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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by CuteBeaver, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. CuteBeaver

    The test server currently has a nearly completed version of the Mag-Scatter (The NC's new empire specific pistol.) If you haven't gotten a chance to test this baby out please do so before the rest of NC gets it nerfed into the ground. So far the majority of the NC population just doesn't see the value in this weapon. How could they?! What most players want is something they can plink enemies from close to medium ranges with. Especially when their primary runs dry. The problem is they have those plinking tools already...


    I am concerned because if your a stalker infil who likes to get up close and dirty with a knife... there is no finer joy in the game then the Mag-Scatter. Think about how many times we see threads with "the crossbow is too hard". Or how many times we see complaints from new stalkers trying to CQC with the crossbow for the bolt knife perks and just getting themselves wrecked and asking for help.

    The Mag-Scatter isn't as punishing to use for this purpose. In fact it trains you on which distances you should shoot at ambush from. Especially if you actually want to close the gap with the knife. Its overlapping striking distance with the knife creates a perfect ambush weapon. The ROF is good enough you can live through a mistake. Unlike the crossbow which has 1 second between each shot the Mag Scatter allows for several shots to be unloaded in the same span of time it would take the crossbow to unload just 1 shot. So if by some miracle you did miss your initial ambush shot - recovery is STILL possible. In fact within the ideal range I have killed players on test server (in biolab combat) without even needing to knife them. You can just open and follow up shot before they understand whats happening. The circular spray indicator also doesn't go away while your cloaked. Which is awesome for stalker infiltrators because it reduces guesswork.

    Simply put the Mag-Scatter is easy mode shot knifing. Its drawback for being so amazing at CQC ambush is a narrow effective range. The limited range isn't a problem. This is something we stalker infiltrators can control since we choose when to uncloak and attack. Its true... you can't nail anything outside of 15 meters in a meaningful way. Then again if you honestly want to try and stab something farther then 15 meters you should fail and die horribly. Your target would have to be a total derp for you to pull of a long range knife lunge. Basically if you want the option to absolutely wreck CQC then test out, and decide if you should stand up for the Mag-Scatter and explain why this has value in your eyes.

    I have tried to explain to these NC why you'd want to EMP entire rooms from stealth and take down multiple targets quickly with a single body shots for each one. I'd encourage people test this out with EMP shielding implant so they can really see the benefits. Explain how the pellets make it easier to hit fast moving targets, or allow you to be more mobile in combat. The rest of your faction doesn't get the value of this weapon. Some don't even understand truly why shot + knifing is so effective. They think a small gap of time like 0.3 seconds is meaningless. For us it can be the difference between a HA turning on his shield or an easy win. For us a "clean" kill can mean walking away with a minor shield scratch versus mortally injured and in the red. The test server forums are just full of people crying about the Mag-Scatters short range, and not seeing the potential it has for ambushing.

    I am literally face palming over there. If you feel this weapon is something interesting, or something you might want to use when playing as stalker infiltrator then test it out... Give the developers your feedback Its so brutally fun with EMP's and stalker cloak - I just don't understand all the whiners. I'm astonished really at how they want to water down a weapon into something they already have.
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  2. DatVanuMan

    The Scat is without doubt my favorite sidearm on PTS right now, and I main spandex. The AMP is a very close second, and the Spiker is a waste of VS resources. Although, it could use:
    1. A slight buff in terms of accuracy, ADS and CoF wise, and should be able to headshot people.
    Or 2. Change it to a Sawed-off! Because their guns are bigger than oursXD
  3. minhalexus

    SOE will bring in more customizations for the knife in September as scheduled.
    I would wonder what these customizations are if increasing damage against *insert object* isn't one of them.

    The fact that the Magscatter revolves around the knife is wrong.

    When the knife got nerfed we saw threads like "I only bought the Comissioner because of the Comissioner+Knife combo"

    Who says the knife will remain untouched in the future? Cuz if its either buffed or nerfed, the magscatter will be indirectly nerfed with it.

    The Magscatter solely revolves around the knife, and that is a weakness itself.
    It should revolve around the fact that "IT'S A @#K#ING SHOTGUN!"

    One ignorant change to the knife and the magscatter will go from a "not so amazing gun" to a "totally useless gun", not even worth 100 certs let alone 1000 certs.
  4. CuteBeaver

    Fair enough.

    No one has a crystal ball and we cannot see into the future.. However nothing could change at all. The previously released knife changes on PTS had wield-able knives which could slash back and forth across the screen at a faster rate when you equipped them. That was all there was. There was absolutely no alpha strike damage increase or decrease. Some variation would be really awesome for knives. Especially if they made some knives slower, with more damage, (knifing is instant) or with different reaches but with less damage. Who knows what SOE will do. There was also talk on player studio about releasing fan created knives which were purely for aesthetic purposes. I think what the developers were trying to create was secondary weapon which could take down a target with 50% health in one hit. YES ITS A SHOTGUN - but its a secondary shotgun. You cannot just make a full powered hand held shotgun. That would be a shotgun... However anytime you have a higher damage weapon other attributes like the Knife and EMP begin to shine along side it. Opportunities and such...

    I don't know what people were expecting... Its a shotgun secondary.
  5. Epicstrat

    So, I don't know what those NC are thinking, but the mag scatter will be a staple in my loadout for a long time. It compliments a rifle very well and as you mentioned the knife combo is fantastic. It will go well with my araxium knife... Which needs an araxium medal if I am to keep up to date on my medal count. I found it frustrating to use against people more than a few meters away. If you dump your whole magazine, you are forced to reposition and reload or dive in for a knife. However, cloak allows you to do this pretty reliably. It's really fun to stalk single targets and execute them with this pistol, but on several occasions I found myself trapped, either by multiple targets or restricted by range. Also annoying to use against heavies who pop shield, I just need to move quickly and the 500+ ping I was getting on PTS certainly wasn't helping. Whatever NC infiltrators don't realize the potential of this pistol in its current form are crazy. I for one, whole heartfelt enjoy this gun and can only see myself switching it out when I need a suppressor.

    Side note: I also love the new spiker (just a tad jealous), but it has the same issue snipers used to have: you have no idea who is wearing nanoweave armor and who isn't making the charge shot a matter if luck.
  6. Rohxer

    That's exactly my issue with it as a general sidearm. It's only a good "backup weapon" if you're very close to your target.

    But I understand Cutebeaver's promoting it as an ambush-only weapon. Maybe I can get it to work in that situation.

    Perhaps the problem is that its role has not been precisely defined, and it's not what people expected? I'm all for variation, and different tools for different jobs, and do agree that if we get a new pistol it deserves something to set it apart from everything else.
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  7. Jawarisin

    After seeing what i was it could do, this weapon really just appeared like... Mehhhhh. It's not half as good as you imagine it to be. Within 5 meters, you need 1+ clips in them to kill them, even assuming all of them hit. Any other gun will out perform it at range, and even up close. There's nothing this gun can do that I can't do better with the default pistol.
  8. Moonsugar

    Really need to get on PTS and have a play, This all sounds interesting. But in truth I'm not worried. If there's one thing a stalker knows how to do.... It's adapt. :p
  9. Demigan

    Just because of this thread I'm downloading the PTS.

    What I want the shotgun pistol to do is to be better than the TR repeater. That thing is the only sidearm so far that I dare use against primary wielding infantry and dare think I'm going to win the fight. The thing is a BEAST that can rip through one enemy like it's tissue paper, with the knife combo you can even annihilate 2 people in close proximity before they realize what's happening.
  10. CuteBeaver

    Jawa try using med kits. When your not in ideal ranges run with them out in case you get noticed. Since we have cloak and medkits its pretty much easy mode to pick your ideal moments to strike and locations. EMP for multi targets and smile. Obviously you don't want to put yourself in longer range situations.
  11. MarkAntony

    i'll just stick with the commissioner or pretty much any other gun.
  12. Scudmungus

    Aye aye - running with a medkit in hand seems like the popular choice among the better players I know of. It's like a layer of forgiveness wrapped in thin white tube of goodness.
  13. JesNC

    The knife was actually the least of the things I thought of when they announced the MagScatter.

    They were, in no particular order:

    - Yay, shotgun

    - Great close-range finisher for my SAW loadout

    - Goes well with EMP grenades

    The pistol & knife combo is an old hat and we already have plenty of tools for that particular trick (Crossbow, Commi/Underboss/Rebel/Desperado headshot). Why everyone is all up in arms about this all of the sudden is beyond me.
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  14. TheShrapnelKing

    This is gonna be great.

    Better Medic ***** to get 1000 certs so I can buy this lol.
  15. DatVanuMan

    At least you got that. (The Scat is my favorite NC pistol. I LOVE IT:D:D. I mean, all hail spandex!) We VS got a crappy burst pistol that I'm sure half of our players didn't even ask for:mad: Hate bloody bursts, GIVE US ZE HITSCANS!
  16. CuteBeaver

    I think it has more to do with unreasonable expectations.

    Its clear that some people on test discussion forums want a full powered, hand held shotgun with the higher capacity, faster ROF, like a primary weapon. The limitations of the Mag-Scatter are obvious, and sharply felt. The fail shovel comes down hard and spanks for any usage beyond 10-15 meters. Instead of being happy about what the weapon does right... Players tend to become angry when pushing past the weapons effective range and subsequently die because of the drawbacks and poor positioning. However some drawbacks need to exist for balance.

    For some players... its hard to see what the Mag-Scatter CAN DO instead of being blinded by what it CAN'T DO. People get into these thoughts like " I can make kills from X range with Y gun... Therefore Z weapon is useless.... Why would anyone **** themselves using Z?" Great but your comparing it to a different gun... To this I say: Try holding down a point solo with a Beamer. Your ambushes are not going to be as lethal in terms numbers you can effectively take down, and they won't offer you that lightning quick killing potential. If your holding a point solo with a beamer your strategy has to change. You need cover, your use your mobility. You take shots at a farther distances then other side arms typically do. Of course with these types people the only way for them to grow and open their eyes to more possibilities is when more then one person out there disagrees and provides evidence they can personally accept. Or they get pissed enough to challenge themselves and self discover their own ways to use it effectively without taking advice from anyone.

    The HARDEST part is understanding the weapon has requirements and If you can't meet them, or prefer not to work within its intended range... well... its time to put the gun down. Knowing yourself, and your own limits, is fine.

    Dismissing the weapon because your incapable of using it properly - however is where I draw the line. I am sure I'll be flamed for this but I have no issue using this weapon and getting kills with it during the endless biofarm on test as well as that super long battle at the crown. As of now I have enough decent interesting footage for half a montage - including a solo point defense against multiple targets.

    The weapon is not how I am "imagining" it - as Jawa so lovingly describes.


    We are only the sum of the fail shovels teachings. Embrace its many lessons!
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  17. minhalexus

    You like the Mag-Scatter? Wait till you try out the Commissioner.

    The thing with Mag-Scatter is that it's kind of like the T2 Striker.

    Even though I get more kills with the Striker compared to the Lancer, I would still say Striker needs a buff.
    Why? Cuz every one has the NS Annihilator, which is basically a better version of the Striker.

    Similarly, everyone has the NS Commissioner which is in short a better version of the Mag-Scatter.
  18. DatVanuMan

    BRO. I main VS. 90% of all VS troops will buy a NS pistol. What do you think I did?
  19. minhalexus

    Then yea, I'd like to know how the Mag-Scatter is better.

    If you just personally like it, without any solid proof then yea I respect your personal preferences.

    If you're gonna say the pistol+knife combo read this:-

    And of-course the Crossbow can knife+shot too for arguments sake.
  20. DatVanuMan

    What is a pistol+knife combo?
    Edit: First of all, quicker TTK. Two shots, BAM.
    Second of all, it feels sick when you ADS fire it:D
    Third of all, it just feels NC. Although a Sawed-off MIGHT have been better, I still love the Scat.
    Edit 2: OH. That combo. Nah, I really don't care about it.

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