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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by KraggTheGrim, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Troubleshooter11

    Piston with extended mags. Because while supporting my squadmates i tend to get suprised in CQC and i need a panic weapon.

    It's also a good weapon for those that have poor aim, like me :p
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  2. Dakkaface

    After having tried the Warden, Mercenary, and the Compact Burst, the Piston has really been a fun gun to use. Occasionally it sucks being caught outside with it, but when storming buildings it's awesome. I picked up slugs for it, but despite folks saying that you can snipe with slugs, I recommend against it. It makes it rather unimpressive in CQC and the recoil is so massive that sniping with it is very hard. I'd go with one of the semi-auto guns to slug-snipe.

    Can't wait to see how the SMGs behave, as they are usually my gun of choice after battle rifles in most FPS games.
  3. pdog109

    Piston with slugs is good, but if you go with tank mines you run out of ammo really quick.
    I hate being engy with ammo box and trying to kill a tank and say whoops i have ammo and not tank mines.
  4. Troubleshooter11

    Hold on there buddy. You can turn your turret into an ammo box. Just select your turret and hit the fire toggle switch (the one that makes weapons switch from semi-auto to full auto).

    Now you can use both AT mines and ammo boxes.
  5. Caydn

    GD-7F for close , ACX-11 f for medium depends on what base you fighting in
  6. Troubleshooter11

    I got the Compact Gauss S to try out the grenade launcher only to be dissapointed by the buggy reload and already having too many items to switch between. So i slapped on a foregrip, soft ammo, compensator and IR/NV scope. I was pleasantly suprised by the stability of the weapon and it's effectiveness against any target within IR/NV scope range. I'm sure some other carbine might be better for specific situations but the flexibility of the Com-Gauss-S makes it the only carbine i use from now one.
  7. Intruder313

    I use the default Carbine which I plan to change for the Compact S
    For CQB go GD7-F
    I've not bought it yet but for longer ranges the AC11-X is the way to go.