One idea for the "OMG OP" Striker.

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  1. Earthman

    I won't further mention all the rage and demands for nerfing for the Striker. I get the idea.

    So I got a suggestion instead that even I could live with, as a Striker owner.

    Sure, remove the guidance system. All right. Because YOLOSWAGNOSCOPE420 types hate them to an almost religious degrees.

    But! In return, let's make them dumbfires, but dumbfires with a nearly bullet-like speed. That'd be their gimmick: they'd be almost like anti-material rifles. Lower the damage too, I assume, but let it be five anti-vehicle rounds that may even clip an aircraft with good aim. Not quite like a Lancer, but perhaps something a hint lower muzzle velocity and the damage spread out (I'd argue a little higher for the 5 shot magazine than the Lancer's full load due to the longer exposure time needed).

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  2. Roll Fizzlebeef

    5-round magazine rocket launchers with "bullet-like" speed with a "hint lower muzzle velocity" than a Lancer. (You seem to be suggesting only slightly lower than 600 m/s)

    Imagine this inside of a biolab.


    Fractures are bad enough... we don't need to give every TR heavy a fracture too.
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  3. Dingus148

    So dealing with the lockons is preferable?

    @OP, bunch of people have been saying this for a while. You have my sword, axe, etc.
  4. Torok

    the Answer for the Striker is Hossin, HUGE Trees all around the continent to fly around and break Line of Sight, combine it with an ultimate lock on fix for all it's bugs and you'll see 90% of the pilots complaints disappear, And THAT WOULD BE GOLDEN!

    Balancing through other ways rather than killing one weapon's efficiency, What I hate most of the Striker is how reliable it is at hitting me when flying around corners and near the ground, if only we could have a "dumber" lockon that would be possible to avoid, outsmart.
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  5. Zotamedu

    When I first head they were making a magazine fed rocket launcher, I thought it would be something like the Fracture. I was very disappointed when it was another Annihilator. I say just remove the lock on from it at keep the damage. The balancing point would then be projectile speed, drop and maybe a little bit of COF bloom. That would make it balanced against the Decimator since it has higher damage potential per magazine but it takes five shots instead of one to deal it. So higher risk but higher reward.
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  6. Teegeeack

    No, trading one overpowered weapon for another is not preferable.
  7. Pie Chasm

    I actually wanted the striker to not be guided. Guided missiles are boring.

    The thing is that the Striker is nowhere near OP, if anything, it's worthless when you're dealing with competent aircraft and situational at best when dealing with ground vehicles.

    It has always been. When a high rank guy in a reaver/scythe/lib gets locked on, he usually can evade 100% of the time; I'm lucky if even one of the missiles hits him.

    For bad players who try to kill vehicles head on, I have to compete with the small arms fire that usually gets them first.

    Not to mention diving in, unloading pods and using flares for immunity.

    No, strikers are not OP, they never have been, it's just that they punish players who are new to flying.

    In fact, my accuracy with the dumb launcher is as high as my striker accuracy, implying that nearly half of the time the missiles don't hit (1000 damage) making it worse than the G2A or G2G launchers.
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  8. Teegeeack

    Clearly. No experienced pilot ever got killed by a Striker, right?
  9. Pie Chasm

    I've never killed a pilot with BR higher than 60, at least not to the best of my recollection.

    Perhaps I should have replaced experienced with skilled, but I would rather give the benefit of the doubt.

    You could argue that somehow I wasn't using the striker to the best of its ability... you know.. like following something and pressing a button, although even for something as trivial for the striker there are some nuances, like shooting up so the missile curves around an object... but yeah, it is essentially skill-less.
  10. Gundem

    Once again, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Turn the Striker into an insanely high alpha damage cluster rocket with very short optimal range.
  11. MattGL

    Holy **** why are people still talking about the striker in an op sense? Sometimes I get the impression people on forumside don't even play the game.

    Striker was triple nerfed, and it is now just pretty decent, nowhere near the realm of op.

    -It had its lock on distance cut almost in half. This could have fixed it by itself.

    -You now have to maintain a scoped visual on your target the entire time, until your missiles connect. Reload before that? missiles disappear. Target flies behind anything momentarily? Missiles disappear. Target goes beyond lock on range? You get the idea. This also could have been a lone change that would have been enough.

    -Last but not least, all terrain clipping issues were fixed(yes this was a bug that needed fixing regardless, but...). Many striker haters have said for quite some time that this alone would satisfy them.

    There you have it. This was typed on my crappy phone, so its probably slightly incoherent an sloppy. Sorry :)
  12. Roll Fizzlebeef

    This suggestion creates more problems than it solves.

    So yes, the way it is right now is preferable. It will be much better once the lock-on changes are implemented and the flares bug is patched.

    Making the Striker a mini-Fracture is an idea terrible beyond words.
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  13. Pikachu

    Oh dont worry, just put your beloved damage multiplier on infantry.
  14. Furluge

    This one's actually a bug. It doesn't just affect the striker and it affects various other lock on systems, even in dumb-fire mode. It's probably a bit of code that was meant for the change to Anti-air Lockons, but it's not working as described, nor is it only affecting only anti-air lockons as it's supposed to.
  15. gloowa

    So you want yet another TR AV weapon to be best as AI. Good idea, why didn't we think of that before.

  16. Jachim

    You're kidding me. Are you living in the past? They nerfed direct rocket damage and flak can defend against it. Any HA using a (single) 'fracture' on someone is ASKING to die.

    You people make me sick.

    Edit: Pardon me, they haven't done this yet, but it's going to be happening.
  17. Roll Fizzlebeef

    Let's have a hypothetical scenario.

    Let's say that the Striker now has all of the attributes as one fracture.

    Let's say that they DON'T nerf it against infantry.

    Now we have massive amounts of TR pulling a rocket launcher with insane projectile velocity. (While the fracture has a velocity of 200 m/s, OP is suggesting "a hint lower muzzle velocity" than a Lancer which IS bullet velocity)

    The thing is spammed, MAX units stand no chance.

    Now let's say SOE DOES nerf it against infantry.

    It is now a "team based" weapon... much like the Lancer, Lasher, and Vortex (all lowest scoring weapons next to their Phoenix/Striker/Raven/Fracture counterparts by a significant margin). In which case it will still be broken as hell when pulled by a group of Heavy Assaults.

    Like it or not, you're suggesting a MAX weapon that can be pulled by mass amounts of infantry for free. You could argue that the Lancer and Vortex is the same scenario, but I could just point out that they both score so much lower and the VS never wanted the Vortexes when they were first released on the test server for numerous reasons anyway.
  18. Lagavulin

    I actually think the Striker is fine as it is - it just needs an equivalent available for all 3 factions. It may help to keep the ridiculous amount of vehicle spammage down to more acceptable levels, instead of the rubbish we have now. Having said that, ESF's (only) would then need a slight HP boost (or similar) to compensate.

    [edit] Actually I'd rather see the Striker replaced by a non lock-on launcher for TR, but the AA Max option changed to a lock-on available to all factions.
  19. Van Dax

    lol are you living in the future?
  20. Flukeman62

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