More SMGs pls, SOE

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by EViLMinD, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. EViLMinD

    Two ES and one NS is not enough. We need new models to try out and earn auraxium with.

    Most of my SMG use is with the infiltrator because of the class's lack of cqc options. Scout Rifles can do the job (the full auto model more so) but they're best used at mid-long ranges. The problem is that I've auraxiumed all my smgs. And, although I still love using my Cyclone and Blitz, I'd rather put my time into guns that only have gold.

    What types of SMGs would you like to see? What characteristics and attachments would be interesting?

    I'd like to see SMGS with
    - 200 dmg (an NC version, of course)
    - HVA (HVA needs a tweak first)
    - burst fire /single fire modes
    - ADV grip
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  2. Captain Sierra

  3. Klondik3

    You've forgot to add Desperado and Repeater.
  4. Campagne

    Sounds like an AR for infiltrators. I think the current SMGs are more than enough.
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  5. Shockwave44

    Considering almost every thread in this forum is about nerfing or buffing something. I'm going to have to say no.
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  6. phreec

    Nah, not really. Three is more than enough to be honest.
    Why not simply stick with guns you enjoy rather than chasing carrots?
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  7. grazr

    There's only so many ways you can mix up weapon dynamics for a gun that performs within the niche of CQC without it becoming redundant (and bloating the already huge data space the game takes up on peoples drives).

    The fact that you would prefer to concentrate on getting medals for different weapons is besides the point.
  8. Bankrotas

    Cause, when you look at the guns you have and one of them is not purple, it feels like it's saying "why don't you play with me as with other toys? Do you not love me?" At first you look at all those guns you have with purple hearts and say "Well, I know how those guns work and where they are the best, but I don't know if I would like you. I'll try just for a bit." Then you start trying the gun, you play with it a bit, try out different playstyles, different approaches, change loadouts a bit to maybe make it work, that it would be fun to you and you don't even notice how you got to golden medal with it. "Well it's only 1k to auraxium it now" you thing, then you grind and grind trying to find that feeling of your first auraxium, but it never comes. You finish the gun off and it's purple, but you're not satisfied and feel empty inside. The gun feels stale and you put it on the shelf and search for new toy to auraxium searching for that feeling of first Auraxium medal that will never come back.
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  9. DashRendar

    That's deep, man.
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  10. Pikachu

    Waste of time.
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  11. EViLMinD

    You seriously asking that? Dude, variety is the spice of life.

    Besides, I've auraxiumed all the SMGs. Now I need something new for my infiltrator to work on.
  12. eldarfalcongravtank

    i'd say after the upcoming infiltrator update giving us new boltaction snipers, it's time for new (and better) es/ns pistols. because currently there's not one pistol in the vanu arsenal that i'd carry with proud and i dont like the revolvers
  13. Amarsir

    Would you settle for reskinned versions of what's already there? Like silver, gold, or black versions? That would be new guns to get Aurax with.

    While I do agree that "3 to choose from" for smgs isn't a lot, i'm also not sure how much you can change them before you start stepping on the toes of other weapons.
  14. Axehilt

    If you have an actual reason not to implement his idea, say that. Otherwise that's a pretty useless statement. You're sort of implying that nothing should change or be added to the game until complaints in a game's forum die down. Maybe it's your first game, but game forums always have complaints. That's just their nature, and so it can't be used as a reason not to add potentially awesome new things to the game. (Not saying the OP's idea is awesome necessarily. I think there are a lot better new weapons than SMGs to add to the game currently, like a solid skill-based A2A option for ESFs and a common pool medium-ranged MAX weapon.)
  15. pnkdth

    Are you crazy? I need this game to give me ribbons, medals, and other rewards because otherwise I cannot enjoy myself. I need superficial rewards! I cannot handle to be on my own, my brain hurts. Tell me what to enjoy! Please!
  16. Chivalry

    What niche are you claiming is unfulfilled in the SMG world that requires additional ones?

    Answering that question really should be the starting point.
  17. EViLMinD

    Three SMGs is NOT enough. If you think it is... then you are boring and should probably find a different game to play. PS2 is about variety.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the curent SMG offerings are great. Each is different and special. The first gen ES is for 1v1, the 2nd is for spamming at everything and the PDW offers better range. I'd like to see a new guns added that fall in between the current lineup. Does the game desperately need it? No... but sfw. New guns WILL be added regardless. SOE makes it's money by selling us new content. If we don't have things to buy, no more money for SOE.

    I have either bought or unlocked every NC/NS there is. So, even if SOE releases a lousy SMG, I'm gonna get it. Hell, I didn't like the PDW (when compared to the other two) but I forced myself to stick with it till I got the purple medal. Why... because achievments are something to do. They feel good when you get 'em... and they reward you with certs. 200 certs isn't much.... no.... but it's still something.
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  18. BigBooty

    I totally agree OP. I would also like to see more versions of the Strike with higher damage, and a version of the old ZOE introduced to TR.
  19. Xhaleon

    I want a 200-damage SMG, yes pls. Space M1 Thompson, its boxy enough for NC.
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  20. Shockwave44

    You just quoted it.

    So you're the statement police?

    Last time I checked this thread is about SMGs. I'm not sort of implying anything. I'm saying that if SOE can't get the balance right for most of the weapons in the game, why should they add even more?

    That's cute.

    Good for them.

    Awesome new things? You just don't get it. Everyone was drooling over the first SMG batch, then the second and now you're bored again. Is it ever going to stop or is the game just going to be bloated with tons similar weapons for the life span of PS2?

    The question you should be asking yourself is why the current SMGs not good enough for you or do you just want a shiny new toy every 3 months?