New Implant System, potentially interesting choices for LA

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Cryosin

    That doesn't need to be tested it's obviously a dumb idea what is going on here
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  3. NubCannon

    I kind of agree, i personally am probably going to run minor cloak and ammo printer on my camping loadout i often find myself running out of ammo with that, especially if im using the crossbow. camping a terminal (though thats usually infiltrator). I wonder if minor cloak will resupply rocklet ammo? will rocklet squads become a thing?
    Safe fall is gonna be great for TR Heavies as a finishing move for ESF battles. the HA can bail from the mosquito and hipfire the striker landing some rockets perhaps?
    People keep saying cloaked HAs is gonna be the worst part of this new implant system, and i dont disaggree that its probably gonna be an annoying thing for low pop time. but battle hardened + counter intelligence is gonna be a BEAST of a room clearing setup.

    Imagine a HA throwing a conc into a room and boom knows excatly where everyone is, and even if you manage to land a shot on him, that one HA is gonna rek face. especially with the T9-Carv S (4 headshot kill, almost no recoil 100 round mag)

    I am however upset that there will no longer be any EMP/Conc/Flash resistances anymore. sort of, emp shield was annoying when i was auraxing infiltrator but now those nades are gonna be spammed.

    The things that minor cloak are going to be really annoying for are gonna be Vehicle traps, lancer squads (imagine 48 cloaked HAs campin on the hills in amerish and if anything shows its face. it ded), Low pop Shotgun users. Warpgate camping striker squads maybe? C4 traps?

    solo NC maxes are gonna be a thing too (auto rep+ammo printer+sweeper)