Please no opaque biolabs

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  1. EmeraldShadow

    Why force this atrocity of opaque biolabs on us?
    This game has the potential to be beautiful, why make it ugly?
    Related rant:
    This game has been getting progressively worse looking since launch.
    -Most of the unique props got removed. (Performance improvement, but now all bases seem copy-paste)
    -All decals were removed (Made things even more dull and copy-paste)
    -Dozens and dozens of visual bugs accumulate (and never get resolved, even when they're reported) ex: spiker visuals broken, reaver flames broken, bugged totally opaque base shields, etc.
    -Vehicle textures got ruined (Also for no reason, they looked much better with their original faction colored textures)
    -Interior textures got changed for no reason, now are even more repetitive and are inconsistent with original base design and exterior textures.
    -The generic base shield aesthetics got totally butchered (and then only slightly repaired) for no reason.
    -PhysX & Motion blur options were removed because SOME players had issues.
    -Max. view distance cut from 6km to 2.5km

    These are all things that could be fixed in a single day, but never will be.
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  2. stalkish

    Id rather they just deleted bio labs, that or delete every single base on esamir and leave the 3 bio labs in a circle in the middle. No point in the rest of it.

    Dont you mean Alpha? Have you seen the alpha images / footage, game was awesome, gritty, looked way better than this cartoon nonsense they went for in the end.
    Much better than now, a shame really.
    Look at the detail in this picture, you can almost taste the air.
    A far cry from now.
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  3. Violence777

    Where can i find that game and do the base construction sets cost like 90 frikin dollars there too?
  4. Pikachu

  5. Pikachu

    How do plants grow now when there's no sunlight?
  6. D.M.B.-681

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  7. Pikachu

    Here is another thing changed since beta/alpha, a variant of Amerish trees with red leaves.
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  8. Valenz

    Nanites! :D
  9. stalkish

    Indoor hydroponics setups?

    I know many people who grow a certain plant in their basements / lofts / spare bedrooms.
    All kept zipped up in a light proof tent with a HPS bulb inside.

    But i do agree, those trees and stuff in the bio lab are lacking some serious light now and would probably yellow and die if left like your image.
  10. Metalsheep

    I don't know if the programming would be possible, but it would be neat if the opaque panels were one-way. Making the outside appear like its totally enclosed and players outside cannot see in, but then making the inside see-through out to the sky. Allowing light in and players to see out. I think the outside looks cool with the opaque panels, but the inside is not attractive to the eye at all.
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  11. iAbra

    That looks ugly as crap. plz no
  12. TheIthuriel

    Didn't know PS II and H&G where so similar :O

    Both got worse over time, when talking about graphics xD
  13. Pikachu

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  14. BrbImAFK

    Nope. Still don't like it.

    I like my biolabs like I like my..... ummm.... something translucent, I guess. See through! :D

    If the only problem is performance, just massively trim down the render range or something. Maybe make them properly translucent, so you don't need an extra shader/filter/distortion thingy. I dunno, I'm not a coder. But leave my biolabs alone!
  15. D.M.B.-681

    So they are listening...
    Much better! Those white hexagons reminds me of Titanfall for some reason.
    You know, even if they where left transparent, we would not had enough time to look through, because we would be too busy farming each other on the landing pads, or in/near teleport shacks. And while we are farming, every FPS counts.
    Too late! :p
  16. BrbImAFK

    I know.... I hate it! :mad:

    I don't think much of the construction to start with, and I'm especially opposed to making it an integral part of the game, given how expensive it is to cert into, and how high the barrier to entry is for newer players.
  17. D.M.B.-681

    They should have make a price levels of sorts. less for basic stuff, more for advanced. But oh well, at least we have an orbital strike.
  18. NBA JAM

    What was the reasoning for opaque biolabs? Having see-through tiles was not an issue.

    Biolabs themselves have always been the issue and should either be removed or have stairs going up to them the entire way with a 3rd main entrance. Remove the teleporter tubes because those are useless and just get camped.

    Biolabs are the cancer of this game and need to be fixed so that battle flow can continue.

    In the process vehicle zerging also needs to be restricted but I'm 'hoping' at least that is being worked on. The dev team had hinted at vehicle changes coming up in the following months but I'm not really holding my breath here.

    The more this game goes back to the good things about planetside 1, the better it will be. All anyone wanted was Planetside 1 with better graphics/netcode and improving on imbalances.

    Biolab transparent tile changes seems like the most asinine thing they could do that nobody cares about or had complained about.
  19. Pikachu

    It could be that it saves performance. Not having to render the outside world when you're inside the meat grinder dome.
  20. EmeraldShadow

    Simply dropping view distance automatically when entering the dome would solve this issue more effectively and in a more visually pleasing way. Oh well.