New biolabs with no transparent domes on PTS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by The Shady Engineer, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. The Shady Engineer

    So there was a note on the last PTS update I think a lot of you skipped over. I know I did.

    BioLab domes have been made opaque, and will save on performance.

    So what does such a biolab look like?

    This is Rashnu biolab on Indar-

    First sighting:


    Preparing to land:






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  2. BrbImAFK

    I don't like it. I liked the old biolab - even with the performance drops that you got in large fights.

    I think it's a good change, in that they're boosting performance in a game that needs performance, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
  3. Klabauter8

    That looks so dark and claustrophobic in there. Scary.
  4. Campagne

    Ugly on the outside, cool on the inside. :O
  5. Diilicious

    well now that all the plants will die from lack of sunlight i guess the only Bio in Biolab will be the million players inside
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  6. Pikachu

  7. LaughingDead

    I kinda like it but at the same time I don't.

    I get it's supposed to cut down performance issues, but at least make it look less....dead spacey?
  8. Ziggurat8

    Does it still follow the day/night cycle inside? Or is it just interior lit now? Cause that would be kind of lame.

    Goddamnit. I am sick of bio labs. Since it seems like everyone always ends up fighting at one for hours on end why can't they make them more interesting.

    Anyways...yeah it's probably fine.
  9. customer548

    As long as I'm able to bring my own blue and yellow paint pots in order to custom my camping spots, I'm ok.:eek:

    I already feel like I'm in an old Resident Evil game.
    Why not, but maybe make the colors a bit more "brighter dark gold" ?

    ("Sunshine" Movie)

    (Bad English, sorry)
  10. Kristan

    I don't like it. Transparent dome made sense since plants need the sunlight. Also sky color feels better than this. It feels like you're in a huge coffin with houseplants. Uncanny feeling.
  11. Rydenan

    Won't be long before this is Ultra mode:
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  12. CaptCran

    Might as well just have it open. That would solve the problem with the biofarm. LA's dropping in everywhere. I thought they were getting rid of the biolabs for a construction "slab".
  13. doomedking517

    I'm thinking they are going to have different types of "bio lab" some in the old style (because hey, not everyone hated them), some in the new, possibly depending on map. thats just a possibility though.
  14. TrolKabu

    At least LAs and Infils won't stand comfortably outside spotting everyone anymore.
  15. Pikachu

    Light does not just come from the sun, there is ambient light too. The later is used for all areas that are in the shadow of the sun. Biolabs have their ambient light affected just like any other place. There are more lights activated during night time so it doesn't turn too dark.

    Daytime Ymir

    Nighttime Saurva

    They added some yellow lights to mitigate the otherwise flat lighting.

    These changes might improve performance since the game doesn't have to render things outside the lab anymore like aircraft and terrain. PS2 just looks worse and worse with time. :L
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  16. D.M.B.-681

    I think they should remove all those "strops" that was supposed to hold the shield.

    remove them like that, and place solid dome on top of it.
  17. FateJH

    They feel kinda eerie now.
  18. Pikachu

    That would save lots of polys.
  19. Dusk117

    So the bio is now Necromorph Biomass. Gotcha.

    But in seriousness, I kinda like the look of it. And no one can spot me while I'm drifting around to the far side off the jump pad.
  20. pnkdth

    Looks pretty damn cool.

    Even if it helps with performance, I don't care, this looks like it could be some sort of mobile lab designed for space travel. Like there was a plan to get back home.