No Bullet Drop on the Spectre. I'm not really sure how you think starting out with different 100 cert weapons makes the different factions' Infiltrators unique.

    What would you recommend? I feel like they are very close to sidegrades already, what with you sacrificing ROF & reload time for bullet velocity & ultimately power as you move up the tiers. I'm not really sure how they would differentiate the M77-B or the SR-7 (and their equivalents) more than they already have.