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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Darrian, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Beltway

    I'll give that a try thank you for that tip. Recently I started having some success with the gauss saw lmg at long range with 2 round bursts with no attachments. Been a head shot and follow up shot every time so far.
  2. Trysaeder

    Yeah it's probably the GS-22. I used it all throughout beta, and once it got the buff during the CQC weapons patch, it quickly became my (second) favorite gun.
  3. ChrisLand

    Personally I love the Reaper DMR. I put high velocity ammo, compensator, IR scope, and fore grip on it and I wreck with it at medium / long range. It has very high damage.

    However, the reason I use the DMR is due to my play style. Since the DMR is not that good at short range it FORCES me to be a medium / long range medic and makes me stay back a bit. This helps me focus more on healing / rezing (and getting lots of certs) as opposed to rushing in.

    I like the GR-22 and NC-11 too but they turn me more into a CQC medic which I don't want. I can use just about any gun and be good with it but I like having a gun that reinforces my primary job as a medic.
  4. JDCollie=VX9=

    I'm not a fan of the DMR mostly because I suck at controlling it's recoil on anything but single shot mode. (That, and I prefer to be up on the front lines :D )
  5. Megumeru

    Some people say Gauss Rifle, some people say Shotgun...

    ...why not both?

    Gauss Rifle S, Shotgun underslung, Compensator, HVA and you're set to engage short-long range combat. They came running from a distance? Shoot them. Try to take you on close range? Blast them with the shotgun. They survive that? Waste them with the Gauss.

    Not to mention the underslung shotgun gave some heavies a good WTF moment when they suddenly die one-shot at full health after taking it on in the face.:)
  6. Trysaeder

    It's completely fine at close range. The only difference compared to the other assault rifles is the higher damage/lower RoF trade which doesn't affect the DPS at all. It kills in 5 shots at close range, so use that accuracy to land consecutive headshots.
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  7. Ashlander

    I love the Reaper DMR, but everyone else here hates on it. You just have to be a ninja with your reload times and keep a close eye on your ammo count. for a 20 rnd clip it does a great amount of damage tho, I would say ~5 rounds to kill if you land em.

    Fully upgraded, this gun gets beastmode, i have the High Velocity Ammo, 3.4x Scope, A Compensator, and the Advanced Fore Grip. it is totally worth the extra 100 certs at some point to upgrade the fore grip. A noticeable(even more than no grip -> a grip) increase
  8. RedNoak

    W T F is an "Advanced Fore Grip"?!
  9. Suroped

    Slightly inferior to "Advanced FIVE Grip" due to holding gun barrel with four fingers
  10. RedNoak

    ...while rubbing it up and down till u bukake your enemy to death? sounds cool...
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  11. Ashlander

    nah some guns there are two cert boxes for the fore grip. I wish it shot flames, but it just is a very noticeably better foregrip. The Reaper DMR(Medic NC) Rifle is just brutal with it. Easy enough to control in CQB-Short range on auto, and swap to semi for medium-long for easy headshots. Just gotta be smart about your reloads!
  12. SirBurning

    I use the NS-11A now, Its epic. I use it with 2x Reflex, Grip. Soon Softpoint ammo aswell.
    The extra 5 rounds in the mag make quite a difference in dropping multiple people.
  13. ThElement078

    GS-22 (or GR-22 whatever) it's an epic CQC weapon and if your are good at recoil control, its a beast at almost any range even without attachments!!!
  14. xpsyclosarinx

    I've heavilly certed into the NS11A, it's really nice gun but it's lacking in a tight grouping. After using it for a fair while now the deviation from bullet to bullet just isn't worth it, the GR-22 more than beats the NS11, MUCH higher ROF and the same accuracy with very tiny deviation from bullet to bullet.

    In laymans terms, you can put more of the same damage bullets in someone faster and more accurately with the GR-22 than the NS11.

    Once you've used the GR-22 once you'll never want to let it go. XD
  15. Titan6

    I use the DMR. I absolutely love it. :p
  16. Sturmhardt

    If you are a medic you should go with teh NS11, it's a good gun that has no real downsides if you ask me. The GS22 has a great rate of fire but is just not accurate enough. GS22 with laser might be better for cqc but the NS11 is more versatile if you ask me.
  17. irishroy

  18. Ordain Strife

    There is no 3x burst, there is a 2x burst which is kinda gay tbh. The NS-11a is by far the best Medic Rife. Its very solid. Almost doubled my KDR after picking it up, replacing the standard stock rifle.

    Is use it with Compensator, Forward grip, Red dot and High Velocity ammo and it wrecks.

    I wish Medics could get the Warden though. We need a solid Semi-Auto rifle that feels like an M-14 or something. That I would buy
  19. areopagia

    So I've been rocking the Gauss Rifle S with the 6x scope and underbarrel grenade launcher. It's a simple scope and it's sometimes too zoomed for cqb but that grenade launcher is insane. Has anyone else tried this combo? Also, if I want an alternate scope, how's the x4 that adjusts for bullet drop?

    Honestly I'm kind of baffled everyone isn't going for that grenade launcher. I've gotten multiple multi-kills with it. Two times I've killed 5 guys with one grenade and a few quick mop up shots.
  20. RedNoak

    well im a medic here... so swapping between items is too slow with the launcher...

    anyway my setup is a NS-11a with foregrip and 2x reflex
    its pretty good for med-long engagements. u can fullauto like 20 rounds and still get an acceptible result up to 40m

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