[NC INDAR] The Terribles now recruiting

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Blueberrybadguy, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Blueberrybadguy

    Our outfit is The Terribles and we're awful.

    Growing since launch we're looking for cool dudes with mics who like to explode the enemy with loud weapons.

    So far we're terrible and don't show any signs of getting better.

    Lets be terrible together.

    Contact ingame for info.


    We can also be found at the NC WARPGATE fliping Galaxys and ramming Sunderereres into Lightnings...
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  2. Thiesnutz

    +1 As the official co-founder of the Terribles i fully endorse this product and/or service and fully certify that we are awful.
    Why die alone when you could die Terrible?
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  3. DracoJuris

    My in game "kill / death ratio" is truely abysmal.
    Somehow in this outfit I'm officer material :)

    Hit me up in game, I'll invite you in.
    Lets do terrible things to (or at least near) the Vanu and Terrans.
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  4. Blueberrybadguy

    44 terrible members and counting...

    Come be terrible with us, Indar needs you decomposing corpses to flourish
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  5. Thiesnutz

    Leader reporting in! There are now 64 Terribles . Still crashing into walls and running sunderers off mountains ... or maybe thats just me
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  6. SlayersGhost

    Just want to give Blueberry a bump.I had the great privileged of getting to hang with him.Real great guy.Shame i switched faction Bro It would have been goatrifffic
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  7. Colgrave

    I don't know if I'm bad enough to roll with you guys.. but give me a shot! I know I can do it! IGN is the same as my forum name.
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  8. HFPyRo

    Just joined last night and within 15 minutes I ended up TKing Blueberrybadguy in the face with a Shrike. I knew I was home.
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  9. DracoJuris

    Christmas night; we finally topped over 100+ members.

    BTW, with just one platoon we also capt'd the entire Amerish continent tonight.
    Guess the Vanu and Terran were completely unprepared for a surprise holiday attack.

    Our home is Indar, but we are not chained to it.
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  10. Savvon

    This is Grundy from the T3DYB3ARS.

    We roll these guys all the time and they are a fun group of people.

    Good job on your recruitment fellas! You deserve it. ;)
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  11. SplashAttack

    Thanks Grundy! You guys are pretty awesome too.
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  12. Blueberrybadguy

    Our goal for New Years was to hit 100 members. Now we have almost 125.

    You guys are all terrible!

    If anyone else feels likes being Terrible with us, feel free to find us on Indar. We always have a squad up and it will more then likely have a Terrible title.

    Oh, I am also a pilot now so chances are I've kamikaze'd into you at the warpgate. Feel free to friend me and apologize for your terrible flying and I'll send you an invite to the group.

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  13. Blueberrybadguy

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  14. Lady Lucia

    I am a terrible.... You may kill me first and maybe 5 more times... when i hunt u down... but i will not quit. I will throw my body at you..slowly taking you down to death...and that's a win. I am a crazy *** Rambo engineer running through the enemy team and kill that Sundy or heavy armour..sad thing is it it works :p. And you all may know me as "THAT" Sundy Driver.. I am a mountain goat and these Indar hills are my home. I leave no hill undiscovered and no man behind. JOIN the terribles and be awful with us :D
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  15. The Ragin Cajun

    Hey guys I rolled with y'all the other night on Indar and it was pretty epic! Looking to join if y'all are still recruiting! Have mic& gun will travel
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  16. BiggggBRIM

    I'm a terrible noob looking for a home. I do however like this game so much I bought a year sub, so if you invite me you know I won't be going anywhere, anytime soon :D
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  17. Skadi

    I just ran across yall right infront of my (TR) warpgate... my vulcan enjoy'd that galaxy... and sunderer...
    (PS did that sunderer owner have maxxed out blockade armor? it took me forever to take that thing out ,even landing all my HEAT shots in the rear)
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  18. Blueberrybadguy

    Sent you friends request in game still waiting to see you online.

    Yeah that was us, Yeah, yes it was, and damn you Vanu scum... :p

    See you're already in our outfit make sure to get regged on our forums. See you in game being terrible.
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  19. Colgrave

    Why be bad when you can be terrible?
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  20. DracoJuris

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