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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by CuteBeaver, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. minhalexus

    And as promised, I respect your personal opinion and preference.

    There's nothing special about this gun (compared to the Commissioner) other than the Pistol+Knife combo.

    Which is practically only possible on still targets, or targets that you're closely behind that are going straight and not across since you'd most probably miss a couple of pellets if they were not going as described causing you to fail the combo.

    And the knife update is coming in September which will probably change the damage values of the knife towards specific targets.
    And of-course we have no guarantee that the Knife-damages will remain the same later onwards. The Magscatter will lose one of it's few advantages if the knife is either buffed/nerfed. (the one thing the Mag-scat heavily relies on)
  2. CuteBeaver

    How is the Mag-Scatter different then the COMMY?

    1) Scatter offers you the luxury of using any type of combat aid (not just the knife) to make very quick kill on a full health, and mobile target when there is only a very tiny moment of time available to kill them without repercussions. Basically when ADS for the head isn't a reliable option because the target is just about to turn the corner or enter into a doorway and its wide enough you cant truthfully anticipate where their head is going to be. Lets be honest in these situations body shot knife is going to be allot cleaner then headshot + follow up in terms of time to kill.

    2) Gives you the chance to take down said targets in ambush (which could be EMP / Proxy / Knife or Anticipated allied fire) before human reaction time allows for HA NMG shield.

    3) These opportunities for clean, quick, kills are a major benefit because they allow for additional kills to be made on secondary targets. Essentially count to 3 and your discovered. How much can you do quickly before having to bail from the location or when other enemies will be reinforcing soon. If it takes you longer to do the job - your going to have a bad time. In point defense new enemies will be arriving. You want that time to regenerate your shields or reload and move around. Mag-Scatter is great for giving you extra breathing room.

    4) Offers you staying power inside closer engagements by that I mean it favors the initiative with higher alpha damage. You command the engagement your not afraid to take a corner (or uncloak) on an enemy because the mag scatter has the lowest TTK of any side arm on its own merit. Now throw in the initiative bonus in additon to human reaction time of your opponent...

    5) Favors mobility by rewarding sloppy dirty body shots. Any fleshy parts will do. Tap Tap Tap. <3 You can also say stuff like Raargh! and giggle like a maniac while painting the room and still actually kill your target lol. The fire rate works nicely for those Raargh moments and is fun to use. Fun is probably a point I should emphasis at least once lol.

    6) Fashlights on enemy secondaries become a joke. As long as your intelligent with cover and your in a good location where they can't peg you from medium ranges your fine. If someone honestly wants to flashlight face to face with a mag-scatter infil - CQC in their ideal setting then they totally deserve a face full of shot. Like I mentioned previously this pistol can kill faster then the others 1v1. You end up having an edge. For flashlight Primaries see #4

    7) Optional suppressor so you can choose to not light up the mini-map or worry about triggering the awareness implant.

    What does the COMMY do differently?

    1) Allows you to take down fleeing opponents or distances approaching medium range.

    2) Favors good aim by rewarding headshots on infiltrators

    3) Favors good aim in general since headshots are the most reliable answer to HA NMG shields - that or distance and cover ect

    4) Wider range of effective combat scenarios based on the weapons specs. You can operate effectively in many environments, outdoors, indoors.

    5) Provides a wider range of opportunities based on available targets.

    6) Good ambush weapon but requires head-shots

    7) No silencer.
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  3. Jawarisin

    Haha, well, my biggest critic is that it can't kill someone in 1 clip. I mean, not one shot, but one clip.... ANY other gun in the game can do that. I don't want to have to reload in someone's face before I can finish them off, especially with the NAC that got nerfed.
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  4. DatVanuMan

    OH! If the knife is buffed, it is no longer considered "special". I don't see why SOE has to make the P+K combo not work. Why would they? What's wrong with it? And another thing, Will each faction be getting ES melee weapons? I NEED TO KNOW:eek:
  5. Rhinzual

    So they NC are getting the Splattershot back? Great, just make it so firing the Beamer creates a harmless purple light and we'll be fairly close to the sidearm balance back in PS1.
  6. Xocolatl

    I don't like it. It doesn't feel shotgunny enough (especially how it looks), and it lacks range--I prefer to sit back and plink at enemies over actually getting up very close. I can see it being useful--tried it, and it works great. It's just like I said--the thing is an affront to my view of what a shotgun should look.
  7. LordDethir

    Will this make you come?


    Come to the freedom side!

    Because, after all,

    Haters gonna hate,

    And the NC are gonna liberate!
  8. Dramonicous

    YES! Vanu gets a force blade that emits a glow (visible thru cloak) and noise, it requires a charge up to be used and while charging the noise increases by 200%, deals 10% more dmg than regular knife attack.
  9. DatVanuMan

    WOW! THAT SOUNDS SO OP! Just to balance it out, killing someone with it gives you 45% less xp, and once you do kill someone with it, you die in a massive plasma explosion that heals your enemies and kills all allies in a 40 meter radius.
    The NC will obviously get a shotgun knife that has an underbarrel shotgun that shots mini shotguns that fire micro shotguns, and the TR will receive a Swiss-pocket knife with a sweet equip animation, but deals 1000 damage and can be thrown for a massive explosion that grants you 900% more xp. Seems pretty balanced to me.
  10. _itg

    No no, NC will get the ballistic fist.
  11. DatVanuMan

    Yes, but let's make sure it has hitscan velocity and infinite ammo to at least stand a chance versus the VS knife. God be with anyone who goes against that knife:(
  12. lilleAllan

    I can't test the mag scatter yet, but I watched paqu's vid on the new pistols.

    Looks like it will 3 shot most infantry? Like the commi does, but with less range and a measly 4 shot clip
  13. Baccano

    I tested out the Magscatter on the test about a week and a half ago to two weeks ago and I would like to reply as to my thoughts on it as a pistol.

    Pistol Only:

    The ten meter range was not viable during my actual combat tests of this pistol against good opponents. If you are further than eight meters you will need to empty the clip in the hopes that you will get enough pellets to land. Also at the time of my testing you needed to land all pellets to the head of your target in order Shot + Knife kill.

    Perish the thought of using this against a HA unless you use an additional dmg source eg, knife or primary weapon as you will not kill him unless he has bad reaction time. With a shot rof (at the time of my testing) of one shot every half second it kills too slowly to avoid the over-shield completely soaking the dmg.

    Pistol + Additional dmg source:

    As a sidearm for a primary weapon dealer whether Carbine, LMG, or AR I felt like I would have been better served by using a Rebel, Underboss, or Commi to do high dmg for the kill finish. These three side arms would fill the role better because they are not limited to 8 meters. Anything under that range and I wouldn't use my pistol anyway as the knife would be a better solution as long as I still had rounds in my primary.

    As for the comparisons between the Commi and the Magscatter I think they are mostly off. The similarity to HS and knife granting the kill is, for me at least, the only thing they have in common. What you should be asking yourself is why would you use the MagScatter instead of the Desperado?

    The MagScatter and the Desperado are both close range pistols and while the Desperado is a two trigger pull knife kill I guarantee you that you will still die as if I had used the QCX knife combo. The reason for this is that the knife is a cycle interrupt that can be initiated mere fractions of a second after you pull the trigger. That plus the rof of the Desperado which allows me to make that second trigger pull almost as the first shots land mean you don't have a chance of reacting fast enough. The added advantage of the Desperado is that I don't need my shots to be HS I just need them to land.

    All told I will be Raxing the Magscatter as I do all Infil weapons (about 319 more Magshot kills and about 199 more Desperado kills still left) but I really don't think I'll be looking forward to it as a primary which is how I Raxed all the other secondary's. Any sidearm can suffice if you have a primary. I feel that if you want the true measure of a weapon you need to use it as your primary in as many varied situations as possible and then adapt your playstyle to the weapon's strengths.

    The MagScatter might be good for meeting an enemy around the corner suddenly but I'd still rather have the QCX + Knife in that situation.

    I thought I saw mention of the Magscatter bodyshotting + Knife killing, is that the case now? I did not experience that when I used it even in the VR. If it does that would certainly make the weapon a bit more palatable but it would still fit my personal play style less than other options available.

    TL / DR:

    Other than "It's a Shotgun!" I honestly don't see a reason to use this pistol that isn't covered by another pistol while also working at further ranges and having more rounds in the magazine. My Stalker loadouts will still mostly contain either the QCX or the Desperado depending on how I feel like playing at any given time.

    PS: To be honest I cringed when they said shotgun pistol as I dedicated a significant portion of playtime during the beta to show SOE why "Shotfiltrators" were an extremely bad idea.

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  14. _itg

    I got around 40 kills on PTS with the magscatter today, and yes, it does bodyshot+knife as of this post. Also, you can OHK infiltrators if all the pellets hit the head. Also also, I didn't see a suppressor available, which by some accounts used to exist. Maybe they were confusing the smart choke for a suppressor?

    It's a fun weapon, in my opinion, but I'm not sure it's worth 1000 certs, let alone $7. I'd rather have quiet body shot+knifes with the crossbow, plus the option to hunt people from range. Or I'd rather stick with a normal pistol and be decently effective from 0-30m, without being quite so effective from 0-5m. Then again, I liked having the magscatter in those "oh crap" situations; it was nice not feeling totally screwed when someone (emphasis on one) caught me with a flashlight. It might be worth carrying as a sniper for the same reason.
  15. Flea6.8

    Honestly SOE screwed up shotguns from the start. They should have less damage quicker rechamber times and less damage... You know like a real shotgun... At 50 yards you can get 80%-90% of your pellets on target with flight control wads in the shells.

    Mag scatter would be much more interesting with less pellets but a tighter spread.
  16. _itg

    Well, they designed shotguns as FPS players expect them to be designed, so it's hard to blame them too much.
  17. Amouris

    After around 100 kills with it today I'm in love with my mini shotgun.
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  18. CuteBeaver

    Yeah sorry it appears the suppressor was removed and replaced with the choke. Originally the suppressor made the weapon unable to bodyshot + knife or body shot + EMP for a kill. Which essentially made its ambushing potential less desirable in my eyes. I took it off and never bothered with it after that point. So I guess ignore point #7)
  19. Baracuda

    I got this gun the second it came out and it is the perfect panic/last resort weapon. Sure it has a slow RoF and low mag size but what people need to understand is that you are getting a mini SHOTGUN. If you can't win the fight in its 4 shots you weren't going to win either way. Scatter-Mag best pistol.

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