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Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by WarbirdTD, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Pattyfathead1

    Still rocking Wednesday and Friday Nights.
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    Still here for any TR that need a home.
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  4. Kaserai

    Hey guys, returning planetside vet after 3 years here. Just redownloaded the game and have two noobs who will be joining me in the terran alliance. We're all three looking for an active outfit; as such, I'm wondering if the contact information to PM in game is the same. I ask because the original post seems to be almost half a decade old. Thanks.
  5. Avinox

    Hey everyone, I played PS2 on and off since 2014, sadly since I moved to the philippines I can no longer play on the EU server as I get over 300 ms ping from here, looking for a home and as Kaserai had mentioned I am wondering the same, I believe I am at BR 25 atm, thanks in advance!
  6. Pattyfathead1

    Hey Kaserai,

    Its a point of pride for outfits to keep their original thread up and alive, hence the 5 year old post, because we have been around that long. And yes the contact information is still good. The best place to start is at and put in an application. Or even better, just show up on our Teamspeak Wednesday and Friday Nights. Information is on the website.

    Just start adding myself, Lepalose and Warbird to friends.
  7. Pattyfathead1

    Hey, come on down Avinox. We would love it if you joined. Join our Teamspeak, information on the website, Wednesdays and Friday nights for operations. Otherwise get your application in at
  8. Pattyfathead1

    We don't pay much attention to these forums anymore, but can always find us at if you need a TR outfit on Connery.