OMG New Air Alert...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Silkensmooth, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Silkensmooth

    IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    Most fun ive had in a long time!

    So many planes all battling!!

    Pinch me, am i dreaming?!!

    Only complaint. Alert too short!

    Sorry, i get excited sometimes.
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  2. tommyrocket

    Should've seen the amount of lag this caused today on Connery. Oh my word, the server was bleeding because of all the air vehicles and chaos that was going on. After it ended, the lag stopped of course. :rolleyes:
  3. Kristan

    Those sure are awesome. Especially when some outfit decides to pull out half a dozen of Galaxies with fully manned turrets.
  4. Ares8

    Connery is a glitched laggy server period. The difference between emerald and Connery is night and day just saying. make a toon on Emerald and you will see the difference.
  5. adamts01

    I really wish DBG would just come out and say what's wrong with Connery, and let us know they're working on a fix. The lag spikes over the past month with zero acknowledgement from the devs have driven me away from the game. The lag is my single complaint with the air anomalies. At least till TR learns to exploit Striker Valks.
  6. Silkensmooth

    Yeah im on connery and it WAS very laggy. I didnt know it was a Connery issue.

    Still i was sitting there giggling, like when you are skiing the softest powder, and your skis just sink below the surface and its so smooth and quiet and its snowing and by the time you get to the top again the powder is all fresh, and you think you're crazy cause you're giggling like a litttle girl (and you arent one), and then as you're riding up the lift others pass below and you hear them giggling too, kind of giggling.

    My wife thought i was losing my mind, and perhaps, just a trifle, i was!
  7. JibbaJabba

    Haha, yeah I think they might need to tweak it so two anomalies are up at any given time. Make two of them leapfrog around 3 locations.

    Reason: Just too much. I was fine but I heard others were getting slide show framerates.

    Oh it was a blast though. Much fun. Heck just the free aircraft makes the shenanigans go through the roof.
  8. Rydenan

    My one criticism is how it usually floats well within one faction's territory. The faction that it's above (unsurprisingly) has an absolute field day pulling Skyguards and Rangers and Lockons. It's hell for newbie pilots like myself. I never had the chance to get a single kill in the air because I was shredded by the AA farmers on the ground every time.

    My suggestion would be to make the anomaly appear right along faction boundaries, so that - at the very least - players on the ground couldn't pull mass AA with zero fear of enemy armor challenging them.
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  9. JibbaJabba

    They appear deep in enemy territory but they are near max altitude and they rotate locations during the course of the alert.

    You shouldn't get easily shredded from ground if you stay at max altitude. Even on Indar where the flight ceiling is artificially low in the south half (due to ground height). If you're getting shredded due to it being in one factions territory, just hold your own as best you can. It will move.
  10. Pacster3

    Or have it jump all over the map. Then at least capturing territory outside of the final 90 minute alert(which is that long that nothing you did before matters at all. As we just saw with 11% territory and smallest pop before an alert...and just 1% behind the winner with 14 minutes left on the clock during the alert) would make any sense. If the anomaly spawns like 8 times and 7 are deep within enemy territory while 1 is close to the borders it really ain't fun or a fair fight(respawn time/flight time, lockons, vehicles. A disadvantage you can not overcome unless you got like 50% pop)...especially not if you got like 33% of the territory. That may be ignored as long as it is something new...but within a week or 2 people will get pissed.
  11. Pacster3

    All fine. Last night we had the northern warpgate on Indar. Basicly not much territory was exchanged. We had Ceres, the two others held Crown and Alloys. The closest anomaly to us that spawned during the 30 minutes was somewhere between those 3(with Crown obviously having an advantage there). All the others spawned along the border between the other 2 factions to the south(down to the very last hex in the south) or deep in their territory. Our closest aircraft spawn was J908 Impact Site. How do you want to win that?
  12. Pug01

    I am not so enthusiastic about this new addition. I tried joining the fight but it became more of a zerg fest than anything else. I guess it was suppose to get people to learn how to fly. From what I saw: who ever is the closest and can get up in the air the fastest gets to win.
  13. Silkensmooth

    Agreed about the flak and lock ons. I too died to them.

    My hope is that these alerts will get enough people flying that more people see how overpowering the flak is in the game atm.

    I'd like to see them make it so that A2A ESF witthout A2G weapons don't have flak detonate in proximity, and also take longer to lock onto if not become immune to locks.
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  14. JobiWan

    Just had my first. Yawn, totally boring. About 30 TR aircraft showed up and maybe 3 or 4 VS. I just sat staring at a big wobbly hole for 15 mins or so then got 3 basic implants.

    I won't be bothering with them in future, total waste of time.
  15. Srazor

    I had tons of fun with my first air alert yesterday :). We had all 3 factions joining in on the dogfighting. Only complaint would be that the server lag was terrible on Connery.
  16. adamts01

    I just don't think there are enough players flying to do that, not yet anyway. And that lag doesn't seem to be a player count thing, it's an anomaly thing. Yesterday I flew in a 20 vs 20 vs 20 anomaly with crazy lag, and a month or so ago I flew in a platoon vs platoon Chinese air battle with hardly any lag.

    I really like this patch, but the lack of any AA adjustment is a real bummer.

    Welcome to common air feeling, two options dominate because noone cares about you or get locked out over two gex, due skyguard.

    The concern about the uneven air is a true one. As I see to continent openings like many mossis, some reavers but only a few scythes, so many spamming coyotes won't be so fun for me either.
    Maybe someone should invest into jamming gals
  18. ridicOne

    Connery has had issues since launch basically and when they did there OMG update they had actually talked about the Connery issues. Do I care to find this info no I do not, but it's always kinda been a thing Emerald has basically always been the superior server performance wise.
  19. adamts01

    Or just change missiles to be fun to fight against.
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  20. Xebov

    I would like to add another thing to it: Limit the amount of scan data that you can get out of it. The scan data should be simply limited to 1-2k per anomaly and the anomaly disapear once the amound was collected. This would make oddly placed anomalies less impactfull and would require Air to move around more during the event.

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