Possible new Bolt Actions

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Astraka, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Astraka


    Solution to the Nanoweave issue, Empire Specific Bolt Actions, or something else? Discuss & theorize.

    I'm really hoping they are Empire Specific. Something that differentiates the Infiltrator's weapons aside from their name & the few VS weapons with no bullet drop. I'd love to see a SABR-13-ish Sniper Rifle that fires two rounds quickly and has a larger ammo pool for the TR, a powerful rifle that maintains its max damage regardless of distance for the NC, and a bolt action with zero bullet drop for the VS. Those might be a bit OP though.

    Still, one has to consider the possibility that these are simply rifles with higher damage, slower reload, and slower refire time. Something to silence the angry snipers out there.
  2. Ghostloadout

    They could be anti-material snipers. :D
    I know, wishful thinking.
    It'd be pretty interesting if that was the case though.
    Obviously this comes into resistance types and stuff.

    NC - LA120 Pile Driver MPC (Man-Portable-Cannon)
    • 2500dmg at all ranges
    • 1 round per mag
    • 1500^m/s velocity
    • 20RPM 1/.5 second firing delay
    • Capable of oneshotting MAXes to the head and high burst dmg to vehicles.
    • Makes a clear tracer line, very similar to the lancer, but less flashy and more smokey, also sounds like a thunderstorm.
    • Heavy Sway
    TR - AMR 40M
    • 500dmg at all ranges
    • 5 round mag
    • 750m/s velocity
    • semi-auto 334RPM
    • Can oneshot infantry to the head and provides high sustained damage against armor
    • Sound rebounds and echoes heavily, leaves subtle tracer lines.
    • Heavy Sway
    VS - VS-L2 Plasma Discharger
    • 250dps, doubling every second the beam is held on target + headshot multiplier
    • 5 second continuous fire option
    • Hitscan
    • Full auto/charge
    • Capable of doing significant damage for players with high aim.
    • Makes a buzzing lazor beamey sound when fired, and increases in volume/brightness with every consecutive second of firing.
    • Heavy Sway
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  3. AnuErebus

    I'm not that excited about getting new bolt-actions since our current set is pretty interchangeable and there's not all that many unique things you can do to bolt-actions. That said I hope they add something interesting to our current regiment. I'd like to see faster bolt-actions but I feel that role would be better suited to semi-autos.
  4. Hoki

    I bought the SR-7 for 700 station cash. It also costs 1000 certs.

    People like to call it a "Tier 2 Sniper Rifle", and the RAMS .50 as a "Tier 3 Sniper Rifle", and then like to suggest that tier 3 sniper rifles should be the measure by which ******** abilities like nanoweave are balanced.

    Its a load of horse****. They even sold me a TSAR-42 for 700 station cash and the only meaningful difference being that it can use lower magnification optics.

    They fooled me once and they fooled me twice, they can name the new sniper rifles "Go **** Yourself".
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  5. Astraka

    Personally I was hoping for new semi-auto sniper rifles myself, along with a much needed change to the ones we already have. Something that makes it more of a choice when choosing which type of rifle you pick rather than almost always going for a bolt action.

    We're not really sure what these three do yet Hoki. I wouldn't light your torch & grab your pitchfork yet! For all we know these could be unique rifles with some exciting Empire-specific flair.
  6. The King

    Yeah, I won't ever get another bolt action rifle ever again for this game. PoSs....
  7. Plague Rat

    I was hoping for a new semi-auto as well, but that might still yet happen. It'll probably just take more effort on the devs' end. Bolt-actions, despite the NW issues, are in a good place. Any changes that need to be made are pretty much limited to changing a value or two on it's damage-range profile. I think the general consensus from the community threads about the semi's is that they need a lot more reworking and rebalancing to get their own niche, rather than being the metaphorical equivalent to the annoying little brother tag-along to the bolt actions.

    I'm optimistic. They're finally buffing our Nano Armor Cloak. They recognized that only a few people could make use of it and everyone else saw it as crap. The semi's aren't in quite so dire straights, but the devs have the in game data, and so long as we keep discussing it in an intelligent way, I'm confident it will eventually happen.

    For now I'm eager to kick the tires on the new bolt action and see what direction they're evolving in.
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  8. Vaphell

    4 already existing VS rifles don't have VS flair called 'no bullet drop' because it would be imba. Sure, there might be some new perks but honestly, what perks that matter can a OHK sniper rifle have?
    Sure, raging is premature but if the next rifle is to be a yet another run-of-the-mill crap with numbers changed by few %, f that. Grinding in a hamster wheel is not fun.
  9. MrMurdok

    We already have enough sniper rifles. They just need to up the headshot multiplier for bolt actions to counter NW and that's it.
  10. Ravenorth

    I wouldn´t be surprised if the new sniper rifles would kill Nanoweave users with one headshot from any range forcing every sniper player to buy it, since it would become the most reliable weapon for that purpose.

    Snipers would be happy again and SOE gets more sales.

    Sounds like a perfect plan?
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  11. Astraka

    I worry that's the plan, but I'm also hopeful because I've seen some of the exciting things they've come up with recently.
  12. Vaphell

    i am not so sure, half of them will get pissed off by the blatant nickle-and-diming and will find greener pastures somewhere else.
    So you'd get a killer rifle, then they add NW6 one-upping that rifle, then rifle that is stronger than NW6, wash rinse repeat.
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  13. Revel

    Current bolt actions are fine. Maybe ones with higher velocity or slightly reduced bullet drop for extreme range. Nanoweave 5 SHOULD prevent a headshot from >100m from killing you. I'd make it so non infiltrator classes have to at least buy level 4 however.

    As a disclaimer, my most prolific weapon for kills is the RAMS .50m.
  14. K2k4

    There is a huge problem I have with the concept of new BASRs and that is the problem that we already have too many. Really there should only ever have been the rams .50 and the tsar 42 and their nc/vs equals. The sr 7 is just a slower bullet speed rams which most players wouldn't have bought if the rams was available at launch.

    Now if more guns are released they will either suck so much that nobody will want them or they will be overpowered compared to the current guns and dedicated players will have to buy them to stay competitive
    There is no middle ground in this.
  15. NinjaTurtle

    Let's see based upon SOE's current empire specific philosophy

    VS - Charge up sniper :p

    NC - Shotgun sniper o_O

    TR - Just more spray and pray :D

    I hope the NC rifle is named after a bird, call it the Peregrine, Sparrow or something.... I like bird names (don't judge me) and it fits the naming style of other NC weapons
  16. dstock

    I'd settle for a TSAR-42 I could put a 6x on.
  17. Get2dachoppa

    I just want my current bolt actions to drop nanoweave users at distances beyond 40m :(
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  18. Dr. Euthanasia

    Pretty much the only thing other than ignoring Nanoweave that these things could be good at is hurting MAX units. As for empire-specific flair, that comes second to the purpose of these weapons, whatever that happens to be. People aren't going to tolerate one faction's snipers being objectively better at their jobs than another, especially since there's so little variation here compared to rocket launchers.
  19. SquirrelWizard

    So let me get this straight...

    Current BASRs have issues with doing their job thanks to nanoweave (defined as: "will let you one-shot infantry at range when you shoot them in the head with this."), so instead of fixing the problem we're going to try and bilk more money out of our player-base with new BASRs that do the job the other BASRs are supposed to be doing already.

    Am I reading this right?
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  20. DrTeeth

    I'm very wary of any "solution" to NW5. The truth is there's nothing wrong with NW5 that a little adjustment to the minimum damage drop-off stats wouldn't fix. Instead of 75m/50m (50/30 suppressed) for guaranteed OSK it should be say 125m/100m (100/75 suppressed). This can be done by setting min damage to be something like 550 at 150m instead of 550 at 100m. That would be more than fair. Couple this with improvements to other suit slots (they've improved shield regen, grenade bando and munitions pouch so far) and we won't have a problem any more.

    The semi-auto snipers have managed to claim a small niche as anti-NW5 rifles (for those than can use them). I would hate to see this obliterated by new uber kill-everything-with-one-bullet bolt actions, or NW5 nerfs.
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