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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Darrian, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Beltway

    All of the NC weapons have decent stopping power but none of them are effective outside of medium range. In addition most of them aren't the best in CQC or going full auto, they need to be burst-ed (4 to 5 shots). I wouldn't recommend the burst fire rifles as they require a lot of practice and are pretty ineffective in CQC and longer ranges.

    What I do recommend is any of our shotguns, those things put people down relatively well however they don't do well at range. Honestly I'd rather have a weapon suited for CQC & medium range combat. Shotguns and explosives work pretty well for me, but give some of the weapons a try.
  2. Braken

    Actually, I was wrong, that is also a 2 round burst.

    Odd... I can't edit my posts...
  3. Kandyse

    At the moment i use GR-22 and its a decent weapon for me, but i wonder if there is any better weapon for long range as NC medic, before i spend all the pts?

    If u have a good setup for max range weapon it would be nice to see =D
  4. MrK

    The little time I've had with the NS11A made me love it
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  5. irishroy

    i also wanna get a good long range rifle for my medic, to have a long-to-medium-range auto and a short-to-medium shotty^^
    because i want to play my medic more like a group-heal-medic that can also stand alone and put out some dmg.
    so which gun would you recommend?
    maybe the nsa11a?

    and what do you think about an offensive medic, only for combat, not for healing?
  6. Jegan

    I agree the GS-22 is a beast in close quarters but for me the NS11A is amazing. Nice balance of stats and most important for me great accuracy. I can't wait to put a nice scope on it.
  7. irishroy

    so could i use the NS11A for longrange as a primary and a shotty for short-range as secondary?
  8. TormDK

    I'm not really liking this game's shotguns. They don't seem to have the stopping power I'd expect from them.
  9. Ozymandias

    I think it's safe to look at the Gauss as the base that all other NC medic guns spring from. Like the M16A4 in BF3. They started with that gun, and all other guns are just a variation/sliding scale of it with regards to fire rate and damage.

    Want CQB, its the GR-22. Want long range, it's the Reaper. Want versatility, it's the NS11.
    Gauss seems to be in the middle of all of them.
  10. Incarnadine

    The NS11 is the holy grail of assault rifles... It's not the -best- at any spot, but it's -very- good at almost all of em. Just in general a high average across the board WITH the ability to do both ammos

    And the reaper blows. Hardcore. Even at range.
  11. Ozymandias

    I think the Reaper is almost designed to be single shot at range because of the 20 bullet magazine which is a shame. It does do more damage at range, but yes, not accurate outside of single shot.
  12. JDCollie=VX9=

    The Gauss is a bit more flexible in midrange engagement, but there is no doubt that the GS-22 is a CQB monster.
  13. Incarnadine

    Even at range... it just doesn't cut it. Range I'll take the NS11 any day. Only gun that ever really beats the NS11 imo is the GS-22 for CQC... that thing pours bullets out like it's trying to become a TR gun
  14. Cyridius

    The Gauss Rifle you get at the start suits pretty much all of my needs. It's just too many Certs to put into other weapons for it to be worth sidegrading out of it anyways. It's a pretty solid all-rounder and it works pretty well for what a Medic does.
  15. EWarren

    Do I need compensator for NS11A? I need to check if Laser sight is available. Is 4X a good option for this gun (just shoot from the hip at close range, or switch to 4X for range)?
  16. Redemption

    Even not customised, the NS-11a is the best gun for medic IMO
  17. irishroy

    no, i have no compensator for the ns11a, only forgrip, and that works pretty well.
    the recoil with forgrip is very easy to handle^^
  18. Trysaeder

    NC are very fortunate in their AR choice since the AF14 Torrent is one of the most accurate rifles in the game. Don't let the CQC stats blind you; it's more accurate than the Gauss Rifle and Terran RF3 while being slightly less accurate than the T1 Cycler. If handled properly it even rivals the CME, SABR and Reaper DMR. There's zero competition for the title of best NC rifle since the Torrent is so incredibly good. 1x Reflex + Foregrip and you're set. Change to Advanced Laser Sight for CQC use.
  19. Rayco

    When you say torrent do you mean the GS-22 (the alpha squad gun)? With the 1x Reflex and Foregrip is it actually decent at a medium+ range? I always seem to run out of bullets before I can kill someone with it at a range, I assume the bullets lose some power after traveling a certain distance.

    I purchased the reaper DMR and instantly regretted it. The GS-22 is mean in close quarters, but I honestly still think the default gauss rifle is the best gun there is. Just get familiar with the ridiculous amount of recoil it has and enjoy.
  20. JDCollie=VX9=

    I've actually had fantastic luck with the basic Gauss Rifle. 2x Red Dot sight, Laser, and Suppressor (and Soft Point ammunition I believe, but I could be wrong) make for a very deadly weapon. Yes, you need to fire in short 3-5 round bursts to stay on target at medium-long range, but anything closer you can absolutely shred, and even the guys you are bursting at are going to be in serious pain, if they aren't dead.

    I'm considering replacing the Laser for a Forward Grip, but we'll see.
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