Please Give the Revenant Battle Rifle the HEAT Mechanic

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  1. Erendil

    Battle Rifles are mid/long range weapons that often operate in the range between sniper rifles and ARs/Carbines/LMGs. As such when using one you often find yourself separated a bit from the rest of your teammates, spending your time on your enemies' flanks, in sniper's nests, somewhat behind your own front lines during Overwatch duty, etc.

    Thus, ammo packs can be somewhat scarce. I think I run out of ammo when using a Battle Rifle more frequently than almost any other weapon I've ever used - the lone exception being Shotguns with slugs.

    So, I think the Revenant would be an excellent candidate for the HEAT Mechanic.

    I'd say, let it fire ~18 shots before it overheats - that's 3 groups of 6 shots.
    Right now on PTS the only differences between the Directive Battle Rilfes are:

    • Projectile velocity to 680, from 650
    • Magazine size to 22, from 20
    • Ammunition capacity to 132, from 120
    • Short reload to 2.0, from 2.5
    If we give the HEAT mechanic to the Revenant, the Short reload buff wouldn't occur. In addition, I'm guessing its OVERHEAT timer would be around 4-5 secs.
    In exchange, I propose the following be given to the NC/TR Directive BRs (other suggestions welcome):
    • Projectile velocity to 680, from 650
    • +5m increase to Max Damage range (20m total)
    • Magazine size to 24, from 20
    • Ammunition capacity to 144, from 120
    • Short reload to 2.0, from 2.5
  2. Cymoril

    I get killed a lot by semi close quarters battle rifles. I don't see an issue. The game seems to go through nightly droughts of engineers/medics. If your too far out and camping and the lines move up, move up or make a second account with another email and dual log and have a ammo bot for yourself. This might not be ligit but that makes the most sense rather than screwing around with a gun that had good mid range that I get killed by in CQB. I don't have that luck with it myself but I also don't play just 1 char to br 100 and 1 class only with only 1 weapon. I'm not saying that you, but I do see a lot of BR100s that have a lower directive score than me and that tells me those guys have fine tuned that weapon and won't live on the wild side and play something else.
  3. Erendil

    I find this hard to believe. The Oracle of Death shows Battle Rifles have about the lowest kill rates amongst all weapon categories, even lower than Scout rifles, pistols, and knives. And they are at their worst up close unless you're one of the few people who can reliably chain headshots. So those that do use BRs generally do so from mid/long range.


    You're suggesting I dual-box rather than offer simple buffs to some of the worst performing weapons in the game, buffs that would not only add Faction flavor but would have minimal impact on their playstyle? Really?

    If I was that concerned about ammo, I'd just play Engie and be done with it (right now I split my time w/ the Eidolon about 60/40 HA/Engie).

    It seems I didn't express myself very well in my OP. I didn't mean to come across as "Battle Rifles run out of ammo too fast, and they need buffs because of this, so give the Revenant the HEAT mechanic."

    Rather, I was trying to say it more like this:

    "Battle Rifles are mid/long range weapons. IME they at at their best and are used the most at the ranges between sniper rifles and automatic carbines/ARS/LMGs, and they are at a severe disadvantage in close range encounters due to their low DPS and dependency on Headshots in order to come out on top.

    They also have a pretty low ammo reserve, but unfortunately, ammo packs tend to be placed closer to the front lines where BRs are at their weakest, so I think the Revenant would be a good candidate for the HEAT mechanic.

    Not only will this give the Revenant more staying power out in the field, but it will allow the user to stay longer in their desired engagement range without having to get close to the front lines to get more ammo. It would also give it more Faction flavor to match other VS Directive weapons. In exchange, I offer some buffs to the Guardian and AMR-99 to help the TR/NC Directive Battle Rifles as well and give them more Faction flavor - something this game desperately needs."
  4. DmC187

    Im sorry, u should get banned for a suggestion which violates the rules of this game. Shame on you.
  5. Ronin Oni

    I wouldn't say a BAN for suggesting it...

    definitely a first infraction if not suspension however.

    Botting is NOT acceptable. (now, if you can wrangle an actual person to run with you, that'd work.... maybe an engie with a Harasser... he can use harasser turret or AV turret depending on situation and get free XP from resupplies with his own BR too even if he really felt like it.... THAT's totally legit)
  6. Diggsano

    We, the Vanu, want an Immortal with heat mechanism!

    You can reduce the Mag size as compromise...