New Implant System, potentially interesting choices for LA

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Iridar51

    We will be able to use two implants at the same time, which means we can use any implant we want in combination with Regeneration. This gives us an unprecedented freedom of choice.

    I'll reserve judgement on some of the polarizing implants like Minor Cloak.

    The first candidate is Counter-Intelligence. It's a great implant that I always liked to use whenever I was using Med Kits instead of C4.

    Now that Motion Spotters appear on the minimap when they detect you, with Counter-Intelligence you will know for a fact when you are off enemy minimap, and you basically get a free and safe ambush.

    The second great choice is a high rank of Sensor Shield, when/if it gets released. Motion Spotters are the direct counter to LA, and unlike Infiltrators we don't have the luxury of EMP grenades to easily clear them off.

    I have a strong hunch that most LAs will default to Safe Fall and Ammo Printer, and I'll have to object to that. You shouldn't be taking fall damage as LA, unless you're just getting the hang of using Icarus or playing LA in general.

    Ammo Printer is hardly justified, even the best players rarely run out of ammo.

    Catlike can be an interesting choice for a rooftop hopper, who engages enemies at medium+ range, but we'll have to see if it remains unchanged. Even then, that playstyle still benefits a lot from Counter Intelligence. Catlike can keep you safer if you get under fire in a duel, while Counter Intelligence prevents you from getting under fire in the first place, in a sense.
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  2. Corezer

    I will definitely run catlike. IDK if there will be sensor shield but if not I will prolly go assimilate for extra oomph when fighting multiples, counter intel is nice as well though, so is minor cloak, regen if using c4... I can see a lot of heavies going catlike/assimilate with resist shield... nasty
  3. CuteBeaver

    Iridar I just finished a couple simple tests and it appears that Minor Cloak = Deep Cloak with no duration timer involved. You can pivot and look around (just like stalker cloak) as long as directional keys are not pushed everything is fine.

    I tried to do some tests with Nano Armour Cloaking + Minor Cloak. There are some quirks about running two cloaks but the payoff is potentially tremendous (Stalker 2.0) in the case of NAC (at least, maybe not so much for Hunter Cloak which is normally used at range). The way I see things, NAC permits on the fly spot clears, and quick counters to enemies following. While Minor Cloak is a little more planned and allows people to actually legitimately hide when enough distance has been established or set up an ambush going forward in future. Also worth noting the clock begins ticking the moment you stop moving. Even if your NAC cloak is currently active. You can drop it and recloak into minor cloak rapidly. NAC being such a short duration cloak often made infils predictable due to constant sound tells when using it.. However Minor Cloak changes that entirely. Allowing NAC users long periods of silence. Coming out of Minor Cloak almost demands aggression as well since you cannot move and sneak when "hidden" via crouch walking as you normally could with stalker play.

    Unfortunately when I tested the cloak "layers" are buggy at best. While concealed and immobile with minor cloak... I engaged NAC before moving (hoping this would over-write the minor cloak silently) Sadly not the case, even though NAC was draining energy once I began moving game client immediately decloaks. Giving away your position even though Minor Cloak is technically no longer in use. The client then instantly recloaks you again since it realizes - oh wait... sorry player... you should be under the affects of NAC right now.

    So you cannot actually pair two different cloaks in layers or transfer between them seamlessly. However they can be used independently. Minor cloak is always going to decloak on moving and it can't be overwritten. Movement requirements were not a big deal for the ambushes using an SMG though. I wager my crossbow knife setups would do better allowing user to creep closer to target without decloaking using Stalker.

    Anyway super interesting stuff. Catlike alone = Pump for knife shenanigans and so much comedy lol. Vampire + EMPs just make me think of make shift medkits using a crossbow to dispatch enemy for 200 HP each bolt) Figure 2-3 crossbow kills in an EMP blast is probably back to full health. Not sure if that applies to Light Assaults but its super interesting.
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  4. Iridar51

    Interesting stuff.

    Does the Minor Cloak produce a sound on a recloak?
    And if you are in cloaked in a regular Hunter Cloak and sit still, it will force recloak you, even if you still had Hunter energy?

    I doubt they'll keep the Deep Cloak version of the Minor Cloak, if they can help it. Or nerf it otherwise, if they can't. Community is out for blood on this one, even though 8 seconds seems super long to me.
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  5. Demigan

    I think some abilities are far superior to others.
    I mean, ammo printer? Its pretty hard to run out of ammo in most cases, and when you do its rarely rocketscience to find an ammo pack, be it friend or foe.
    Compare that to catlike... People seem to go crazy over assimilate and cloak. But catlike is one crapshow of a superpower. Half the normal hitbox, your head on a different height than standing players making pre-aim tougher, and not in the least crouch-walking COF? That thing is OP as ****!!!
    Asdimilate? Hey regenerating health in combat is handy, but that assimilate is only useful if you Engage multiple enemies in quick succession. But why hope you can finish with a headshot if you can just wait for shield recharge and simultaneously just heal up completely? Or just pick advantages that help during the battle, like battle hardened and catlike. Your assimilate Heavy crosses a catlike+battle hardened heavy and you are screwed.

    The cloak I'm not certain about. 8 seconds is a long time for most players. And while powerful in the right hands I dont think I'll be needing to equip a flashlight on my primary if they come out.

    Seems to me that lots of things need to go back to the drawingboard. catlike is a no-brainer for most situations, other abilities are too lackluster to work. The general idea of a more adaptable infantry is wonderful though.
  6. CuteBeaver

    Yes, & No

    Any movement snaps you out of "minor cloak" creating noise both when entering and exiting. Which is probably the drawback for having limitless energy and the drawback consistently triggers on movement once MC enters the picture. It appeared to me (I only tested NAC which lasts for 8.5 seconds) when NAC expired and fell off my body I re cloaked straight away into Minor Cloak. NAC decloaking (from lack of energy) and MC cloaking right afterwards both produced sound. There was a moment of being visible between the decloaking and MC recloaking event. However Minor Cloak did not overtake NAC until it had fallen off my body. So you do still have some control.

    I did just notice NAC could be triggered for mitigation purpose while cloaked and hiding under the effects of minor cloak. So it appears to some extent they might be overlapping. I'll need you to shoot me a few times to confirm later. It can be toggled on / off without giving away your position. But again the moment you move forward - snap - decloak occurs and then immediately recloaks you back into NAC afterwards. Player can witness energy drain from NAC while immobile under the effects of MC without breaking you out of stealth though. I have not tested what happens when allowing NAC to drain itself of energy completely while under the effects of MC.

    Also Heavies in Deep Cloak with Shields on is bloody hilarious. XD
  7. Iridar51

    Ye sure let's do some testing once implants get released.
  8. Klondor

    A few friends and i had a 1 v 2 deathmatch on Amerish PTS, i was using catlike with minor cloak and an Uppercut.
    It is so broken how fast you move, clientside abuse is going to get so much worse than it is now.
  9. Corezer

    It's taken this long to reply cause I wanted to find a way to say this without sounding like a total dick...

    You used catlike, got killed twice in close range while using a pump action as a heavy, and are telling us it's
  10. Daigons

    First off, I would like to thank both you and Iridar51 for all the testing and sharing of your data. My testing over the weekend was cut short when I encountered a perma-cloak bug with the Minor Cloak implant. While as a HA, I can run and jump around perma-cloaked, but I can't interact with the temrinals to remove the implant. (-_-)''''
  11. Iridar51

    To be clear, I did no testing on the new implants. Haven't been able to log into PTS, and then decided to wait for live release anyway.
  12. Daigons

    I meant to say for all the hard work and video that you and Cutebeaver putout for the two stealth implants. Thank you.
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  13. Iridar51

    Glad to be of help :)
  14. FirePhox

    I'll be running counter intelligence along with Regen when the new implants release (provided I can get CI of course) The ambush is the ultimate for Light Assaults and knowing that you're safe when you're getting ready to breach will make all of the difference. The new counter intelligence also includes marker and awareness; marker for a more silent spot (synergises well with flash grenades to let you know who you've flashed) and awareness will be spotting anyone that takes a shot at you while you're flying around (and lets face it, you generally don't live long after getting spotted on this game)

    I don't really see how any other implant can compete with that; as for LA's that like to carry medkits though I think that either stealth or catlike would be solid second options. Safe fall is kind of redundant with the jetpack like you mentioned, battlehardened is more of a HA/Medic/Inf choice although could be a solid option for Pulsar C shennanigans when a base is being shelled or just for that slight edge in 1v1's.
  15. Eternaloptimist

    I like the sound of CI or sensor shield (if it is going to be avaliable) but for some reason I keep coming back to catlike (esp the 10% extra movement speed at max tier) and thinking hmmmmm
  16. Corezer

    It's only sprint. it doubles up with adrenaline pump for knife stalkers, but it's the crouch speed that interests me if they don't have sensor shield.

    If they have sensor shield I will go for that tho, but if I get relegated to crouch walking every time there's a motion spotter in enemy spawn that covers the entire base, ofc I'm going for no crouch penalty.

    counter intel looks nice too, that will prolly be my staple first implant.
  17. Iridar51

    Just FYI, motion spotter's detection is based on movement speed. So moving fast while crouching might still get you detected.

    Even right now, crouchwalking up or down a slope or stairs is faster than on horizontal ground and enough to get you spotted.

    That's why they're not going to release Sensor Shield just yet - they want to fix its functionality first.
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  18. SupaFlea

    some of them seem quite OP, but maybe I missed something, Infinite ammo and Minor cloak for a Sniper means they never need move. they could stay out there for hours. same for Artillery Tanks that stay out of missile range and pepper vehicle pads infinite ammo.
  19. Cryosin

    Every class gets a cloak wthat the hell is this crap
  20. Iridar51

    This one is obviously a controversial topic, and it most likely won't be going live in that form. I wouldn't focus too much on it.