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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JustGotSuspended, May 13, 2021.

  1. JustGotSuspended

    This is pretty exciting, it's nice to see new faces join our community. I just read this article and I'm not sure if it was better announced elsewhere:

    But so far it sounds promising. We'll have to wait and see but I'd be truly impressed if he started taking care of the forums again. It would really be amazing, and one of the first steps I think to restoring trust between the devs and the playerbase.

    If you're reading this, you're going to have a tough job, but we wish you all the best and hope to see you succeed and help the game thrive. I look forward to seeing the progress we can achieve as a community together!

    Welcome Mithril, I hope you enjoy your time as a Community Manager for Planetside 2!
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  2. Mithril Community Relations

    Read it, thanks sir!
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  3. KripTed

    We need more than a community relations manager to save and fix this game.
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  4. DarkQuark

    I think "save" is the wrong word but "fix" is the correct one.
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  5. DarkQuark

    Dear sir, I am suspect of anyone who spends his time in game hiding in corners invisible and shooting people in the back. Infiltrators are such foul things.

    However, my deep spite for infiltrators aside, please do frequent these forums. The lack of DB presence here has had a very negative effect.

    PS: Maybe give a class that has some dignity a shot. You will feel better about yourself. :)
  6. KripTed

    In order for this game to be fixed. It needs to be saved first.
  7. karlooo

    Hi Mithril!
    Now the question is what will the community manager do?
    Cause, the game designers aren't exhibiting any devotion for Planetside 2 and its improvement. They seem to be pitiful actors or maybe I just have an incorrect impression, but there is something to it.
  8. RabidIBM

    Oh, this is a great way to kick off a positive conversation, and shake the impression that the forum is a garbage fire of negativity and personal attacks.

    Thank you OP for presenting with the face that this forum needs.
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  9. elkikko92

    I believie in this game and its potential. And I want with all my energy to give suggestions to fix this game.
    For the devs: please, listen the comunity ideas becouse actually the game has no idea where is going
  10. karlooo

    Criticism is as important as the more preferred gayly optimism.
    The devs aren't being criticized enough but whatever.
  11. Demigan

    Welcome! We are jaded, have a suspicion that the forums are ignored by the developers who seem more eager to do something on Reddit and we like to throw vitriol at each other as if we were throwing confetti during a party! You have your work cut out for you!
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  12. Johannes Kaiser

    This is excellent news.
  13. Whiteagle

    Since we're showing the love, where do I direct mine for the people behind the new Storm Buoys?

    Also, since Campaign 1: The Shatter Warpgate: Chapter 3: Containment Protocol (THE COLONING) is starting to feel like the Devs really are accepting feedback on the game, like the Containment Sites returning to the original Planetside's segregating Base Assault layouts and destructible shield doors (both things I've been BEGGING for since probably BEFORE LAUNCH!!!), where do you want me to direct my stream of autistic text diarrhea?
    Because yeah, after nearly a decade of trying to formulate well thought out proposals for simple game improvements only to feel like your just screaming into the void, it's pretty easy for us to be burnt out.

    So, where and what does Wrel and the gang want us stabbing our steely knives of obsession and criticism to best improve our Planetman experience?
  14. synkrotron

    Indeed, welcome, Mithril :)

    from a fellow "Foul Thing" :D
  15. Mithril Community Relations

    Greetings, I am here first on the forums devoted to making your voices heard. If you haven't done so please share your ideas, concerns, bug reports etc in the appropriate sections. I review them all weekly. I will be discussing with the team on further plans to improve the visibility on the forums soon, no details on that just yet but I appreciate the patience in advance.

    Occasionally you may see my +1 here and there, although it may not be always, I'll try to +1 when I can to show that my eyes have seen your posts.

    Thanks all!
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  16. Whiteagle

    Tank goodness!
    No offense to Redditside, but the Social Media format is often too fast for my aging Gen X brain to handle.
    I need time to sit down and thoroughly compose my thoughts like in the olden days of Dial-up...
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  17. Alilua

    /em cabbagepatch

    Hope they give you the keys to the steam page, it's often neglected.
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  18. That_One_Kane_Guy


    Not sure if you've read any of the old stuff, but I went ahead and grabbed some of the discussion points I felt had merit from the last month or so. May be of some use to you:
    Construction Improvement Thoughts
    Thoughts on New Player Loadouts
    A2G Effectiveness Concerns
    Vehicle QoL Proposal
    NSO Rework Proposals
    Discussion on Infil Cloak Visibility
    Usually this kind of stuff just fades into the ether, perhaps you might get some mileage out of it.
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