Next "big" update?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zica96, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Zica96

    Can someone tell me what the devs are working on currently, and is it something interesting? Because i don't go on Reddit that often (i don't even know their accounts, if someone could give me links to some devs that would be great) and the Roadmap hasn't been updated in like a month.
  2. Ribero

    The majority are working on bug fixes, stability improvements and optimisations as far as I know. Similar to the OMFG time.

    So don't expect too much anytime soon.

    Though that's not to say all they're doing are bug fixes, there are people working on Koltyr for example
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  3. BlueSkies

    Koltyr, balances passes, and some new weapons in the works (though, they clearly won't have any new mechanics as that would require coders).
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  4. Zica96

    The Koltyr continent wont be interesting at all because it's a new player's map, and it's really small. It's good that they are working fixes but it seems that's all they do, the majority of the time that is. Could you tell me their Reddit accounts?
  5. Zica96

    Could you tell me their Reddit accounts?
  6. Pikachu

    I don't think they are working on anything for ps2 PC. When they say bug fixes and stuff it's not like they are spending all content effort on bug fix effort it's simply regular bug fix effort and no content effort.
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  7. sustainedfire

    Big update being a subjective term, I would say the most likely big update this year will be ES Buggies.

    ES Buggies could bring new abilities or weapon types, and a new style of vehicle combat. That would be a big update.

    The addition of HMG to NC Max may be considered big to some players.

    The AM rifle might be considered a big update, as it might impact vehicle gameplay in a significant way, depending on what class get access and it's power level.

    There are other ES weapons that were vaguely announced as coming soon in the twitter that revealed the AM rifle- though there is zero indication as to what weapon type. Could be more ES pistols.....

    New ES tank cannons could be a big addition. I'm guessing the art for those just arrived in the weapons assets that just arrived. VS get a charge cannon, NC shotgun scatter cannon, and TR get a quad cannon that essentially is a viper with more ammo in the Mag and less damaging individual rounds.
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  8. BlueSkies

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  9. Zica96

    Wait, where did you see anything related to ES buggies? Do they have some concept art? :)
    And same question for ES tank cannons?
  10. palto1826

    im still waiting on the LA revamp...i know they are working on the jet packs right now, with the addition of the icarus
  11. sustainedfire

    The art is out there, I think even 3d modeled. The TR looks like a military vehicle Based on a rally car type platform. It's been in films, I cannot recall what movie in particular.

    The VS buggy looks is a hovercraft, with sy the like projections to its front "wheels".

    The NC Buggy is a Hummer. Probably the most fun potentialy, as you can likely take multiple passengers in the back in rumble seats.

    The ES tank cannons were mentioned by Higby some time ago, and he said they needed the art. A large art asset was just said to have dropped, and includes ES weaponry- it's just speculation as to what weapons are in the asset drop, and how they will function.
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  12. OldMaster80

    That's not a revamp, they're just re-adding a jetpack they had removed during beta, and implementing a Drifters fix that was ready like 6 months ago. Still better than nothing I must say...
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  13. palto1826

    thanks...i was under the impression this was going to be part of the revamp...a little disappointed that this class has gotten the shaft when it comes to attention...especially with all the potential the class has
  14. Pikachu

    ES tank cannons has been in the files since release. ES buggies were shown somewhere back in 2013.
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  15. Pikachu

    They said there are no more revamps. Just some additions at random times.
  16. sustainedfire

    What potential?

    I would like more options, sure, but I have not seen any truely interesting ideas for LA.

    I think a deployable airlift would have potential. Could help teammates scale walls, and add a bit more depth to squadplay.
  17. Pikachu

    SOE (or whatever) said they will never do portable airlift stuff because it cuts off to much of the role of LA.
  18. Zica96

    Ohh right those buggies, yeah i saw them but i don't think they are gonna add them in-game anytime soon, plus the TR buggy looks UGLYYYYY.
  19. Zica96

    Right i forgot about the buggies, but don't know about the cannons though.
  20. Auzor

    La tools:
    -deployable airlift, yep
    -deployable ledge (fired like the recon dart)
    -adrenaline injection: press F for temporary speed boost (including when ads); faster reload speed, faster weapon switching, better hipfire. (intended as opposite of heavy shield.. but you get a limited number)
    -jetpack refill: upon pressing F, refills 50% of jetpack fuel (or 80% of starter capacity). You carry a limited amount (1 to start)
    -I'd consider the upcoming NS AV rifle; why not for the LA? C4 is getting nerfed..
    -how about a deployable teleporter? Either self-only, (could be fired, like in unreal tournament); or with a number of charges. Range would be limited of course, but imagine setting up a teleporter outside-inside a biolab room.. suddenly, 20 people are on top of a building inside the biolab..

    being tools, you get a limited number of them all; but this is justifiable: you can't really carry two teleporters, you can't carry an
    infinite amount of adrenaline syringes,..

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