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  1. BlueJohn

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  2. Ghoest

    if rapid single shot style works for then I can see it suiting you - thats the exception.
  3. pdog109

    AF-19 with foregrip = all you will ever need as NC engineer.
    Does very well in CQC as well as enemies at range due to control-ability.
    I trialed the GD-7F while good at CQC I find it wanting at range, i guess it would be easier to control with a foregrip but still seems unwieldy at range due to high ROF. Also, the AF-19 has very fast reload speed.
    I just love using NC default weapons to mow enemies down.
  4. Wily

    I like the Compact S for its versatility in most situations, if I find myself in a position where I'm engaging at range, I prefer the piston with slugs. Ammo pack+4x scope+slugs+good hidey hole+target rich environment= a lot of dead opposing guys.

    The only problem with a slug shotgun is it is useless for CQC.
  5. BiggLou55

    • AF-19 Mercenary: Default Weapon and decent all-around weapon
    • GD-7F: Great CQC and Short range carbine. Combined with Adv. Laser, IRNV/1x Reflex, Silencer and Soft Point, it gives shotguns a run for their money with more versatility. That is how I use it on my CQC load-out....
    • AC-X11: (Alpha Squad Unlock) Hits the hardest of all the carbines, but has the lowest rate of fire. As mentioned above, it shines when built as a med/long weapon due to it's high damage per round.
    • Gauss Compact Burst: Fast reloads and accuracy are it's best traits, but it's lack of full auto means it's only a fit for certain play styles.
    • Gauss Compact S: This is nearly identical to the AF-19, but it has a slightly longer reload and slower rate of fire. It's main benefit is the ability to use the under-barrel weapons. It is the only carbine with this ability.
    • Razor GD-23: Fastest reload and bullet velocity of the NC Carbines. It works well in most situations and is the (imo) best all-around NC Carbine. It's the one I use on my base kit when I know we'll be fighting at all ranges... I use Fore Grip, Compensator, and IRNV/1x Reflex...
    • Warden (Engi and HA): This is the semi-automatic battle rifle for the NC. I use this (in conjunction with the AC-X11) on my alternate load-out for longer range fighting. I have it set up with Laser Sight for hip fire accuracy and the 3.4x, 2x reflex and IRNV scopes (use depending on situation). It's more accurate and hits harder than the AC-X11, but has more situational.
  6. Raital

    There's one thing I noticed when perusing the weapon data sheets currently available. The AC-X11 and its other 200 damage/shot brethren (Reaper DMR, Gauss SAW) are the only weapons in the entire game besides sniper rifles to have 0 standing/crouching still COF on ADS. This means ignoring recoil kick and bullet drop, every single shot you fire with these weapons while standing still and aiming goes precisely where you aimed, even if you full auto the entire magazine. In my opinion for marksmen that makes these weapons the best in the game if you're able to manage the savage recoil these guns have.
  7. BiggLou55

    The rounds are still subject to bullet drop for all but those fired from VS infantry weapons (except the VS higher damage bolt action sniper rifles which comply with the same drop of the other factions). The zero CoF just means the first shot will always track down the center or the cross-hair.
  8. Ghostfox

    The AC-X11 is a great weapon, especially once you slap a compensator and advanced grip on the thing. It isn't a hip fire weapon but if you can aim down scope, you can rip people apart quickly. IMO the Engineer is the class that utilizes this weapon the best since it doesn't have the main weakness(120 total rounds carried without an ammo pouch). It is an unforgiving weapon for mistakes but once you learn the weapon and if it fits your playstyle, there is no substitute.

    The GD-7F is good for CQC.. the Gauss S is only worthwhile if you are planning on utilizing the UB attachments and even then, I would avoid it until the UB grenade launcher bug is fixed.
  9. Raital

    Yeah, you're right, plus I conveniently ignored the COF bloom stat that the weapons have and only looked at the initial COF. My bad. Still nice to know at least your first shot will definitely go where you aim. Bullet drop can be adjusted for, but COF is just a random "Hey, you missed pal," kind of thing to me, and I prefer to know that when my shots screw up that it's my fault and not the mystical RNG ruining my day. But thanks for correcting me.
  10. Zerlu

    GD-7 for CQC and even out to medium range once you get used to the bullet drop. I run with the NV scope and Adv Laser target.

    I've been playing around with the warden and AC-X for longer range counter fire support, but haven't found something to my liking.
  11. warmachine1

    Compact-S for the nade launcher.
    Still would be nice from SOE to allow us to switch underbarell add & main gun with single key (not listing them as 2 separate weapons)
  12. Varennikov

    I use the Piston. I be like "Pew Pew" n the enemy he be all like "Aw ****"

    I'm usually in my tank so it's a good last resort weapon if I have to bail out. It's also great for room clearance and killing in general. I tend to ambush people or engage them 1 at a time so a shotty is good for me.

    It is pretty common for a lone infantry to somehow make it right up alongside my tank. I know they are going to C4 or mine so if the turret misses sometimes I just get out and blast the suckers. They never see it coming, being focused on the tank
  13. Uzii

    You could argue that anything and everything fits in that category: "If it works for you". It is not the "worst at everything except single shot sniping", that may be your opinion, but as I said, that's wrong in my eyes. And clearly I'm not the only one who thinks it excels in most situations:
    It may not fit your playstyle Ghoest, but that doesn't make it the worst Carbine.
  14. Ghoest

    Rapidly single firing a carbine is truly rare as a normal mode of play. I personally think its a bad way to play but if he likes it then this probably the best gun for it.
    Other players might do it for occasional long shot situations but almost no one does it as animal play style.
    the truth is against a merc or GD-7F user of equal skill he is going to be owned most the time if he trys single shot. But if thats what he likes he should use the best weapon for the style.
  15. Uzii

    Frankly, I'm tired of this, your opinion is it's the worst Carbine, but I disagree, and that's my opinion. There are so many categories you can compare weapons in that summing them all up and calling one weapon the "worst" in all but one situation is overly simplistic. I won't bother reading your next post, I'm over this disagreement.
  16. Ghostfox

    The GD-7F and Merc have better sustained damage.

    The AC-X11 has much better burst damage.

    If strolling into a room and hip firing is your thing, then the GD-7F and Mercs are the better choice. As noted, this isn't the strength of the AC-X11. Controlled burst and precise aiming head shots.. and not just on single shots, is where the gun excels. In the hands of someone who can reliably make head shots.. people go down very quickly.

    Just because it doesn't suit your style of play doesnt make it a horrible weapon.. just a horrible weapon *for you*.
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  17. Armchair

  18. Ghoest

    What does that even mean?

    The GD-7F puts out enough damage to kill someone quicker than AC-X11
    Now Im not saying that is the only important factor at all - but this 'burst damage" concept you have introduced is a joke.
  19. Rusky

    After getting about half way to the auraxium medal with the GD-7F and ACX-11, I decided to try out the Razor GD-23 as well.

    And daaaaammmmnn... this weapon is just amazing, in my opinion. I think it's the best NC carbine, good in every situation and the kicker is that it has the highest bullet speed of all NC carbines PLUS access to HVA, making it, potentially awesome at semi-auto long range sniping (read: better even than the ACX).

    What first surprised me was that it was just really good at hip fire (not as good as the GD-7F but close enough to amaze me).

    Couple that with its AMAZING short reload speed (i don't have the exact number on hand but it's blazing fast if you hit the short reload, I've killed people who came running after a corner to catch me reloading only to be greeted by a full auto to the face), AND really good ADS accuracy and you have an amazing all purpose carbine that can do good at any range.

    Definitely my new favourite NC carbine and one I recommend to all people who want a good all rounder as opposed to the, quite specific GD and ACX)
  20. Zerlu

    GD7-F is surprisingly accurate to range once you get used to it. Its probably my favorite gun, though I have begun using the Gauss Compact S more and more for smoke grenade fun.