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    The _Integration has begun.
    With new NSO weapons, NSO vehicles and ever changing faction loyalties, now is the time to join the ranks within the Nanite Systems Operatives.

    Freelance and Home Factions
    There have been some changes to how the NSO operate in PlanetSide 2, read about it below.
    "Freelance" status is now given to non Daybreak All Access NSO player characters. Each time a non member accesses a continent, they are placed in the lowest populated faction and are considered to be Freelance operatives.

    As an All Access member, you have the option of aligning yourself with the VS, NC, or TR faction, allowing you to create, join, and manage an Outfit within that empire.

    Read all about Freelancing, and changes to existing NSO Outfits [ here. ]


    Dervish Heavy Fighter
    A new aircraft has been added to NSO, the Dervish Heavy Fighter.
    • DV-22 Raycaster - All-rounder machine gun that fires photonically propelled tungsten slugs.
    • DV-21 Lotus - A high rate of fire gatling gun that shreds light aircraft at close range.
    • DV-XE - A charge-based six-round particle projection barrage that can dispatch heavy aircraft.
    Top Turrets
    • DV-22T Lightweaver - A machine-gun top turret that functions similarly to the Raycaster, and can deal with any threat.
    • DV-LAT Pixie - An anti-aircraft lock-on turret that launches a stream of homing missiles at tracked targets.
    • DV-XAT - A heavy charge-up cannon that fires a concentrated photon blast for high damage.
    Read more about the Dervish Heavy Fighter [ here. ]


    Chimera Main Battle Tank
    The Chimera Main Battle Tank is now accessible to all NSO players. This supreme heavy tank seats the driver, turret gunner, and 4 rear passengers outside of the tank. The Chimera supports the following weapon options.
    Main Cannons
    • CT-135 - A balanced main cannon suited to both anti-infantry and anti-vehicle roles alike.
    • CT-150 Cyclops - A high-velocity anti-vehicle cannon capable of long-range combat.
    • CT-102 Satyr - A mid-range cannon capable of firing five rounds before reloading.
    Forward Turrets
    • CT2-20 HCG - A versatile heavy chaingun turret with effectiveness in all combat situations.
    • CT2-8M Siren - Fires smart micro-missiles with anti-aircraft proximity tracking.
    • CT2-XP - A charge-up photon weapon that can demolish heavily armored vehicles.
    Read more about the Chimera Heavy Battle Tank [ here. ]

    Various Infantry and Javelin Weapon Changes
    You can be read about the latest weapon changes from our Patch Notes [ here. ]


    The NSO MAX unit has been given a new visual update as well as two new weapons.
    Defector Weapons
    • D7 Hummingbird - A modified grenade printer that fires lock-on drones capable of anti-aircraft duty.
    • D11 Detonator - A long-range anti-armor artillery shell that increases in damage potential the further it travels.
    Defector Additional Changes
    • The Defector can now equip implants available to MAX units.
    • Time Bomb now removes weapon heat when active, and has been given an additional upgrade rank.
    • Now has access to the Emergency Repair ability.
    • A later update with better match the Defector's hitbox with its new visuals.
    For more additions, changes and bug fixes, head on over to the Patch Notes Thread on our forums.

    Developer Spotlight Interviews
    Get a behind the scenes look at some of the makings of this major update! Read up on how some of our developers got started at Rogue Planet Games.

    Senior Sound Designer, Homero Sanchez
    Senior Artist, Chris Bishop

    Let us know what you think down below!
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  2. vimorain1

    very nice update . this should also give extra reason to people to go and balance out pop
  3. RudyTheNinja

    Yo this came out a lot sooner than I thought
    Well done guys
    Hopefully my character slot doesnt disappear when I delete a slot while no longer having membership activated
  4. OldSchoolD

    A round of applause to the developing team! The update is fantastic. The game isn't dead after all. Now bring back Ti Alloys, Biolab inner spawns, and passenger seat repairs. My wallet is ready :p
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  5. Avendorz

    Since this seems to be a feedback thread to the update, here's something I wanna say.

    High Impact Changes
    Rumble Seat Repairs
    • Repairing from the rumble seat has been removed for all vehicles.
    Dev Note: We've removed rumble seat repairs to create clearer, more predictable vehicle balance. A lack of rumble-seat repairs should weaken the Harasser's ability to escape to a small degree, and slow down the pacing for this vehicle. The vehicle most impacted by this change will likely be the Valkyrie, as it will need to fly closer to the ground instead of being as brazen in the air. We've compensated to a small degree by allowing the Valkyrie to use the Engineer's Aircraft Synergy passive, but we'll be monitoring to see if additional changes are necessary to keep the Valkyrie relevant and fun.

    I get more and more cancer each time I read this.
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  6. Pandora's Lunchbox

    The new vehicles are great as far as I can tell, but NSO's original purpose is effectively pointless now. Wasn't the whole point of it to help balance out the faction population? I'd say get rid of the ability to align with a particular faction and keep it totally freelance. Might as well re-enable NS outfits as well. That part was fine as it was. I like the new weapon selection but it really feels like a copy-paste into a fourth faction. It no longer feels like an in-between to me.

    I can appreciate hitting the rumble repairs for something like Valkyrie, but I didn't think the Harasser needed the same treatment. The Chimera would probably end up in a similar position to Valkyrie. Go for smaller changes first instead of taking drastic leaps—nerf the repair rate per crewman on board or something for everything except the Harasser and Flash. Valkyrie repairs were too much but the rate of repair for Harassers was rarely enough to stave off much past small-arms fire. If anything, the feature allowing for good escapes on all ground vehicles is fire suppression.

    Another issue is visual. Everybody is playing NSO, everybody looks like NSO, everybody pretty much sounds the same as well (especially with the cross-faction weapons.) The only things differentiating between my guys and their guys are the empire colours on my HUD. If you're intent on not making additional models and/or sounds for NSOs playing as certain factions, then perhaps you could look at the likes of enemy/ally highlighting as standard rather than circumstantial—a simple outline in a space around the crosshairs or something, a bit like what's used in the killer cams. And let us control the colour of that as we can with the rest of the HUD.

    Chimeras and Dervishes are everywhere and there's no level of exclusivity to NSO whatsoever when you can pick the faction you represent with it. While we can pick what faction to represent with it, NSO will be totally useless for balancing faction population.
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  7. Naduron2

    there is no button to change NS faction
  8. ClampFlash

    You have to be at least BR20 and do the mission in Sanctuary before making a NS character. To do that, you log out and click "Create Character" on the character selection menu and select the NSO Faction.
    Have Fun!
  9. Part-TimeWarrior

    I've mentioned it before, but there appears to be a discrepancy concerning the new NSO-only scout rifles (BAR-100, BAR-200 and BAR-A75). All of them have scope sway on their 6x scopes, including the full-auto one.

    This is not the case for any other scout rifle/battle rifle currently in the game, as far as I am aware. Tested all of the faction-specific ones as well as the Vandal and they do not have sway on their 6x scopes.

    Can we get a confirmation whether this is intended?
  10. Nighda Venesis

    In addition to this the SRL75's default 3.4x scope (which it incorrectly states as being 6x in the stats) has a longer aim down sights time, which is only characteristic of weapons which have 6x by default. I bet this is tied to the incorrect stats description.
  11. IStarwalkerI

    I'm surprised this game is still around. The update I guess sounds fun, but I don't think I'll waste the hard drive space re-installing the game. Have fun, gamers!
  12. JustGotSuspended

    Well the good things that came from the update is giving scout rifles access to every class, so we don't need to play infil if we want to complete the battle rifle directive, which shouldn't have much to do with infils in the first place.

    I'm also a fan of the black market weapons, they are some of the most rewarding weapons - I would not have a problem receiving them after a grind. I am a bit disappointed that they added these weapons to be purchased with A7, without adding a proper mechanism to earn A7. Realistically completing the once a blue moon mission that gives me a minuscule amount of A7 or chasing light bulbs across the map for even less A7 just don't seem like viable, reliable ways to earn the weapons, and while I did have A7 stocked up on some characters, I'm a bit troubled with how I'm going to unlock the ones I haven't tried yet, much less unlock more than one on multiple characters. Would be cool if we fixed this in the future.

    I also must say there were less bugs than I thought. Just a bunch of VR trainings, lower frame rates and I can't spawn in bios anymore, but overall I was impressed the game was left in a decent state. Also artwork looks great, I've been playing on mute for years because the sounds always break but I'm sure they are good as well.

    However, this is where we get to the less impressive stuff.

    Everyone is playing NSO as expected, it's probably going to die off in a week or two, but there's still going to be more NSOs roaming around now, and it's weird that we don't have more obvious methods of spotting friend from foe. I mean even I've ran by or let an enemy run by me without even understanding they were a threat. It gets much more annoying when the NSOs are wearing some camo like the pink one or whatever, in which case you really gotta process what's going on. Not the end of the world, I mean I'm not going to pretend like I was scratching my head at every NSO I came across. But it may be an issue worth considering for the new/returning players. If even vets get a bit confused, imagine how "noobs" are going to be.

    The part that frustrates me the most are the directives. This from what I understand was meant as more of an endgame faction. So you'd except the people that are playing it are going to be a little more hardcore, or at least invested in completing directives. And you'd expect them to get some interesting, perhaps even usable - maybe remotely - good weapons/rewards. That's why I was a bit sad when most've the directive branches were just copy/pasted. I'm F2P and the basic training still asks me to join an outfit and unlock the armor decal with merit. Which I'd love to do....it's just not adapted to the fact I'm not even allowed in an outfit! Then there's the weapons, and this is where I got super disappointed. The directive weapons when NSOs were locked behind membership were really nice. Not OP or whatever, but they actually served a proper role, felt rewarding, and were actually weapons you wouldn't mind maining with. You could even customize them, which is what I feel players who are in such endgame should be qualified to do. Yet the new ones are extremely disappointing. The LMG is a worse orion, the SMG is a long raange kappa that's not good in CQC, and isn't really a beast at range either....I don't know about the other weapons yet, asides from the Kraken, but overall not very cool stuff. They don't even really look like auraxium weapons. Honestly I would add the Kraken textures to the NSO directives weapons. And I wish they had added more directive trees to unlock the auraxium variants of the weapons that are now on the black market.

    I'm not sure what the armors look like, and I definitely don't know what the lumnifiber for vehicles looks like, but the previews definitely aren't spectacular, I mean half of them when I looked belong to NC or VS, and that wasn't even the faction I was freelancing for. So I would advise maybe to fix those, because they don't exactly inspire confidence in the rewards. I'm kinda sad also that they didn't make enough weapons to allow for choice/variety when undergoing a directive. There's barely enough of each to allow a completion of directives. And here I was thinking I wouldn't have to aurax another NS-15M. LOL.

    Asides from that there's the more serious issues of the battle tank and dervish, which I feel couldn't been avoided by just listening to feedback or common sense. The rumble seats in the tank are just weird and useless, the fighter is easier to hit than a galaxy, and as weak as an esf. The Chimera has less health than a vanguard while being an bigger target and no faction ability! They just feel out of place, and unfinished, honestly. Like the design is great and all, but seriously the mechanics are just not clicking with the rest of the game.

    The part that's the most important change however is the deletion of NSO outfits, which I Just don't understand. There's plenty of truly dead outfits with no active members out there, yet they decide to delete outfits that were originally created by PAYING MEBERS!!!! And to add to the confusion, they've given no other ways to unlock merit or the items purchased with merit. So if you're F2P, you've just given up your tactical slot, merit boosts, armor, decals etc. While the most the merit items can arguably be defended as purely cosmetic and having 0 impat on the game, it's quite frustrating not to have a skyshield or cortium bomb actually. Not the end of the world, but when I see the merit counter, the outfit directive, and all access to the shops on NSO, I kinda get the feeling they just deleted these outfits for no solid reason, and didn't care to thing about the consequences. Its a little weird and adds to the feeling the update is unfinished, and brings an aspect of the game that is debatably pay to win.

    What's even more baffling was the fact that membership NSOs need to pay 1k certs to change which faction they align with. The main selling point of NSOs, at least in my eyes, was the fact the faction would allow players to constantly be in a fight. If the fights were getting boring on their faction's front, they could easily switch factions to find a better fight, without logging in and out of the game. This is key because the more someone is logging out of the game, the higher chances they have of not logging back in, and that's not what's good for the game. I would honestly have given the ability for membership NSOs to change faction based on where they spawn at. For example, they would see all the spawns of every faction on their map, pick where they want to spawn and change to the faction controlling the spawn. That way there's not even a need to leave the continent. The goal should be to facilitate the player's ability to quickly get to fights, not force them into a faction and make switching as complicated as possible. Because all this does is force them onto a faction, but without giving them the benefits of the faction. They are playing the unfinished NSO for literally no reason. IF they really want to take the route of forcing NSOs onto one faction, at least give them all the tools/benefits that faction has to offer. Otherwise you're basically shooting yourself in the foot for playing NSO.

    And come one, just give NSOs outfits. Seriously the last big update revolved around this outfit revamp and these new tools and progression they have to offer. And the following huge update is to add a faction and say 'SORRY YOU'RE ALLOWED NONE OF WHAT WE ADDED PREVIOUSLY'! I just can't wrap my head around how this sounded like a good idea.

    Overall I'm not going to say I'm impressed with the update and how it was carried out. The devs announced there would be able time for people to grind out all the directive weapons before the update, they opened official channels for feedback, and suddenly like a week after the patch hits PTS it goes live. Unsurprisingly little if any feedback was incorporated with the patch, and it all just feels rushed and unfinished. Even silly stuff like the lmgs having hulk sized handles that take up half my screen could've been fixed if they allowed enough time for a playtest and reviewed player feedback. I just don't get the reasoning behind pushing these sort of half baked updates live. It's just not a nice impression for people coming to check the game out, and it's just annoying for the players who have stuck around.

    To finish I'll just point out the irony in calling this the integration update, when it clearly was one of the updates that integrated the least well with the game lol.
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  13. math368

    it is anything removed repair with the harrasseur and the valkyrie c is anything and in addition
    the nso can not create oufit frankly if to dont like waiting a little longer before releasing an unfinished update
    we were doing without a sloppy job I'm pretty disappointed you a longer update could have been good
    put things must not be deleted and started well added new things famous slot tatic like the skyshiled other
    useful things I am very disappointed not new for its for I love the slot tatic dishes exploited
    no more it is a shame it is also a shame we can not create oufite nso it is good new faction dishes should
    not be done anyway what.
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  14. Killuminati C

    Good update but I'd like to see the merit boosts brought back. As someone who's been playing since launch I don't have anything else to really purchase with merit. I own several of the cosmetics so It's basically a useless currency at this point. They were so short term that they couldn't have really been that big of a deterrent for membership.
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  15. rradt2001

    Completely agree, I just got my first a7 weapon on my NC character. Said character has SIX DAYS of playtime. I have been focusing on getting a7 for the entire existence of this character and it still took me almost 150 hours to get one a7 weapon. So I can't wait to have all the a7 weapons after playing another 56.25 days in game :)

    Please, just put a7 back in alerts. It doesn't need to be a particularly large amount. Just something to progress the slow and tedious grind that is a7.
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  16. VV4LL3

    Unimpressed in the scrum cycle. There was no legitimate feedback received from the customer that was implemented or considered in visible sprints. Your customer representative or product owner is ignoring what the end users are stating in the forums when you ask for "feedback."

    Plenty of bugs were reported that existed for at least a year, yet were still released despite claims "bugs have been worked out."

    Plenty of feedback was delivered on both the Dervish and the Defector, among other changes, yet nothing addressing that player feedback.

    The forums are running a little dry because people don't like providing feedback to a void, knowing it doesn't matter.

    It's great to see DBG hiring more devs and community managers -- it's not so great when it is not apparent to the customers.
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  17. alikePC

    The icon down in the lower right side of the UI that is showing wich faction we fight for when playing NSO, it needs to be removable. Enough clutter already!
  18. JibbaJabba

    Regarding the *Just* released post _integration hotfix...

    "Bases can no longer be Outfit-captured by freelancing NSO."


    I'm not sure why you would take this away from players. It is *hard* to pull this off usually because you're either solo, or only have a few fellow outfit members who happen to be freelanced on the same faction at the same base.

    This is a major accomplishment. Why take it away?

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  19. Horst1375

    Is here a possibility that the other nso vehicles get a different kind of auraxium trim ( like the new vehicles)?
    It took so long to aurax the galaxy and it's just black.
    It looks like a visual bug and cant be called auraxium at all :´{
  20. VV4LL3

    Will you pay players for beta testing these changes? I feel like we're reporting a lot of bugs and balance changes, yet the dev team is mum. It would be nice to get some sort of feedback for our trouble.