[Guide] MG-H1 Watchman: Highly Technical Weapon Guide

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Iridar51, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Gutseen

    your observation is invalidated by how PS2's hit reg works.
    higher rmp guns will have more issues with hitreg, and since its only 125 dmg max, it will be pwned by any NC/VS gun
  2. brutes359

    I think they actually nerfed its accuracy. It used to have text in its description over here on console that read "Known for its accuracy" that text is gone now. Its sad that they did so too. As its low damage per shot literally meant it relied on that accuracy to score consistent head-shots needed to compete with other guns. i say they should rebuff it accuracy. If not its damage to compensate.
  3. brutes359

    Yes. And we can thank the broadband damage nerf they struck all TR lmgs with for that one. Seriously guys. what made you think the Bull would compete with the TMG-50 if the 50 out performs in both fire rate AND Damage. DARN YOU WREL...

    Quit catering to the light assaults already, and give us back our LMGs.
  4. KhlorosTesero

    I spent all day trying to make this gun work and its just, so, blah, compaired to what we have, the carv9 just puts this gun to shame even the TMG 50 i find is more reliable. The only way i found this weapon to be really worth its salt, is with a x1 scope or iron sites and unfortunately this, and the doku series weapons on TR, have the absolute WORST iron sights in the game.

    Its really weird that out of all the weapons from the Doku series, at least for the TR, the only one thats really worth anything is the Kindered, every other one falls super short, i dont count the dragoon, because everyone gets that exact same gun, so i mean, its a battle rifle that does battle rifle things.
  5. brutes359

    You should see this thing on console. With the controller level accuracy, packet loss, light assault spam and "New and Improved High Paced Combat" the devs have been trying to ram down our throats for the past 2 years the gun is light trying to keep a bouncing laser point on a flys head as it zooms across the room for four seconds using a RC drones controller. Can it be done? yes....is it likely to happen?....No. Is it worth your time by comparison to the stander MSWR's and more forgiving hard hitting weapons? No.
  6. KhlorosTesero

    Thats the biggest issue, is the recoil pattern of this weapon is hot garbage, I would take a 5 or 10 damage hit on the weapon if it just had a better freaking fire patteren, but it does not, so once again, its just going to sit in my loadouts and never get used, ever.
  7. KhlorosTesero

    Not mentioning the MSW-R as literally THE best gun the TR has for HA.

    Cmon man.